My husband has a "Baby"

Sunday, July 01, 2007

An intriguing title, I may say. But you have to read til the end to understand.

As all of you now know, today is our First Year Anniversary :) We are not in Manila and we are running low on funds so we didn't plan on doing anything special. We just went to mass together with our "foster family", watched the 130pm showing of Ratatouille (which is not really for kids, as most kids were kinda bored during the movie) while we munched on refillable popcorn (notice we didn't have lunch, hehe), brought Kuya J home coz he had to work, fed the Kois at the Park and then watched the Minor League Baseball at the Municipal Stadium. Watching the game is a first time and it is a bummer that SJ Giants was losing 7-1 at Seventh inning, so we decided to not finish the game.

On our way to the Stadium, Joaquin and I were having a conversation that went:

J: Where are we going Ninang?
Me: We are going to watch a baseball (I pronounced it as basebelle on purpose) game.
J: Ninang!!! It's not basebelle!!! It's baseball!!!
Me: Ah okay, basebelle!
J: Baseball!!!!

And we continued to quiz him with other words (truck, candy, bank etc etc), and it was so funny we almost got him annoyed heheh. Anyway, we got home at 7pm, ate dinner from yesterday's party and we have been just lounging since then.

What about my title?

I woke up this morning and read my text messages. One came from Clarice, our wedding coordinator. I told Ane that she greeted us. He said someone texted him too, asking him to answer his phone... it was from a certain Clarisse. I thought why would Clarice text him too, ayt? I read the text he received and this transpired:

Me: Eh ibang Clarisse naman yan eh. (this is a different Clarisse)
Him: Sino ba sinasabi mo? (Who are you talking about?)
Me: Si Clarice natin, may iba pa ba? (Our Clarice, is there anyone else?)
Him: Meron, pero ang tawag ko "Baby" (Yes there is but I call her "Baby").
**note for mitch, magkaibang tao sina Clarisse at CLARICE, mwehehe...

And then he was laughing that very funny laugh. My dear husband can be pretty comedic, huh? Of course he was just kidding! ;) I know that one factor this relationship didn't feel like a year has passed already is that he can make funny moments out of serious ones without too much of an effort. I love him dearly for that. I usually fall into a pit of sadness (without reason!) and he is always there to pull me up and keep me sane.

I love you, Ane! We have a lifetime to go! :) xoxoxoxox


Mai said...

happy anniv to you both...wishing u for more love, happiness and more wonderful moments together. :)