Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was bloghopping and got inspired by one of Tey's entries. We also have a lot of made-up words that we use sparingly. We started using these words since my youngest brother uttered these...we use them until now. My Ane got used to the words already and so my other brother's significant other, April. Oh well, even our househelps use some of these words sometimes!

Here goes:

  • Titon (tee-ton) -- n. especially useful during summer a.k.a. airconditioning unit.
  • Papis (pah-pees) -- v. the act of brushing one's teeth.
  • Lelo (leh-loh) -- v. the act of washing one's body.
  • Wowo (woe-woe) -- n. grandfather/Mommy or Daddy's uncle.
  • Wowa (woe-wah) -- n. wife/partner/sister of Wowo.
  • Nene (neh-neh) -- n. bottled milk; v. the act of drinking the nene (ie. Nenene ka na?)
  • Icewee (ahys-wee) -- n. frozen dairy product.
  • Babyshew (bey-bhee-shoo) -- n. yummy grilled skewered pork.
  • Kuya (coo-yah) -- n. literally means an older brother; n. the third kid, the one born after me but I still call him Kuya, everybody in our family, even the 'rents, call him that so the youngest kid will learn to use it too.

It's fun to make up words! :) Not sure if I included everything, I'll ask my brothers, though. This entry is cross-posted in my other webhouse :)