Balls of Fury, etc.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My brother R texted me asking if we would like to watch this movie tonight. I checked Promenade's schedule and the last full show for Balls of Fury is at 1035pm. I was off from work at 10pm and coming from Bulacan, we can't possibly catch the LFS. Rockwell's sched is earlier at 1020pm. Sigh. We've been waiting for this no-nonsense comedy film to be shown here ever since we've seen the trailer in the US. Oh, and we're also waiting for The Game Plan, that's gonna be out on the 7th. And last night, while looking over Ane's shoulder as he checks a forum (!), "we" watched the trailer of Meet the Spartans. It's a parody of 300 and pretty hilarious we'll surely wait for it! Go and find the trailer on youtube :)