I miss my kitchen

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I don't claim to be a kitchen goddess, but I can make a mean Sinigang (anything with tamarind soup). My cooking abilities are limited but my husband is surprised that I know what I'm doing. When we moved in, hubby agreed to buy stuff for the kitchen (except for the oven, haha!). My kitchen is almost complete, well at least with the basic stuff. I used to spend most of my time there during the first few months into getting married, so much so that hubby even agreed to put his old tv in the kitchen so I can get entertained. The space is small though that we had to attach it on the wall using a tv mount. Anyway, the past few months (well at least since we got back) were spent either outside or at the brothers' apartment. Or if we're here, we only sleep (late!), then wake up early the next day and leave again. Our time at home is just a small fraction of our weekly schedule. Oh well, the point is I miss my kitchen and I miss cooking stuff and I miss our dinners at home.