Spilling :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Remember that post when I said I was smiling ear to ear? That was February 26. It's time to spill, hehe.

We have reserved a bay view room at Hotel Sofitel in Manila on March 11, my actual birthday! Yuhhooo! It's gonna be an overnight stay and I had to haggle with hubby to include buffet breakfast in our accommodation. Yum yum! That would mean a king-sized bed with uber-comfy sheets and lots of photo-ops, we can practice using our Nikon!

So how did we get to this decision, you ask? I've been bugging hubby to treat me to a hotel and I do not mind at all where he's gonna take me. So he checked online for some hotel deals and he couldn't seem to find any good ones. I guess he was still torn: check me in or buy me a gift for my birthday. Didn't I say we're low on funds? He had to choose.

And then on February 26, we were informed that we are invited to K's wedding at Coconut Palace, on my birthday and on a Tuesday which is coding-day. So with this silly idea in mind, I sent Hubby the link to Sofitel which is just beside the wedding venue, and bless him for booking a room right away! Yayayay!

I'm so excited, it's just a few days away. Honeymoon for the nth time, yeah yeah yeah ;-)