Monday, March 10, 2008 making me cry (hehe as if I am not a cry baby to begin with).

The fifth to the last episode of Marimar just ended. Yup it's the last week of the said telenovela. I admit I got lost when they started showing dragging stories. There was a time that I simply cannot miss an episode but towards the end, it's already okay to go out at night. So I can say that it's ending is giving me a sigh of relief.

I was crying in the scene with Corazon and Cruzita talking to the Marimar in coma. And then suddenly, Marimar had an out-of-body experience (just like what happened to Sergio before). Too cliche that I had to shake my head in disappointment.

I saw in the news earlier the gown Marimar is wearing for their wedding scene, probably the Finale -- with a fully beaded skirt (just like mine was!). Whoah! I wish I am getting married again. LOL! Four days, and it's gonna be over. Coffee Prince will have my full attention now, hehe.