My program works :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A lot of people have noticed how much weight I've lost. It just means that my diet is working with the help of gym work out. Yihee! I've cut out on rice. Since carbs is still part of my diet, I get to eat around 1.5 cups of rice in a day. Or if there's no rice, I eat bread or any carbo alternative. It probably also helped that I eat within one hour from the time I finished working out or playing badminton. That Fit and Right bottles after the gym must have helped too.

I haven't been religiously going to the gym and when I do, I complain how heavy the weights are (bratinella in action!!!!). My trainer is pretty much lenient on me knowing that I am able to maintain my weight already (although I need to lose a bit more). I'm happy to realize that I don't need weight loss pills after all. Willpower is all I need, nux! :)