You can never tell when your time is up.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

During my trip to the gym about last week, my PT shared with me a very very sad news about a former PT in our branch. I'm not sure if we actually met him but just the same, I was saddened by the fate they met. I didn't share it here since the details weren't that clear yet. But the news (ABS) caught up with their story and there is actually a foundation solely to help this family.

Peewee and his family (wife and daughter and son) flew to the US on April 3 to spend a month-long vacation. They were out to have dinner the same day they arrived in California (notice that they haven't spent an entire day yet). They were standing by the sidewalk when the unfortunate happened, a road accident. A car bumped on another car and that second car hit Peewee, his son Gjay and his wife.

The wife had minor injuries. Peewee was badly hurt. Gjay lost his leg on the spot and hit his head. The boy, aged 7, went into a coma and never woke up. Four days after the accident, the boy joined His Creator.

Who would have thought a well-planned trip would end so abruptly and tragically? Makes me realize even more that we should make everyday count and make every moment be worth it.

For the full news coverage, read here. There is also a blog dedicated to Gjay by his uncle. Let's pray for this family -- they need it.