Preggy Update - 29 weeks

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Check-up. Had my monthly check-up on Saturday. I hate scheduling OB visits on Saturdays because I have to wake really early lest we fall in line and wait for hours before our turn. But I had no choice, Ane had a Training on Friday. So we woke up early. We got to the clinic before 730am and we were already second in line (there's a list posted on the door)! My OB arrived a little after 8am, probably there were no new deliveries so she went straight to the clinic instead of doing rounds. I was just so glad. I didn't even finish reading the broadsheet from cover to cover! And since the first patient didn't arrive yet, Dra. A, called me in first. Yay! We were done before 9am! Double yay!

We decided to go straight to Trinoma to check-out stuff (so I could do some walking also, heheh) and miss the "sale" crowd. We did some grocery shopping (the Supermarket opens at 9am), then early lunch at Kenny Rogers. After lunch, we were off to look at baby things in Landmark. We ended up buying 2 cribs for Dot and some feeding bottles. We bought the Playtex Drop-in System gift set (3 8oz and 2 4oz bottles) and some liners. If the crowd didn't start to grow, then we would have stayed longer. We were outta there before 1pm.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around. I was starting to feel really sick already.

Me, so far. My OB worries that I caught some colds virus. There's nothing we could do but just depend on water therapy, and refrain from drinking fruit juices first (will worsen the scratchy throat). I gained 5lbs from the time of Congenital Anomaly scan (about 19lbs since the start of pregnancy. It seems like all that weight went directly to Baby Dot! :) Dra. A. commends my discipline, thanks to Ane who watches what I eat for me, heheh. with my progress, I am allowed to gain a pound or two more than the prescribed 1lb a week. I feel restless nowadays and is having a hard time getting a good sleep at night. My legs gets tired even for just a few minutes of walking. And don't ask me about the backpains! Argh! I'm lucky though that I haven't noticed stretchmarks coming out yet! Yay! I hope Lubriderm will keep working for me hehe.

Baby Dot, now. The baby's weight is about 3lbs and 2oz which is normal. The kicks are getting harder but I'm glad Dot is very active. We still cannot confirm the gender, Dot just won't cooperate! The baby is still in breech position, and I'm starting to worry since I'm already on my 7th month. Please help us pray that Dot will still spin to cephalic position soon. We don't wanna go CS, do we? Dra. A suggests we flash a penlight for 15 minutes everyday, just below my navel. And play music from the same area. She also asked Ane to talk to Dot from there and told me to stop singing to the Baby first because babies tend to move towards the mother's voice.

Our next check-up will be on December 5 :)


Anonymous said...

ganun pala yun pag breech. kala ko ok lang sing lang ng sing for the unborn baby. well, good luck. sana umayos na position nya. malayo pa naman eh. :)


Suzanne said...

It's worth the discomfort and the wait. ;) Tiis-tiis lang, Kaje!!

*hugs* Take care!!

Kaje said...

@ thea, yup, yun ang advise ni OB

@zanne, so i heard :)

thanks ladies!