All set?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm currently on my 33rd week (34 tomorrow! And it's my OB visit too!) and I'd like to think we're all set, well almost. We'll just have to buy some basic toiletries for the hospital and found out just last night that we need to buy crib mattresses! Last Thursday, we bought some stuff for Baby Dot, particularly long-sleeved shirts as it's gonna be really cold come January-February, and some sheets for the cribs. And another going-home outfit since the one we bought is too big. Gotta wash those new purchases soon! We're done with the documents that we might need for the hospital, we're just waiting for January to request for Ane's updated Philhealth contribution certificate.

Over the weekend, we did some house cleaning. Like Chikai, maybe I'm nesting too! The purchase of the cabinets probably triggered it as I've been really lazy I'm dragging my fat ass around. I needed a lot of help because now, it's hard for me to bend over and pick up stuff &/or wipe things/floors. I'm just glad that I was able to ask Ane to stop playing Cabal for once! LOL! He willingly obliged 'coz he knows he'll never hear the end of it! So this is how our little pad (sleeping area) in Malabon now looks like:

We moved things around to make space for the cabinet. I put notes on the picture in my Flickr, click here to look. We didn't rotate the bed since the space is small we have to knock it down just to move it. Nice to look at when it's like this, huh? I wish we can keep it this way! LOL! And while we're at it, I'm sharing the other side of the picture above, our 'work area':

I also have notes. You know the drill :) I need to re-organize this side soon! Before we left for QC on Saturday, we accumulated a really large bag of trash, mostly boxes.

And then on Sunday, while Ane was at work, I took care of our room in QC with the help of the ward of course! We also moved things around and was able to throw two large bags of junk (where the h@#l did those come from?!?). No picture of the room this time because by the time I was done, I was already too tired and we had a 6pm mass to attend. Dot's cabinet is still downstairs because I'm letting the "factory" smell wear off first.

Overall, I had a very productive weekend (and tiring too!). The last few days, I've been catching up on rest because I know I will hardly get enough sleep when Dot arrives, hehe. Until my next mommy update! :)


Jhari said...

Nice info sa nesting period ate kaje. dumaan din ako jan eh. october 18 palang when I started my ML super ready na ako sa lahat eh Nov10 pala ako manganganak, hehehe!

Faye said...

huwag masyadong magpapagod Kaje ha :) bawal sa buntis ang mapagod ;) I'm sure excited na kayo ni Badong :)