Dot is a good Baby :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm currently on my 32nd week. We went to my OB for the check-up. We left the house later than planned. We had to drop by TMC first to get an LOE from Maxicare. By the time we got to my OB's clinic around 930am, I was already fourth in line and Dra. A hasn't arrived yet (she was doing her rounds in the hospital). We were attended to a little past noon already. I actually fell asleep waiting, I'll tell you why in a bit.

Me, so far. I gained 3lbs from the last check-up three weeks ago, about 2olbs since pre-pregnancy weight.
Although the weight I gained is the prescribed weight gain, Dra. A said I should eat more (the healthy stuff, of course) because Baby's weight is now below average :( My tummy also got bigger faster, fundal height is now 31in. Dra. A also said it's nice I haven't developed stretchmarks yet, yay! But I noticed some small kamot marks below the navel, uh-oh.

I was advised to continue with Obimin and twice a day Anmun milk. And added a new vitamin, Iberet, an iron supplement.

We were also able to discuss "money matters" with her which actually relieved me since money talks make me uneasy. :)

Baby Dot, now. My prayers (and others' prayers) were heard because we found out today that Dot has spun to cephalic position (the music and penlight sessions worked!). Now, I am more excited to give birth knowing that everything is in place. Just hoping Dot won't spin again! We also confirmed that Dot is a GIRL! Dot is a Hamburger and not a hotdawg, as my OB puts it, LOL! I'm not running a guess-the-gender contest anymore, since Dot took this long to show, it seems anti-climactic already hehe. She's now about 4lbs and heartbeat is 140bpm.

Last night, I slept a little because her kicks were getting stronger. I was hurt and wanted to cry already. That's why I was so sleepy while waiting for Doc this morning. My mom said, it's better to feel her moving rather than not. She has a point right?

That's it for now. I need to rest now. I am just so elated Dot has been very good and that God is putting everything in place that my worries are slowly going away.

Ciao! :)


Jhari said...

Go Girl Power! I'm happy to hear that you're having a girl ate Kaje. Wowowee! Have a safe pregnancy and in fairness, sexy ka parin. Naks!

CHIKAI ♥ said...

ayan may girl ng pag-aagawan ang bebot baby boys. hehehehe!

kaka-relate ako dyan sa movements kaje pero so far di pa naman masakit sumipa si munchkin. (pero good luck to me in the coming months. hehe!) usually 5am play time nya at nagigising talaga ako sa sobrang likot. sabi ni hubby mana daw sa akin kasi hyper. haha!

as for the weight gain, naku i only gained 8 pounds so far. sana may improvement on my next appointment but my OB assured me there's nothing to worry about kasi okay naman si baby. ewan ko ba sa kanya.. masyadong cool at lenient sa amin ni baby.

o sya cge, baka maging nobela na naman itong comment ko. LOL!

stay healthy and happy! 53 days to go!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally a GIRL for us! Naku tama si Che, puro boys ang babies di ba? Konti lang ang girls so ayan may na-add ka na.

Naku better eat right, ganyan din ako, baby ko super liit sa tummy, mahirap. Pero wag ka rin sobrang magpataba nang di tama, remember ang high blood at diabetes pagbuntis mas mabilis.

SEXY momma, tyan mo lang ang lumaki!

Ingat lagi Kaje! Wag mo isipin ang sakit, from my experiences? Believe me, it's all worth it!

Unknown said...

Yey! A GIRL!! Congrats, Kaje! May mini-me ka na. :)

And you are one sexy momma ha! Take care!!

Kaje said...

thank you ladies! as i told Glo, i now appreciate yung pagiging strict nina OB and Hubby pagdating sa food intake ko. Dati puro ako reklamo hehehe now it shows na yung bulk ng na-gain ko, napunta sa baby :) sana hindi ako mahirapan manganak!

si mich, girl din tapos lahat boys na nga ano? si wanda kaya?

@chikai, my OB prescribed 1lb a week weight gain from 5months onwards. but then again, kung yung progress naman ni Li'l Munchkin ay average, yeah, you don't have anything to worry about :)

@litz, yung sipa, masakit nga na masarap, gaya ng sabi mo! LOL! :D