A few $$ richer :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I received some moolah in my Paypal this morning for a year of "service". Of course it made my day! And guess what came to my mind after I have confirmed the transfer?!!? Shopping!!! Not for me but for Baby Dot. Since learning of her gender, I was itching to shop for cutie stuff for her already. So I went online and browsed some stores:

Image from Gymboree. Ain't that a cutie pink girly dress? :D

And this one I found in Etsy, an owl onsie/romper paired with a cute mary janes!

But I can only look and not buy a this point. :D I need Ane's go-signal first! My sister is sending over a small box for Baby Dot (no idea when), so shipping would have been easy. I need to wait. I need to wait. Patience is a virtue. Breathe.

Anyway, we are going to the mall this Thursday so I'll probably be able to ease the shopping itch! For now, I need to stop browsing. Hubby is on his way home and I don't want him giving me "the look". Hehe. Ciao!


Admin said...

OH MY! Those are the cutest, Kaje!

But don't overstock with baby dresses kasi they grow up so fast. :)

Kaje said...

hi zanne! grabe ang daming tukso sa internet! LOL!

yeah, kaya nga sobrang pigil ako mamili. i'm trying to be a wise-spender -- kaya antay na lang ako ng mga regalo for Dot mwahaha :D

walkonred said...

mare! merong ganyang style ng dress sa Periwinkle.. :D