Lost and found

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ane "grounded" me because of what happened to my rings. So I was definitely disappointed that he did not allow me to join some of my fellow Bebots/Twittermates to an impromptu EB in Makati today. He just wouldn't budge, and I can't do anything since he was supposed to drive me there.

Although I was already tired and sleepy after the check-up (we waited for hours!), I was sulking on our way home to Malabon. Imagine my surprise when we got home...when I saw my precious rings lying on the coffee table!

We still haven't asked my MIL where they found it but maybe the labandera found 'em in one of my pockets! Super happy!! It's one of the good news that I received today.

The "punishment" is lifted, of course, albeit a little late, hmp. I hope I can join the Bebots in the next EB after Christmas.

@MEG, here's the answer to your comment, LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hay naku buti na lang. At least sa next EB di ka na grounded, asus ingatan na ha.

Kaje said...

nakahinga na nga ako litz! grabe, i've learned my lesson na!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!! buti naman lumitaw na sila! LOL!

Unknown said...

Oo nga. Huwag mo nang walain ang mga yan or else, next year pa tayo magkikita. LOL!