The search is over...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We started the search for the kiddie cabinet weeks ago but never really took it seriously. So on Thursday, after Ane's work, we went to SM North to check out if the cabinet we initially saw was still available. The cabinet was still on display so we asked someone if there are still stocks available. The guy was kinda hesitant to accommodate us saying the person in charge is not around at that time. I didn't take that as an excuse (syemps, the customer is always right, ayt?) so he had no choice but to find out himself. The guy was gone for about ten minutes only to inform us that the person in charge is not available so he's not sure if the cabinets are readily available too. I almost threw a tantrum because 1) He could have gotten a better answer than that and 2) Why would the person in charge be unavailable when it was only 630pm and still hours before the store closes? I was ready to call the supervisor but Ane stopped me as he started to walk away.

After I calmed down a bit, Ane made a deal with me: That we will check-out the stores in Caloocan the next day (Friday) and if we don't find anything we like, we'll go back to SM over the weekend to insist they order for us. Hehe.

And the search ended on Friday morning, after less than an hour of store-hopping on Maypajo Street :) Here's what we got, exactly the same design we found in SM:

We got two cabinets, for P800 less than the price at SM! And free "same day" delivery, too! That's P1600 savings! Steal!

I just had to quote the phrase "same day" because they failed to deliver on Friday afternoon. Turned out they only had one unit in stock left and they had to order for the manufacturer for another before they deliver. We spent our Saturday just waiting for the delivery, and was even worried they will not turn up. We got some preaching from my MIL, telling us why we paid in full, etc etc.

The cabinets came around 4pm and while being assembled, the delivery guy realized one of the panels of one of the cabinets is damaged. Argh. We couldn't do anything but just let them come back for another panel. But one of the cabinets was properly assembled, we were able to bring it to QC. And that's the one pictured above. The other cabinet was done the next day, before lunch.

Yes, there were problems with the delivery but I guess all is well that ends well, right? :)


Anonymous said...

Great deal Kaje and I love the color of the cabinet, parang I want to buy one for Dustin when I saw how cheap and nice sa room namin yung color. HAHAHA. Pero shempre di muna, dami gastos ngayong Pasko eh.

The cabinets will be filled with Baby Dots stuff, I bet.