Klaire is five months today

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abi has slight fever today so she is not her cheery self. She’s cranky in fact. (Edit 02 July: Lagnat-laki lang, Thank God! I didn’t sleep that night and literally just watched over her! She’s okay now. Still grumpy though, must be today’s heat!)


The other day, we went to the Pedia’s clinic for her well-baby check-up and vaccination (3rd DPT-Polio shot). I think she has started to associate the doctor to some pain. She was happy and smiling when my OB talked to her but the minute we stepped into the Pedia’s room, she leaned on me more closely and the smile faded even if the doctor was talking to her! Anyway, she cried a bit and calmed down in a minute. She only gained 500grams from last month. I was surprised coz I was hoping she’d already reached the 6kilo mark (she’s only 5.7kg). But the doctor said it’s fine since she’s still within the average range. She is now allowed to drink juice! A teaspoon of orange/ponkan/dalandan mixed with 3 ounces of water. She’s loving it so far, except that she wants it better through dropper than the bottle, hehe. She’s now drinking more milk but the doctor says she should be drinking even more (she averages 25-30ounces in 24hours). Doctor A. also said we can now have her ears pierced, finally! But then we should go to TMC Nursery to have it done, so my excitement is washed over. I can’t expose Abi in the hospital, can I, at this time, kwim?


Overall, she’s a very healthy baby! :)


abisissy5th2 abisissy5th

Some of her June smilestones that are worth noting (let’s do this in bullets, shall we? Abi’s too clingy that I can’t concentrate in blogging hehe):

  • appreciates colors, play time, being read to, my singing voice (it’s funny to note too that she calms down when I sing “A Whole New World” and it never fails! Needless to say, Ane and I are tired of that song hehe)
  • laughs (she particularly likes it when I make faces!)
  • rolls on the bed, she can cover the whole area fast!
  • can hold things but refuses to hold her bottle when feeding!
  • reaches and holds feet, so cute :)

I also noticed that some of her hair are falling. Mommies out there, can you suggest a nice baby shampoo that can stop the hair fall and can help the hair grow faster? She must have some more hair when the clips from my cousin (an Esty seller) arrive end of July!


Hmmmm, that’s about it this month. June random pictures are here. :)


PS. I am so excited to plan for Abi’s birthday party! I wonder when I can get the go-signal?!?

Believing I am a Pencil

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

While waiting for assignments, I was chatting with Suzanne the other night that almost turned into an all-nighter (I bid goodbye at 3am!). Now I appreciate that she was there to listen/read my sentiments. It started with a simple issue but I didn’t notice I was already pouring it all to her. Believe me when I say it is always too much to listen to my woes but Zanne took it all in, even providing me with a more realistic, and of course different from mine, perspective. I can’t say I was not a burden to her because she’s currently carrying a heavier emotional load than mine. It’s amazing how much of a giver this lady is! Super thanks Mare. I had so much fun, especially during our shopping time, LOL!


And this morning, I was reading my feeds and came across an entry by my friend and soul-sister, Daday. She shared about a death of her friend and how often that friend would share this about a pencil:

The five lessons you will learn from a pencil:

  1. A pencil will be able to do many great things, but provided it allow someone to hold it.
  2. A pencil will experience painful sharpening from time to time, but once sharpen it will become a better pencil.
  3. A pencil will be able to correct any mistakes done.
  4. A pencil's most important part is not its skin but what’s inside it.
  5. Be yourself. Make a mark.

Well, this sums up my feelings and realizations after chatting with Zanne. It is the first time I read this and it hit bullseye just when I needed something to clear my head. And it is so beautiful not to pass on and share.

How about you, are you a pencil?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

wednesday happy thoughts

1. We have a roof over our heads to protect us from the typhoon.

2.  Extra money to pay for The Loots :)

3. Work opportunities, I hope I get replies!

4. Ane, Abi and me not getting sick.

5. Revenge of the Fallen showing this week!

6. Coffee :) Kahit na 3-in-1 lang!

7. Normal BP for two weeks.

8. Abi drinking more milk these days! Yay!

9. Books!

10. Learning new codes for the blogs!


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Over again

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I dream of renewing my marriage vows somewhere exotic within the Philippines or anywhere abroad (Monterey, CA has been one of my choices, hehe). Yes! I dream to have one of those destination weddings. If not for the flu virus, I would have said “Mexico!” in a heartbeat! But then I won’t be renewing anytime soon, so the virus may not be there anymore, right? So off I went to look and drool. There are nice venues courtesy of Karisma group of hotels. All of these resorts in the Riviera Maya offer all-in packages that exudes that wow factor. I am sure all of our guests and families will cherish the experience! And of course our honeymoon (for the nth time!) will be there also as the beaches are quite romantic.


It’s free to dream right? :)

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Last Saturday, while Ane was playing badminton, I watched the movie version of Confessions of a Shopaholic. I say Isla Fisher (love that name, by the way!) is a good choice to play Rebecca Bloomwood. But then again, they changed a lot of it and didn’t stay that true to the  book. I had to squeeze my tiny brain and remember the details of the book, haha.


I could not stop thinking about the book, so I got all my Shopaholic books from storage when we visited my Dad last Sunday.


You bet, I’ll be busy reading, too! :)

Running out…

of ideas to write! I am stumped yet again. I need, and I mean I need to keep blogging, about four more articles after this and I should be done, hehe! I am so glad that Abi is cooperating. She’s behaving like a big girl (napping now though) so I have time to work. It is also nice that the weather is not too hot. I can do this!


Where are the rah-rah girls?!?! :p

Babies, babies! :)

No I’m not pregnant! :) It is just that I know a lot of women who are currently pregnant. I actually suggested some stuff to my friend, who is planning a baby shower for her SIL. I directed her to some sites that discuss baby shower games, where to get favors and where to buy baby gifts. When one visits Babynest.com, one will find the variety of items for babies that are cute, unique, and may be personalized too! Everything and anything is available here! I am quite sure my friend will find the best gift for her soon to be born niece in this new website.

Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers, part 2 will start showing tomorrow in Manila, the same day as the global release date! I am excited! My brother plans to watch tomorrow in IMax with his SO. And then he offered to stay home when Ane and I decide to watch, so he can supervise Aiza in babysitting Abi. So we’ll see.


I doubt though if we can still watch in SM North. We'll probably just watch in Promenade so in case we need to rush back home, we’re just less than ten minutes away :)

For Today, June 23

I got this from Aggie’s blog. Hop on over there to see where she got the idea from. :) Yes it would be nice to have something to read back in case (that’s the magic word, IN CASE!) I need to scrap har har har.


Outside my window…it is raining after a very hot, humid morning!

I am thankful for…Hubby’s job that lets me stay home with Abi, for now ;)

From the kitchen…came Banana and Camote Que!

I am wearing…my usual sleepwear (yes at 4pm!)

I am creating…dreams :)

I am going…nuts, running out of ideas hehe.

I am reading…Confessions of a Shopaholic (again!) because I didn’t like how it was translated into a movie.

I am hoping…to really scrap soon to justify my kit purchases.

I am hearing…Abi crying. let her Dad take care of that LOL!

Around the house…I can get OC but do nothing about it haha.

One of my favorite things…is the sight of Ane and Abi together.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Bring Abi to her Pedia for the monthly well-baby check-up, finish my tasks and read.

A picture to share…is one taken yesterday, outside when the weather was perfect :) Picture by Ane. I just love how it turned out. Precious for me :) Just don’t mind the grey hair LOL!


Happy Tuesday!

Stock options

I honestly have little knowledge about it. I’m very poor in finance, investment and whatever it is involving money (think impulse buying, LOL!). Maybe this is one of the things I should learn. Well, put that in my bucket list! There is a nice website that can help teach me the ins and outs of option trading. Then maybe I can do this for a living (haha, can you sense I am channeling Becky Bloomwood?!?) PowerOptions has the potential to help me learn. They are internet based and the tools they offer can help yield the best returns. The complete package is educational and comes with a round the clock toll-free customer support. There is 14-day free trial, let us see if I give in :)


Did you notice?


I had text selection and right-click disabled in this blog and my art blog. :) Thanks Nita for the tips and help. I also did some searching in the net when the codes seemed not to work, primarily here. I maybe considered behind in doing this but I am so happy I learned something new yesterday.


Yey! :)

Crazy weather!

Abi and I were up early today. Yup even if I slept past three am already! Abi waking up that early for feeding had the advantages. Yes, I ‘received’ some assignments.  And because I was running low on internal battery (hehe), I am so glad that Abi fell asleep again :)


When we woke up from our nap, I noticed that Abi didn’t pee that much. Then I realized her back and shirt were wet from sweat! It was too da*n hot this morning!


And now it is raining. Hard. Crazeeee!!! (But loving the cold! :p)

Accident that could have been avoided

I was watching the news last night and heard of a story where a six-year old kid accidentally shot his military father, who eventually died, with a.45 caliber gun. The father asked the son to get his gun (tsk!) from the bedroom, and because it was loaded, the boy accidentally pulled the trigger. The mother was also hurt. If the father had been more cautious, then he’d probably see his son grow up to be a fine young man. Sad story really.


I actually don’t approve of having guns at home but having grown up with a serviceman (my dad) at home, it could not be avoided. Even just toys, because those can also cause harm. When my brothers were younger, the older one specifically, he took fancy of pellet guns, but under my dad’s  supervision. And my BIL got into airsoft guns, before he got married but stopped playing when his son was born. I think he used to join war games. And I think he also came across ZephyrAirsoft especially that they are now living in the US. Back in Manila he would source items from everywhere. In this site everything can be found from magazines, safety gears and whatever one may need for the sport. Yes this is considered a sport!. Anyway, the website offers free shipping to anywhere in the US. The website actually started selling stuff for paintball but I guess every business evolves depending on the target market needs, right? 


Anyway, toys or real guns everyone should be extra careful! :)

Abi reading :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I posted an entry in my art blog showing a picture of Abi reading :) Check it out! :)

Growth Spurt

I think Abi is having one. I started changing her teats (one at a time) this week, to faster flowing ones. Now she “asks” to be fed less than three hours in between. Earlier tonight, around 8pm, I fed her 5oz of milk. Then she asked for milk again around 10pm, so I just gave her 4oz since it was just two hours since last feeding. She fell asleep but became fussy one hour later. We tried everything to pacify her, even turned the a/c on. I decided to give her 2oz of formula and she finished it in no time. Wow, that’s a total of 11oz in three hours!


Side: I made a quick trip to SM this afternoon (or yesterday afternoon) to buy 4oz liners. I thought we still have stocks but turned out we only have the 8oz liners left. I think this will be our last 100ct box of 4oz. Good because last month when we bought, a box was only P499 (about $10.40USD) now it’s P580 ($12.10USD)! And once all our liners are depleted (we still have two boxes arriving from the US in July), we’ll start using Ventaire.


My Baby is growing right before my eyes! The feeling is both amusing and emo! :p

Goodbye Cbox

Months ago, my online friends and I were victims of black hat. Almost everyone decided to put down their cboxes. I didn’t. I just blocked that certain “person” and never had the same problem again.


But remember, I posted two entries below that I am having problems with a pesky pop-up that would not go away. Tere’s husband checked my blog and said that it could be because of the cbox (thanks Tere and Charles!). I did not remove it right away because the pop-up seemed to have gone away but when I checked this evening, there it popped again (actually FF prevented it). So,


Goodbye Cbox!!!


If there’s anything you would like to tell me, leave a comment instead! :) I love comments! And I have the Name/URL fields enabled so no need for a blogger account, and my comments section is not (yet) moderated.


Make your presence felt! :p 

Health Update

Friday, June 19, 2009

It has been two weeks since I started (re-started) my maintenance medications against hypertension. I actually need to go back to my Internist to report my progress. I say progress because my blood pressure have not gone higher than 120/90 for the past two weeks, and that is a good sign. I have not gone serious with my diet, though. I still feel heavy. And I haven’t called back my OB’s to ask about my papsmear results hehe.


The AH1N1 scare has also made me paranoid about going out. And I nag Hubby, the brothers, the ward, or anyone who enters the house to take a shower or change clothes or wash hands thoroughly before playing with Abi. We’re also taking vitamins. I also bought pocket-sized alcohol bottles for each of us.


I also heard that taking dietary supplements can be a preventive and protective measure. Some of these supplements are available  in Allegro Medical which is one of the largest and most advanced in terms of technology online retailers of medical supplies. This is not the first time I heard of Allegro. Even my friends know of this online store. Name it and they have it – from maternity, to child care, to adult care. Hubby said we should get a better blood pressure monitor for my daily use, I just might consider ordering from them.


Promise, tomorrow, I’ll schedule a trip to my Internist :)

New Header

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I finally found the time to post my new header. Lookie up there! :p I made it weeks ago but realized later on that I got the dimensions wrong. Just a little bit of resizing could have been good but the procrastinating me won over the OC me LOL!


So that’s why it’s only up starting last night hehe.


And, and! I changed the theme of my some-kinda art blog. Please check it out! My WP just got updated. All the changes should make me inspired to post there more often!


PS. I just found out that my header looks messed up in IE :( This blog is really best viewed in FF. And there is still the pop-up that I’ve been meaning to get rid of! Anyone can help with the pop-up?

PPS. The Header credits are in my left sidebar.

Abi and Grandma

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am sharing this picture because 1) I like Abi’s smile here and 2) I’m showing you proof that Abi and my mother in-law look so much alike. Yes, even my whole family (that includes my Mom, too! But she still insists Abi got her lips) agrees! Just proves that Ane’s blood is too strong, LOL!


I was watching the news early this evening (well, actually just listening because my back was at the TV :D) and the top news was obviously about the Anti-ConAss (Constitutional Assembly) Rally. Thousands of people were said to have joined the rally. The news reporters asked some of the attendees…


News Reporter: Alam mo ba kung ano ang ConAss? (Do you know what ConAss is?)

Attendee1: Ah yung ConAss yung pinalit sa Cha-Cha [Charter Change]! (Oh, ConAss is the new Cha-cha!)


News Reporter: Alam mo ba kung ano ang ConAss? (Do you know what ConAss is?)

Attendee2: Eto na yun, ConAss na itong ginagawa natin dito (ConAss is what we are doing right now)



Sigh. Confused much? I say before you take part in anything, please don’t be clueless and know the issues. And if by chance someone already explained it to you and you still didn’t understand, then just stay home and find something else more worthwhile to do!


One of the things that my mom and I learned the hard way is that investing gold in jewelry form (and I mean minus the big quality diamonds) is not exactly a good investment. With this realization came the fct that it is better to buy gold that is in ingot form. Ingots are gold (could also be silver) in pure bullion formed into convenient sizes and shapes. So I researched further and found Monex Deposit Company (MDC). As a member of the Monex companies, MDC prides itself to be a leader in providing investment portfolio for precious metals such as gold. So when we’re ready to invest again, we will probably check out what MDC has to offer.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wednesday happy thoughts1. Hubby singing Head,shoulders,knees and toes (yes in that order! LOL!) to/with Abi.

2. Point and Shoot Camera fund sent to the US :)

3. Movie night later!

4. Shopping money from Hunny, yey!

5. Zagu and BananaQ for merienda.

6. Abi behaving most of the day.

7. Coach Bag, woohoo!

8. Family still isn’t sick with AH1N1.

9. Daddy and Mommy dropping on Sunday to see Abi.

10. Possible job opportunity that is homebased. Wish me luck!


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IMax in SM North

This is exciting! I hope this is true!

My brother told me that there will be an IMax theater in SM North. I haven't tried watching a movie in IMax MOA because it's far from us, so the one in SM North is a welcome surprise. What's better is that the theater will open in time for the Transformers movie showing. I made hubby promise that he will take me there, on a date! I've planned it all in my head. My brothers can go ahead. Then hubby and I will leave Abi with Aiza while my brothers are at home, later on.

And then there's Harry Potter, and New Moon, and....

But we'll still see if I can actually leave Abi behind! LOL!

OB Visit

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I visited my OB the other day because I was scheduled to have my pap smear. This I plan to have every year from now on. She told me everything looks fine and that I will just call next week for the results.


Anyway, while there, she also gave me a short lecture on family planning which I found pretty helpful. I also got a a dose of a sermon which I think I cannot discuss here of course :) And then we discussed how my weight already reached the plateau. She advised me to lose weight and to be serious about my diet. As of today, I am still 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Losing weight just might help to lower my cholesterol. She mentioned some of the  best diet pills available in the market and hinted that I might want to try them especially that I have very limited physical activity going on. As an example, she shared that her doctor friend, the anesthesiologist when I delivered Abi, took some diet pills and lowered his cholesterol in the process. Maybe I’ll review and see if pills will work for me too.


Let me just share also that I love love my OB to bits. There are things that we don’t agree on but she sure can knock sense into my head. It was a delight conversing with her and I look forward to every visit!


Oh, I forgot to ask about cervical cancer vaccine! Maybe I’ll talk to her about it when I call for the pap smear result next week :)


I’ve been silent for a few days. There are actually a lot of things that I want to blog about. But since I have issues that may affect a lot of people, I stayed away from doing an entry until after I’ve decided if I should blog about them issues at all. That’s what I do. If I have strong feelings about some things, I stay back and rethink whether it’s worth sharing.


And since I’ve already calmed down, I realized I should just keep it to myself lest I hurt people.

Should be in bed by now…

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It’s past one in the morning and I’m still blogging! I have another doctor’s appointment later at 8am and I’m still awake! I am tired but not sleepy yet. I have a lot of thoughts in my head especially after a very exciting evening, LOL! Get some shut-eye, I must! But first I need to clean Abi’s bottles!

Mommy mode now. Laters, peeps!



Learning should not stop.

You’d think I am old enough that I should know what I want to do with my life. Sure I am married and I have a baby, I am happy…yet I feel there is something missing career-wise. Though I earn a measly amount from doing some writing (that justifies my online purchases!), I feel I need to do some more.


Getting another degree online crossed my mind. Why not right? Especially that schools like  Capella University have made learning at home available to those who wish to study some more. I can choose one of their certificate programs or get another degree altogether (well I just recently realized I am leaning towards arts). Later I can probably listen to the university’s ‘Inside Online Education’ podcasts so I can have enough information and probably make up my mind about schooling again.


*This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.


Dinner out (again!)

I met my old church friends for the second time in less than a week! That’s rare! Cherrie and Jojo agreed to treat everyone before Jeff leaves for abroad again.

It was another buffet Dinner but this time we met at Dad’s West Avenue, I was stuffed yet again! I was late because it was raining and I’m not so used to driving my brother’s car…nah, I left home later than I should, LOL! It’s really nice to spend some time catching up with friends.

Thank you, thank you thank you! Sa uulitin!!

ps. the pics are from Beng, Salamat!

Do as the doctor says :p

I visited my HMO clinic yesterday afternoon to consult with an Internist.  I was honest to say that I did not continue with my maintenance medication for my cholesterol. I told the doctor that I worry about my liver. Hehe. But I went to visit to ask for another prescription (since I already stopped breastfeeding, I can take a better med) and I said I am more committed to taking them.  The doctor says, it is their responsibility to monitor my liver and that I should weigh what I want: let my paranoia eat me or lower my cholesterol? I chose the latter especially that my BP was 130/100 and I’ve been palpitating since the weekend.


Now I have to take two meds, one in the morning and one before bedtime. Plus I need to record my daily BP. I will return to see the doctor again in two weeks and I am scheduled to have another blood test in six weeks.


I will not be hard-headed this time. Promise :)

It’s June!

How many times do I have to say that days sure flies fast?!? I can’t imagine it’s already June! In a few weeks, Hubby and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. I wonder what gift to give him and what gift to ask from him, LOL! I’m thinking a nice fashion jewelry, a necklace perhaps? I went ahead and looked online for some ‘inspiration’! Teehee.


I window-shopped at Holsted Jewelers again where I found some nice pendants for necklaces :D And they’re all affordable, too! I’m sure Hubby can consider buying there (wink! wink! Ane! No pressures LOL!). And they ship international, woohoo! That’s what this online store offers best, fashionable jewelry that does not burn the pockets and made easily available! Plus, when Hubby would choose to buy me one of those jewelry sets, then he just might save a big amount. I love that the designs are kinda unique because I do not like seeing the same things on someone else. And I dig that the pieces aren’t real (but looks so much the real deal!) because I tend to lose things, hehe.


If Ane is reading this, then he might say “But Father’s Day will come up first!” Yeah right! Then I should be looking for a gift for him first LOL!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1. Ane babysitting Abi everytime I need to go out for a while (like last night, and this afternoon and tomorrow morning!).
2. Dinner with old friends last night! :D
3. Abi rolling on the bed.
4. Free doctors' consultations courtesy of the HMO!
5. Fun topic in Twitter :p
6. Abi's gummy smiles and laughs!
7. Pugad Baboy books :D
8. Nice bed weather.
9. Brother R's treat: Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks!
10. Working on PB's, finally!

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Social Issue

Monday, June 01, 2009

I stopped watching the news for a while, and I am waiting for the scandal issue to die down a bit. I say it can get tiring seeing them faces on TV, even the Senate is all gaga over it. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, just my two cents: it’s kinda alarming that the “star" of the show is turning the table on the supposed victim and totally changing the issue. Drug use came up. Why don’t they just go ahead and have themselves tested? The government (they’re meddling anyway) or their families can send them to drug rehab, if in case the results are positive, right? There are already very good rehab centers, like the one in Florida, that can help them back on the right track.

Drug abuse has been one of the cancers of this society. There’s more to it than just a young celebrity and a doctor pointing fingers at each other. End the circus and deal with the bigger problems, people.

Okay, back to regular programming :)

Klaire, four months



Abi and Sissy, fourth month. Watch her grow!  Last month’s picture :)


She is now 5.2kilos and gained significantly. Her last Pedia visit was a cry-fest because she fell asleep while waiting for her turn and got upset when she awoke for her turn. She was injected with her second DPT-Polio shot and she was screaming, hehe. Over-all, her Doc said she’s a well baby :)


The month of May was full of laughter because Abi can now do some little tricks and she also learned to “converse”.  She appreciates being talked to and shows it by chuckling and showing off her big gummy smile :) She likes it when I carry her and we would stand in front of the mirror then I make faces! I now read to/with her and she also appreciates the colors and the images of the storybooks. I know she enjoys reading time because her eyes widen every time the pages are turned and intently looks at the pictures :) We let her sit and watch cartoons once a day. She still slips though, but demands to be seated already! I say her attention span is longer than mine, LOL kidding :)


She also enjoys tummy time. One time I was teaching her to hold her neck. She followed me once, dropped her head and slept! That’s how much she enjoys being on her tummy LOL! Needless to say, she can hold her head on her own yet a bit wobbly still. A variation of the tummy time is when I put her on my chest. She loves it, especially when I sing to her because it calms her down (so I like that too haha). I also sing to her at night after the bedtime prayer so she could sleep.


Her grasp is getting stronger but I feel we need to practice her more. She now licks and sucks on fingers, hands, arms or any exposed skin even if the skin isn’t hers! Haha! And she promptly sticks out her tongue as a reflex when her chin is tickled :) Lately, though, she’s not doing it anymore, maybe she got bored?!? LOL.


Towards the end of her third month (at 3months and 3 weeks), she rolled on her tummy by herself and turned me into  a proud Mommy :) She dominates the bed now, with her rolling and rotating tricks hehe.


I think that’s it for this month :) Of course I shall return if I forget something hehe. May pictures are here :)

New Moon Official Trailer

Ay! Exciting! I cannot wait for November! Jacob is hot! :) But I am still for Edward. Thanks Diane for sharing!



Offline yesterday

I was offline most of the day yesterday. I was palpitating (from dawn ‘til dusk!) and had to just rest. My BP was normal, so I was wondering what that was about! I am going to see the Internist this Wednesday and will probably start getting serious about the maintenance meds. Someone emailed me about ephedra sinica, so maybe I can consult the doctor about it too. I think I also need to cut down on my food intake and diet. I heard nuphedra might help if I can't be disciplined about my diet, kwim?

Anyway, I had a good rest yesterday watching Spelling Bee Finals ‘09 during lunch, FRIENDS Season 1 marathon in the afternoon, and then finally French Open Round 4 around bedtime. Such a couch/bed potato, LOL!

Now I need to be up and about so I can finish my tasks! Happy Monday everyone! I hope we’ll all have a good week!