A bit of a make-over

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yesterday I swallowed my guilt and left Abi again with Aiza for a few hours. Mommy called and told me to meet her in our stylist’s salon in Timog after lunch. I actually left my baby for a free cut. color and pedicure. Anong klase akong ina, hahaha! Why say no to something free, especially when I’ve been dying to get a haircut (been depressed because of too much post partum hair loss!), right?!? And my toes were already hurting screaming for a proper pedicure. My grey strands are now covered with reddish brown color. I was offered to put highlights for better effect but that would hold me for another hour or so, I had to decline. I had a waiting baby at home, remember? :) Here’s the “new” me:



My hair looks nice when blow-dried so good luck to me in the next days, because I don’t know how to do it myself, LOL! Plus I really hope I can stand not tying it, hehe. I wonder how long I can keep it down. :)

Thanks Mommy for letting me “holdap” you, LOL!


Faye said...

I love your new look Kaje :) bumata ka ng 5 years!:)

Kaje said...

nambola pa itong si faye oh, hahaha hindi talaga ako bibili ng wallet noh! haha joke lang :) thanks mare!

Mae said...

wuv it!
it's layered. you don't have to worry about fly-away(s).;)

Kaje said...

thanks mare!