Unproductive but not wasted.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All I did today was watch the news, reload Twitter and FB, and give updates to relatives here and abroad. I was checking some files on life insurance comparison (kind of timely for insurance quotes, right?) while I did that. I was not able to do anything that has to do with work because I thought I deserved a break from the angst that I felt yesterday. I was working until 4am this morning trying to take it all in.

Anyway, my family and relatives are safe.

Ane got home before 8am and he is fine.

My Mom is recovering from the flu and is much better today.

My Dad had no sleep for 24hours trying to save lives. However, I heard that our house and property got submerged in water even if our place is built on the higher ground. Yes it was that bad. Our stuff were soaked but I am just thankful that no lives were compromised. Those are just things anyway.

My in-laws are safe and flood water didn’t even get into the garage. They had to help the neighbors though because the children were getting hungry and the electricity wasn’t back yet early tonight.

I need to rest my brain and body now. Will write more about us when I have the energy.

God bless the Philippines!!