What is term insurance?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Term insurance is a cheaper and wiser way to get covered in case of death. The policy will charge you premiums for a certain period of time and the coverage is limited. Once the term has ended, so does the policy. Interested? Why not get affordable term insurance here? The term is renewable and it is advised that a person keeps this policy until such time when everything else that matters will be sufficiently covered by savings.

I just suddenly thought of sharing and I need to read more to understand better. :)

Speaking of books…

I suddenly remembered that I have gift cards to buy Amazon books. My list for now is short and I am not sure which ones to get first. I have stopped reading for months and I would like to get back on track. I want to read again, at least a book each month is not bad at all. So maybe I should read something that is interesting enough to keep me flipping the pages. Any suggestions?

Lusting over iPad

Apple announced early this morning their new product that will be out in the market soon. They call it iPad (which sounds weird to me, LOL!) and it’s something that fall between a touchpad netbook and the iTouch. iPad I honestly got all giddy with excitement as I have been wanting to get myself a Sony e-reader. If everything falls into place, I was hoping I’ll have my Sony by June and start reading books again. But maybe destiny has other plans and this iPad gets introduced before I even have the funds for the Sony?

Sigh. This gadget lust is never ending!!!

Are you like me?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

While most of us invest on our cars and health, only a few consider buying insurance for their home, myself included. I’ll be honest and say that with my paranoia about a lot of things, maybe I should be asking for a home insurance quote from the agent…except that we do not own this house. I can only hope that our landlord believes in insurance products and pray that we won’t need it at all :)

Busy once again

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I will be extremely busy in the next few days. Klaire’s party is in less than two weeks and I still have my hands full with the stuff I promised to do. Not to mention I haven’t returned to the hospital yet to get my blood test results and consult my Internist.

Just an update: We got K’s birthday dress this afternoon and I am satisfied with it :) One of the colors is not what we agreed upon but that is fine. The dress turned out beautiful :) The invites were also already sent out via email and mail :)

I’ll share some more when I have more time! :)

Safe Water

A friend’s kid just got discharged from the hospital because of severe stomachache and vomiting. They found out that the poor kid got some bacteria from water she drank. They are not really sure about the water source. The parents got really worried and vowed to check and change to ukf7003axx, a type of water filter and just let all of their kids bring their own jugs. I guess they are doing the right thing. Better safe than be sorry again, right?

Diet talks

Monday, January 18, 2010

It seems like the favorite topic every time a new year starts is how to shed off those holiday pounds. I am actually one of those who would like to discover the most effective diet pill in the market today. But first, I need to consult with my internist if she will allow me to take supplements. Which reminds me, I should go back and get my blood test results this week!

Making Her Eat

Maybe Klaire is tired of the food we feed her. It’s usually lugaw with chicken and some fruits, some days we feed her soup and then there are days that we feed her what we eat during dinner. Then there are crackers for snacks and some juice. Lately, we noticed that she’s eating less (but still enough because she’s still chub chub and all :p). I searched the internet and found some recipes so there will be variety in what she eats. I am going on a quick trip to the supermarket later and I will pick up new stuff for her. I hope she will like the new tastes :)

Remembering HS

Attending the funeral brought me back old memories from high school. Some of my teachers were there – some totally remembered me (and my name!!), some had to ask me again what my name is (family name basis, LOL!). Ms. Tina was my Biology teacher, our batch was the first batch of students she taught in SSC. She made understanding anatomy, DNA, acids like linoleic acid (I do not remember having to study about CLA, I guess that is fairly new technology) and all other things biology easy. And then she was my club moderator when I became the chairperson for Project EARTH. My HS life become worthwhile because of Ms. Tina. She will be surely missed.

Big Girl

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My baby looks like a big girl in jeans! Hay, time flies so fast! Here she is while we waited for her Tatay in GBC:

I forgot to bring toys to entertain her so I was just so glad that her milk dispenser was enough to make her sit for a few minutes :)


And I am still awake reading on  relacore reviews. I need to wrap this up and rest. Today is going to be a long day for I will be attending Ms. Tina’s funeral in Pagsanjan, Laguna. I am so glad that Ane allowed me to go because I am so sure that I will forever regret not being able to pay her last respects if I do not go. I do not expect to see batch mates there because I realized while reading FB notes and statuses that she touched more lives from the younger batches than from ours (we are the first or second batch she handled).

Claiming Territory

If I found out that a single lady (or even a married one) who is not my friend or who I do not know at all is calling or texting my husband asking for advice on boy-problems, I would have gone berserk and claim my territory too. For that is not normal unless there is an underlying motive to make my husband fall for the lady’s vulnerability (sneaky, I know!).

I am not a big Kris fan, but I am Team Kris this time.

No easy way

My brother started going back to the gym this week. Of course he’s pushing (or pulling?! hehe) me to go with him already. While I already know that there is no easy way to lose weight fast, I still could not get my fatty a$s up to work-out again. I don’t have gym clothes and I am not sure my shoes are still fine (need to check!).

Excuses, excuses! Hmmmmm…

New Toy

Here is Klaire enjoying one of the toys from Daddy Yoyo and Mommy Yoya (Thank you po!!):

She likes it very much because it is her very own “phone” that’s too noisy (LOL!) and at the same time she hears some animal sounds :) We learned to let her play this in the room, otherwise Kei will go crazy with the sounds! LOL! We also noticed that she appreciates animals so we plan to bring her to the zoo one of these days.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I cried myself to sleep last night. I also did not get a restful sleep as I have too much on my plate right now. I woke up one too many times that I felt tired when I had to get up from bed. I cried some more today. If this "behavior" continues, I might find myself needing some dark circle cream to cover the obvious.


Sixteen days to go and Klaire is already one year old! It seems like only yesterday we were yearning for a baby, and now our little miracle is almost a toddler! Party preparations are in full swing and I am finding myself cramming with the things I planned to do!

Anyway, excited is an understatement. I cannot wait for January 30 to arrive. I just wish I have more time to do stuff at a leisurely pace. (Did I just contradict myself?!)


I was never really paying that much attention to my skin. To prove that I care less about my skin, I do not apply sunscreen even on the face when going out. Bad I know. Lately (okay, since 5 years ago), I've noticed lines showing on my face already. Ack! Maybe I should start looking at them anti ageing creams eh?! But I was told to stay away from retinoin if I still want to conceive another baby.

Sad News

I got some shocking news last night that I still cannot believe, still crying. I lost a friend and a mentor. What bothers me most is that I never knew what she went through before Christmas. How I wish I called her more often and did not care if she was busy or not. I cannot get over the fact that I will never get to talk to her ever and that she did not meet my daughter at all.

Will talk about this later. I need to focus.

I need a massage!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two years ago, getting one is just a matter of lying on one of my own massage beds (about the same time when I needed to worry about stuff like spa filter, facial lotions, hair coloring materials, etc) anytime that I want. Now, I can only do so if I find the time and budget to have one, LOL! I really need a massage (like right now already!) because I’ve been having lower back pains and sore muscles.

Ane, are you reading this?

New Year’s Day

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ane needed to work. He had to leave a bit after 5am so he won’t be late (our house is a long way to his office!). We actually didn’t have plans, K and I were just waiting for my family to pick us up.

I had to ask my MIL to look after K while I prepare our things, tidy the house a bit (it will be a long while until our next visit) and take a shower. Good thing K was a trooper and did not mind bonding with her Mamita.

About lunchtime we were ready to go. We rode with Dad and Mom and went straight to Powerplant. The boys took a quick stop at the apartment to drop Kei off. While waiting for them, Dad picked a few stuff he will be needing for the campaign while us girls sat in McDo.


We strolled and window-shopped. Mom got herself a new pair of AK shoes which she allowed me to “break-in” while still at the mall (darn, I was only wearing glorified tsinelas aka Havs because my sandals were left in Ane’s car). Ane arrived and joined us after work. We had super late lunch cum merienda slash early dinner at CPK. Yum! More on that later (or in the other blog).

My parents bought K two toys, a telephone and an activity table. Klaire could not take her eyes off Barbie and Kelly but we did not buy the set as she still too young for that, right?! :)

It was a happy day (even if I got nothing for myself hehe).

Online Education

I am so proud of a friend who finished his Master’s Degree. He said that all his hard work paid off and now he has accomplished one of his life’s goals. I know he went to an online university, got his online business degree and I am sure he did not regret attending on his studies via the internet. Just look at him, he finished on time! Attending WGU made it attainable for him. He was able to study for cheaper tuition fees since the school is a non-profit organization and relatively more affordable than some other online universities. He also did not hesitate to enroll with WGU because it is fully accredited so his credits will definitely not go to waste and that his diploma/certificate is truly recognized in the US.

New Year’s Eve

We packed our things yet again to spend the night at our home. While this is Klaire’s first time to celebrate the New Year, I did not prepare for the Media Noche. We decided to forego traditions and will just get back on it next year. I did not cook because K is still too clingy to me. We did not buy 12 round fruits. We closed all doors and windows when the clock struck twelve and just watched the fireworks from the window (Klaire was suffering from coughs and we did not want the smoke to trigger worse conditions). We had early dinner at my parents’ and we were homebound just before 9pm.


Ane and K took a nap when we got home. We “feasted” on bread, ham and barbeque (from my mom) and sopas & Coke Zero from my MIL just before midnight. My MIL went up to greet us and play a bit with K.

We were ready for bed before 1am. Pretty uneventful, huh?

Possible trip

A friend and her family will possibly visit Mexico middle of this year, when the kids are on school break. Since she’s busy with work, she asked me to research on hotels in cancun because that would be the main city to visit. And she’s also asking if I know a travel agent who can help her finalize the details. I am sure the kids will enjoy it as it will be the first big trip their family is going to embark on.

Klaire turned 11 months old!

Thursday, January 07, 2010


It is amazing that our little Klaire is turning one year old soon! I get emotional just thinking about how a  miracle is growing before my eyes. We started the day with a lunch out at Kopi Tiam.


Then in the afternoon, I cooked spaghetti and served Blueberry Cheesecake from Conti’s (our last monthly cake! huhu!). We had a mini-photo shoot outside before we had our merienda. The pictures will  be used for her birthday party, so i am not sharing them yet.



We didn’t have a scheduled well-baby check-up and vaccination so I am not sure how much weight she gained in the past month. I am positive that she gained some weight because she now eats more and even demands for dede after eating! Yes, she can now say “dede” and means it when she says it. She can also say Daddy and Tatay (both referring to Ane) and her signals are more recognizable now. She likes being around people and being conversed with but there must be no touches (before she’s warmed up) otherwise she’d get all cranky. She gets excited when she knows we are going out (batang layas, in short) and enjoys everything that she sees. She tried to mimic what we say, too adorable :) She is more active and demanding for some quality time. During the day, she lets me work when I need to but when it’s already dark, she would cry even if I just touch the laptop! I think she likes animals too and recognize the existence of Kei (she calls him “Eyyyyy” in the same tone that we call Kei, cute) and the birds that would rest just outside our bedroom window. She doesn’t have teeth yet but I read that we should not worry about it. Her face rashes would recur every two weeks (much to my dismay!) so kissing her on the face is banned for now.

I am currently busy preparing for her party. These are just the updates that I remember for now. Will try to blog more when something pops in my head again :)

December 28 Dinner

Ane and Klaire were not feeling really well on Monday but we still decided to meet up with my college girlfriends and their families for dinner at Super Bowl Glorietta. Imagine our surprise when we saw that there is a G5 already, LOL! It was that long since we last went to that area, such a loser! :D


I was so glad we joined the dinner. It was a while since the last time I saw my friends, and I was starting to yearn for real life social interaction. Klaire also got gifts :) Afterwards, we stayed in Starbucks for some more chikahan while the kids took time playing at Timezone.

We were still out at 11pm (poor Abi) but it was time well-spent. I wish we could see each other more often.

Wish for year 2010

A friend Litz threw a contest for a Starbucks planner and anyone could win just by writing your wish for 2010. I wrote that my greatest wish for this year would be to be able to travel abroad with my family. It could be just a short trip to Hong Kong or Singapore, or a longer vacation at my sister’s in CA. One of those family all inclusive vacations would be nice too. Who would not want a luxurious trip in one of the Karisma hotels in the Riviera Maya right? But maybe we can just wait when Klaire is a bit older so she may enjoy all the facilitied and activities in the resort, huh?

Holidays - Continuation

December 26. Since we didn’t have angels in the house we survived on take-home/delivered food or eating out during lunch (I’d cook for dinner on some days). Having the cousins around, we tagged them along to Greenhills and ate at KFC.



Klaire and I joined them in strolling but when the crowd thickened, K and I just stayed in Promenade and waited while they shopped.

December 27. Dad and Mom were around. We went to mass together and they decided to go to Galleria afterwards where we had lunch and a bit of shopping for dad. Klaire was a trooper because she agreed to sit on the restaurant high-chair the entire time she was eating, a first time. Doesn’t she look like a big girl already in those jeans?


She also got the chance to “pose” with the Chipmunks :)


More entries to come! ;)

First Post for the Year!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I know we are five days into 2010 and here I am just posting my first entry (at least here)! It was crazy during the Holidays and I had very limited time to blog. But because I also do not want to get drowned in back posts, I am forcing myself to blog tonight :) I’ll do this very quick and in chronological order because really, I have not organized my thoughts yet.

December 24. We went home a bit after lunch. The trip was short that we even had time to nap after I have fixed our stuff. By 530pm, we were getting ready for an early dinner with my in-laws downstairs. I was glad that Klaire was in her element and was not too cranky. She got her first aguinaldo from lolo Donnie, who was kinda forced to bring out his money when we showed that K’s bag was still empty, LOL! Then we drove to my paternal grandparents’ house for a short get-together. We were not able to spend more time with them because the Aguinaldo mass was at 8pm and we had barely an hour left.

The church was fully-packed when we got there. We only got to stay on the middle aisle and only Mommy got a seat. K amused herself with mom’s red fan which she learned, in delight, to open and fold!


We walked from the church to the garden to have an early Noche Buena. We just waited for the clock to strike twelve afterwards. We took pictures and didn’t have gifts to exchange because my family went shopping for gifts already days before so there was no point wrapping them up, LOL. Notice also that we lacked decorations, maybe we’ll prepare for that next year.


We hugged and kissed when Christmas came and then we were off.

December 25. I had a funny feeling that our night will be eventful even if we are at home already. I was right, because just when we were turning in our street we realized that there is a party going on in front of our house. The crowd was rowdy (they had microphones!!) and the sounds too loud (two boom boxes were aimed at our window) we were praying they will wrap up soon. We tried to sleep but had a hard time. Guess what time they ended. Five in the freakin’ morning! We have nothing against partying but we were hoping they have basic courtesy to award their neighbors with the right to sleep and rest! I was this close to calling the cops because apparently, the barangay captain who lives next door did not care at all. They should be thankful that Klaire slept through it, otherwise I would have made a scene (as if LOL)!

Lunch was spent at my maternal grandparents’ house with my mom’s siblings and their families. It is always fun to gather around with them because of all the stories and chickas.


Then we were off to K’s Ninong Sherwin’s house. Too bad we had to leave earlier than the rest but we were running out of time. We went back home to fix our things then we went to visit K’s Ninang Daday in their newly-constructed house. This is where we realized that K loves dancing to Nobody (late bloomer I know!), I have that vid somewhere in my drive, I’ll upload it soon.


We had to eat and run after dinner at their house (which I covet haha, I want a house of my own!) because we were already late for the gathering with the E’s at Jun’s house. Poor K was probably tired that she slept the entire time we were on the road but got all playful when she got her wisyo back. Papita, where are the pictures?! K got all hyper even when we were already at home.

Cousins Marc, Madel and Marlon stayed the night with us. They had a singles-night out with my brothers at Eastwood.

To be continued (and I thought I am all ready to blog harharhar!)…