Derma Visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomorrow (rather later) we are going to visit Dra. Iris for Klaire’s follow-up (then maybe I can also seek advice on adult acne home treatment because sadly, I'm having break-outs again!). Remember that I was worried about K’s rash on the face since December, or even earlier? Well, Dra. attended a party where we were also invited to one week before K’s first birthday. She said that the lesion is already infected and needed medication. A week later, she realized that it was more than just bacterial and needed some steriods to heal when the topical did little improvement.

A month ago, she prescribed a different cream in combination with the old ones. I am happy to announce that K’s face has improved so much and I can just sigh in relief. Later when we visit, the doctor will just check the progress and I am sure she will be delighted :)