Supplier Rating: Jane Ogena for Klaire’s Dress

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I almost let Klaire wear something really simple. I never thought of her dress until I saw this dress online:

dress4_pinkprincess dress4a_pinkprincess

Ain’t this a beauty? I thought of having it in shades of green since Green (the character) is the only girl among the M&M’s. And I knew Klaire will look like a princess :) I knew it was a long shot to even ask a quote from the sikat kids’ designer, she quoted me P3500, LOL! Of course that’s way out of budget considering that K probably won’t wear the dress again. Tita Eddie is also out of the question even if someone offered to pay for it (the only way to go is for Tita Eddie to do it for free LOL). So I asked my friends and luckily, Des’ sister’s officemate make dresses on weekends. I was introduced to Ms. Jane Ogena. I took the plunge and trusted Ate Aia’s recommendation & my instincts. Not to mention, the fee was so affordable.

We met before New Year at Promenade and she even offered to deliver the dress a week later. Of course I declined since babies tend to grow faster, I was afraid the dress won’t fit anymore in time for the party. This is what I liked about Ms. Jane – I was intent on lying about when we need the dress but lying is not my best asset I just had to tell the truth and made Ms. Jane promise not to disappoint me about deadlines.

After one fitting, the dress was ready one week before the party. I was just hoping there was a proper lining (or maybe my standards are too high after having worn Tita Eddie gowns for the past few years) and the dress did not smell bad. But I figured I only paid this much so I should have expected to have the dress dry-cleaned myself. I’m just thankful it was delivered (we actually picked it up in Timog where Ms. Jane’s office is located) early so there was time to get rid of the smell. Imagine if she delivered late, then the dress won’t even be ready for the party!

Here’s the dress:


And I paired it with this pair of shoes from Suki Kids:


I was not too keen about the hue of the bottom layer but it worked fine anyway. 

Will definitely contact Ms. Jane again for future needs :)

Rating: 5 out of 5