Friday, April 30, 2010

I remember my brother Yang was bitten by the neighbor’s dog on the lips when he was younger. Yes, on the lips! We did not really make a big fuss out of it because the dog was owned by a relative and we all know the scenario might merit emotional outbursts and future conflicts. Here, there are no clear laws that make dog owners responsible for the pets’ misdemeanor. I know of someone whose daughter got into the same situation and they hired an Austin dog bite lawyer to make the owner shoulder everything. The lawyer was from a firm which does personal injury and car accident cases. Needless to say, they were properly compensated and the daughter was given proper medical attention. How long before something like that happens in this country?

Was not Thinking, was Experimenting



Yesterday, I tried to make changes in my hosting service. I added two new domains, and guess what happened?! I screwed everything up. The next thing I knew, the primary website was returning parse error messages. I sent a message to support but was told to wait for 24-48 hours. If you know me, 24 hours is forever. So I went ahead and checked thoroughly what possibly caused the error. And I found it the culprit! Sadly, the only solution is to re-install all three WP installations! That meant I lost all posts in the primary site. Yeah, there were only about 6 posts at the time this happened (it’s only two weeks old), but still right?

Imagine me trying to pull my hair because of carelessness! But all is good now :)


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Monday, April 26, 2010

I just posted a new entry about Klaire and her new trick in the main blog.

While there, you might also like to check out other posts I previously published. There’s the story of my recent faux pas and a picture of Klaire as our darling supermarket buddy.

Please do visit! :)

Yakimix Dinner

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Sunday, the E’s went to dinner together at Yakimix Morato. The restaurant’s set-up is buffet so I was ready to eat a lot. We tagged Klaire along so basically I was not able to savor every bite because I had to look after her (didn’t help that her chair was an improvised high chair – a booster that was just put on top of the usual chair with no belts or harnesses!). But I enjoyed the outing just the same. Later on, we went to have coffee at Baang where I got to review the restaurant photos. Much to my horror, my belly is screaming five-months pregnant even if I am not! You bet I need Lipofuze to get rid of the ugly fats! I was this close to posting the horrible picture but I decided against it, I still deserve self-respect, LOL!

What’s Cooking?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I finally subscribed to a hosting service and set-up a new art blog. I admit I am not the best person to ask about web design, FTP and all those technical stuff but I persisted. I tried to fix it by myself but 4am arrived and a headache later, I was ready to give up. Luckily, my current hosting services provider and online friend was available right that minute. She helped me figure it out and I was relieved I didn’t have to sleep on it (otherwise I would have been restless).

Soon I will announce my new online home (and the succeeding blogs after that). Let me just post a few entries so your visit may be worthwhile :)

Future Baller

My friend’s son dreams of becoming a professional basketball player just like his idols in the local PBA as well as in NCAA and NBA. Even if he is just seven years old, he can name his favorite players already! He joined the basketball summer camp while he’s off from school, that’s how determined he is. Only, his height probably won’t make the cut. This is why his parents, my friends are looking for the best hgh supplements to aid his growth. Kudos to the parents because they give all out support to their unico hijo!

Did Not Miss a Thing

Our current favorite show is The Amazing Race, shown on Mondays (early AM on local tv via satellite and 8pm on cable. Obviously, we watch the night edition hehe). We do not miss an episode and we watch even the Asian counterpart (which is coming up soon!). We love watching this because it feels like travelling around the world with the teams. We also love to see the tasks and challenges, especially that we are not capable of doing them ourselves. Both Ane and I cannot swim and we both fear heights, LOL!

Last week, AXN channel had an announcement that there won’t be an episode for this week and the next one would be on the 26th already. This worried me no end because I wasn’t sure if it’s just on cable tv. If that is so, I would have to wake up really early to catch the via satellite show.

Only this evening that I got to ask a fellow fan, Ate Jen if there was indeed an episode shown earlier. To my relief, she said that she waited until 830am but there was no TAR. Turns out there really was no episode for this week and we did not miss anything. Yey! :)

Ballpen Addiction

I posted an amusing FB status and people started commenting. The other day while we were buying a new electric fan, I asked Ane if I could go next door to buy myself a new ballpen. He shot me a confused look saying that I still have a pen and asked if I’m addicted to them. Of course I answered positively, LOL! :) The ladies in my FB said that I needn’t ask permission to buy a ballpen that cost less than a dollar! Which is true and which made my status ridiculous even more, hehe. I just had to agree that a piece of pen does not match bags or shoes like Coach, Gucci and Prada, among others. So the thing is, I didn’t have my wallet with me otherwise I would gone ahead and bought me few pens :)

Done Tweaking

Friday, April 16, 2010

If you are wondering what I’ve been up to, I was tweaking the look of my main blog. I changed the theme and I like that that post area is wide. The new theme looks clean also :) I am so happy that I found a theme that is fully customizable. And the header is rotating every time the page is loaded, coolness :) So tonight, that’s what I did. I created 3 simple headers and uploaded in my server. For now I am happy with the outcome.

Visit me there and take a peek! :)

I am now a Farmer…

farmer virtually, that is :) Yes, I joined the bandwagon, albeit late, and started playing Farmville in FB. It all started when my mommy asked me to tend her farm for a couple of days, and the rest as they say is history. I got hooked and opened my own farm. I only started before Holy Week and now I am already in level 28. Can you imagine how manic I’ve been playing?! But since I have projects to do, I guess I will have to slow down a bit and focus more on things that will eventually earn me money, real money that is (and not FV Cash haha) ;)

Beauty School

My friend is raving about her newfound love and hobby – make-up! She is currently too engrossed in cosmetics that she actually enrolled herself in a cosmetology school in Arizona. I am quite sure that she is happy with her decision to take up courses in Regency. I heard that Regency Beauty Institute is the fastest growing beauty school in the US having expanded to at least 30 branches in less than ten years. Yet the school is not stopping yet in their expansion, plans of which are underway next year. My friend plans to open her own salon after her schooling and for sure I will be a regular client! :)

MYOH 2010


It’s back! Prepare to fall in line at the Rockwell Tent for the annual Make Your Own Havaianas 2010. It is going to be from April 22 to 26. I cannot believe it is already at year five. It means I have been missing on this one for the last five years! But come to think of it, I bought my last pair before I got pregnant and I guess the collector in me died already. But I wouldn’t mind getting myself a personalized pair. Now if only I can drag Ane there (well, I was actually successful in dragging him there one time but the lines discouraged us hehe)…hmmmm…


Saturday, April 10, 2010

I planned to sleep earlier tonight (I was hoping to be snoozing before 4am, and yes that is still early) but I had to do an emergency virus scan on Santino, the lappy. I was writing what would have been my last entry for this blog for now but when I placed the assigned link, my virus software detected a malware and a trojan. I did not continue with the post and I already informed the sheriff. I could have gone to sleep after filing the report but if you know me, you would have thought already that paranoia has crept in and that I absolutely must run the scan. As in now na, hehe.

So there, the scan is almost 70% done so I expect to be sleeping in a few minutes ;)

Insurance for the business

I used to not believe in insurance products. I thought they are just a waste of money and a way for companies to earn from unsuspecting clients. But as I grew older, I realized the importance of such. If I had my way (and resources, too), we’d all be covered by all sorts of policies. These days, business owners even buy business insurance so they are assured of coverage in case something bad happens.

What are your thoughts on this?

Holy Week 2010

Unlike last year, we were able to participate in some church activities this year because Klaire is old enough to be tagged along. We were able to attend the Palm Sunday Mass, do Visita Iglesia (albeit four churches only) on Maundy Thursday, watch the Funeral Procession on the night of Good Friday and hear the Easter Mass. I know I am not as active in church as I used to so I am hoping next year will be a better year. I will share some more about our Holy Week in the main blog and will just link here :)

I Love Reading!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

It is no secret that I love to read books. I started buying books with my own money when I already had work but even before that, our parents did not think twice when we requested for reading materials. I love the smell of paper and I would patiently cover my books even before I start reading them. I wish Klaire will be able to develop the same affection for books.


I have started to convert my old art blog into my main blog since the domain bears my name. I am planning to subscribe to a hosting service and create another art blog in a few weeks. The conversion happened just a couple of weeks ago. I changed the title to “Embracing Memories” and the link is in the left side bar. I am in the process of changing the theme but  am finding it hard to fix the ones I like. But I am getting there.

So if you notice the lack of more personal posts, head on over there :) I will still share here so keep visiting! :)

Sickie Update

So the husband did not force himself to go to work last Monday, thank God. He rested the whole day. I dragged him out for a quick errand in the nearby village but that was it. And I think the 4-day break (Sunday to Wednesday) did him good. His appetite was back in no time and we went on with our usual Tuesday ad Wednesday routine.

I am just glad he didn’t need to be rushed to the hospital.

Sickie in the house

Monday, April 05, 2010

Badong is worrying me. He went home on Saturday with a 39 degree fever and complained of lower back pains. He worked six days straight. I dragged him for Visita Iglesia on Thursday and to Bulacan to watch the procession on Black Friday. The fever went away after he took a shower and some Paracetamol, and slept. I figured he’s just tired and needed to rest. Sunday, he even went swimming with Klaire and my brothers after we attended the Easter mass (without the husband because he had slight fever when he woke up). And gladly went with us for dinner to celebrate Gi’s birthday at High Street come dinner time. He was restless even before dinner ended so we decided to go home right away. He had fever again. I checked a while ago, around 230am, and the fever is gone, thank God.

I think he will force himself to go to work later. If he comes homes with fever once again, I am dragging him to the ER already. I hope it’s nothing. :(

I did it!

I went offline for three days (except to check emails once each on days 1 & 2). That’s my little sacrifice for the Holy Week. And I survived to tell the tale! Hehe :) Just goes to show that the internet is just but an accessory to my daily living (oh yeah?!). I missed a lot of things but those, I can live without.

I was able to attend some church activities, spend more time with my loved ones, purge Klaire’s smaller clothes, clean out the hallway cabinet to give way to my havs and shoes, shred old bills and sleep until my head hurt (LOL!)

I have more stories to tell but I’ll do that in the coming days :)

Interested in Gold Bars?

Are you planning to buy gold bars anytime soon? Well then, I think you are making a sound investment decision. While the euro gains against the US dollar, it also makes gold an attractive alternative to investment. The future of this yellow precious metal is promising as it gains from the dollar’s weakness. Imagine closing at $1,151.40 per ounce, the highest so far in 2010, that is as much as your money can get. And a new high is definitely expected in the coming months considering the dynamics of these bars. Analysts say that gold has become a secured investment and a lot of people are taking that to heart. Maybe you should too.

Will be offline for a few days

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I am going to observe the remembrance of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ & will be offline until Easter. I am going to spend some quality time with my family -- doing holy things, sorting our stuff and hopefully scrapping a bit.

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week!

See you again soon!