Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Christmas last year I got this 500gb EHD from the husband as an early gift (because he bought it around November):



Since Ane cannot exactly keep secrets from me, he confessed how much he paid for this nifty gadget (which I was obviously ecstatic over since my 80gb one was almost full of kits and photos!). Less than two weeks ago, we found ourselves buying another one for my friend Diane from our reliable and legit supplier. This EHD is now understandably cheaper than in November. We only paid about P1500 ( $35USD) less than the amount Ane paid for mine. Such a steal right? It was really a good deal and everybody’s happy.

Now the next day, we were at the mall and passed by a well-known store. Imagine our surprise when we saw that the same product was being marked P1300 more than what we paid for in November!! No wonder there are lots of stocks in display because they’re just way too expensive!  I wonder if people actually buy from that store!

We should be wary of things like this. Be a wise consumer and do your research first! Why would you buy a product from a store that kind of charges you for their rent of space? Crazy.