Eclipse Stills

Thursday, July 01, 2010

**this post have no spoilers :)

Snagged these stills by Summit Entertainment from a Yahoo page:



Yes, Ane and I were able to watch the movie on its first day, first show at Theater Mall yesterday. We had to go there early because tickets weren’t pre-sold. The booths were still closed when we got there but there were two lines already. The others who were in line were getting tickets for later that day so we still got good seats for the 11am show.

It is hard to be the first one among friends to be able to watch a movie we’ve all been waiting for: I have no one to discuss the movie with! LOL! So yes, I am waiting until they are able to catch this third Twilight installment. Maybe this weekend!

Hoy Zanne, why didn’t we discuss this over at YM this afternoon?! I forgot you already watched!Ugh.