Ice Scramble

Friday, July 02, 2010

This is a local street food/fare. It is made of shaved ice mixed with sugar, coloring (pink and purple are common colors) and some flavoring (vanilla perhaps). It is served with powdered milk and chocolate syrup. The manong driving a pedicab/food cart usually peddles the ice scramble outside schools. I remember buying some when I was young during school’s dismissal and Ane and I would occasionally buy now that we’re old. We just stopped buying when my OB instructed me to avoid street food while trying to get pregnant, more so when I finally got pregnant. Ice Scramble on the streets are not exactly clean, right? 

It was a delight to hear that a major mall in QC has a food cart that sells Ice Scramble. During Fathers’ Day, we had the chance to try it – only after falling in line!









Long line!!
















Getting there!



















We’re next!!







And here’s our Ice Scramble with extra milk and mallows!


And it tastes so much like the ones sold on the streets! Yummy! And better because this is clean! We were like kids again!


Jhari said...

Paguwi namin patikimin ko si Abed nito ate Kaje. Mukhang masarap.

Agatha said...

Syemay this made me crave (talagang napacomment ako eh) ~ san to? SM North?