New PC Set-up

Friday, July 23, 2010

About a couple of weeks ago, Ane and I set-up a desktop PC for Mom’s home office.Although we did not buy really high end parts (because the requirement is just for the basics – internet, MS Office, publisher and photo editing) we lived vicariously for a day. See our own pc is almost four years old and an upgrade would be nice, not that we actually need an upgrade at this time :) Anyway, back to the desktop set-up, we canvassed for video cards but there were no available stocks in the store we went to. So since my mom is not a gamer, we didn’t buy a separate one anymore, saving a few thousand pesos in the process. I love that we are able to do this, I mean setting up pc’s. In the future, maybe we can do consultancy work like this as a business :)