Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



1.  Klaire saying yesh (yes), pis (please) and beybi (baby) :)

2. Finishing a book: Love the One You’re With. (I cried reading the ebook!)

3. Ane’s recognition at work.

4. Birthday parties.

5. Seeing friends.

6. Joaquin reciting “Bahay Kubo". So cute, and his accent cracks me up!

7. Cyma midnight snack with the boys. I’m glad they liked the food!

8. Klaire’s September 23 schedule. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll get approved.

9. McDonald’s French Fries.

10. WORK! Even if I have to take care of Klaire 24/7 after Aiza left :) No complaints! I love being a Nanay!


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