Farm House

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s been a while since I went to visit the farm, must have been in 2006 (?). My parents would go there often to check. We haven’t gotten the chance to bring little K there but I am sure one day, she will see the fruits of her grandparent’s hard work. I just wish we’d have a more comfortable place to stay in. I wouldn’t mind a room like this with pine beds:



It would be nice to spend the night there and breathe in fresh air. We can always use a break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Survivor Philippines | Buwi is Voted Out!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We were out for dinner last night and missed Survivor’s Tribal Council. Ane forgot to watch for us so I texted Abie for the result. I was surprised to find out that the Magan Tribe voted their team leader Buwi out of the island. I guess Solenn, Mico and Elma never forgot the failed decision making of Buwi when he voted Doc Ferdz in the first council?

Back in June, my brother watched a concert where Buwi performed with his band. We still did not know that he was playing the game. When we found out that Buwi was one of the cast-aways, we also figured out that he did not last to finish it (the show was still taping in late June). Now we know why and how it happened.

Facebook was Down

I never felt it. I rarely log in my account during the day time and I think that was when the system went crazy for a few hours on Thursday (Friday in Manila). Not everyone was affected but the number of the ones who actually could not log in was significant. In the news feeds that I read, they said that this was the biggest system error that the social networking site has ever experienced in the last 4.5 years. A lot of users flocked to Twitter (which had a system error also this week) to send updates in their Facebook accounts. The problem has been resolved and you bet addicted users just had to celebrate!  

Gold Bars

Friday, September 24, 2010

If you are planning to buy gold bars, maybe the US Gold Bureau is the perfect company you need. They sell gold, silver and other precious metals, and they can arrange all the logistics for you like the delivery or storage in a bank. It has been said that gold is a sound investment because of the demand versus supply levels. The value continues to appreciate which makes it a good option to place in a portfolio. The people at the United States Gold Bureau will help you decide and give you expert advice on your purchases. Their offers are competitive and convenient for the market.

Glee Season 2 Premier

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The highlight of my day is probably episode 1 of Glee Season 2.


I was able to catch the 4pm first telecast over at ETC before we ran out to buy dinner. Well, I also got a glimpse of the show before then ;p This season introduces Charice, the Filipina singer, as one of the cast members. That is one reason that proves Glee is something to look forward to in the next 22 weeks. I wish I could say more about it but some of my friends have not seen it yet and they just might stumble upon this post. And besides, I need to catch some sleep because our day will start pretty early tomorrow. I’ll try to be back with my fave scenes :)

Cabas in Garance

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It was a rare opportunity for me to stroll in the mall during the weekend. But we were there just before lunch on Saturday to claim Ane’s new eyeglasses. The husband changed his days off because he will have to train next week. Anyway, we were walking and a baby “walked” by with her mommy. This is what I’m talking about:


Isn’t she a beauty? I realized that pictures do not give justice to the actual bag. I never knew that I will like a Cabas in Garance upon seeing it IRL! This will probably be my next target, but that will happen next year for I just got my Great Wall of China.

Charlie’s Fish and Chips

Charlie's Fish and Chips

This was my midnight snack one time. I “forced” Ane to buy me some so he had no choice but to drive to Charlie’s :D First thing I noticed was that the fish is huge! It was my first time to order this and I didn’t have an idea how big their serving is. Let’s just say this is too much for one person considering that it was meant to be a snack, LOL! But I finished it :| I am not sure if the batter used had beer but I got disoriented after eating. The fries were yummy, no wonder people are really raving about it. I would love to eat this again but I will probably share the next time around! :D

Accutane Lawsuit

I did not realize that Accutane was taken off the market in 2009. This is a form of Vitamin A that proved to be effective in treating severe acne and probably had its glory days in the early 2000s. I should know because I was prescribed it when I was suffering from acne. I took this for only about three cycles and I remember how strict the measures were before I could purchase one box. I also don’t remember experiencing any side effects. Long after I stopped using it, a study was published in 2006 linking the use of this prescription to inflammatory bowel disease which led to its ban. Quite naturally, user would file complaints to collect damages. One Accutane Lawsuit awarded someone a big sum of money for compensatory damages. I can just imagine how other users will contact their lawyers after this development.

The Amazing Race Asia 4

One of our favorite reality shows will start airing on September 23 over at AXN. We are beyond excited! We have been waiting for The Amazing Race Asia to start showing ever since we heard of the auditions in March; I know, I know, they needed to tape after the auditions of course, but we thought it was going to be in July ;)

There are two teams again to represent the Philippines:



The girls’ team is composed of Jacinta James, a tattoo artist, and Lani Pillinger who is a model. Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera make the guys’ team.

Thursday nights at 9pm will keep us glued on the television!

US Open 2010 Champions

This is a bit late (again) but let me just share with you the results of this year’s US Open, a Grand Slam Tennis event.

Kim Clijsters defended her title when she won against Vera Zvonareva in the Women’s Singles . It was a sweet and convincing win, sweeping the game in just two sets. Clijsters also set a record for being the second player to have won the most number of consecutive wins in the US Open.

For the Men, Rafael Nadal finally won his first ever US Open title. This completes his trophies for all Grand Slam Events. He faced Djokovic who put up a brave fight. The question now is whether Nadal will be able to surpass Roger Federer. Personally, I think he will not but there are different opinions from experts and fans.

Sound Investment in Gold Coins

A friend’s brother is an investment banker. I would usually see him during my friend’s parties and if there is time, I would ask him for advice on financial matters. Like last weekend when our families were early at the party venue. He’s currently busy building portfolios for his clients and he mentioned that a lot of them are open to investing on nontraditional (as opposed to stocks and funds) items such as bullion and gold coin. He also said that the demand for gold and silver have increased because people see these metals as sustainable investments. We were not able to wrap up our conversation because the party started already. Maybe one of these days, the husband and I will set an appointment with him to discuss our options.

Michael Jackson The Experience | Trailer

This will probably excite MJ fans and DS & Wii players all over the world. Be prepared to dance and groove with the Michael Jackson in The Experience.Michael_Jackson_The_Experience

The release date will be on November 23, a perfect addition to the Christmas wish list ;) You just might find yourself moving and grooving all night long with the tracks including: Bad, Beat It, Billie Jean, Black or White, Earth Song, Smooth Criminal, The Girl Is Mine, They Don’t Care About Us, Who Is It, and Workin' Day And Night.

Here is the official trailer:

Christmas Gift Idea

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing my reader for updates and inspirations. One of the newsletters/blog entries of a designer caught my attention. She gave out a discount coupon code and one of the products in the same post caught my attention. And I thought, what a nifty idea to give out for Christmas! But I had to think hard if I wanted to buy it or create something similar from scratch. I couldn’t decide right away, until yesterday when I finally hit the pay button. I am not going to give out details because the recipients might read this entry, so that is a secret for now! ;)

Best Acne Medicine

Friday, September 17, 2010

If you will ask me about the best acne medicine, I can tell you privately what my dermatologist prescribed to me when I had break-outs in early 2000’s. I say it is the best because can you believe that after all these years, I’ve never had acne again except for a pimple on the forehead or nose once in a while (which heals on its own and right away anyway)? I am just not too keen on announcing it here in my blog because last I heard, the medicine was already pulled out from the market. I don’t know why. Maybe because there are side effects for some? Anyway, I will never forget its name because it gave me back my confidence. :D

Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale

Why not shop early for Christmas?! How about this weekend? The first Mommy Mundo Warehouse Sale is happening from September 17 to 19 at the Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch, Pasig.


Participating brands include Big & Small, Spin, Mamaway, Grolie/Scholastic, Orange Juice and  Dwell Studios among others.

This is very timely because Ane will take this weekend off but sadly, my funds aren’t available yet. I’m there will be other sales events I can go to for my Christmas shopping!

Taisan Bread and my Diet

To keep me energized on working nights, I feed myself. Last night my brother brought home a box of Taisan Bread and I knew that would be my midnight snack. I asked one of the angels to bring me a slice together with my cup of coffee. Guess what? She brought me a slice big enough for three people, hehe. Of course I did not finish all of it because I am trying to cut down on my carbohydrates intake already. Then slowly, I just might give up on midnight snacks altogether. Otherwise I might need fat burners that work if I keep on this eating habit.

Anti-Littering Law in Effect

Watching the news last night, I saw a lot of people complaining about being apprehended for littering. Sometimes I wonder if all Filipinos were born yesterday. The Anti-littering law was passed in 1996 and was amended by the MMDA in 1999. And even if it was not strictly enforced until yesterday, I really think people should self-police and never throw anything just anywhere. It is actually one of my pet-peeves, seeing people litter. Come on, I don’t think a piece of candy wrapper or a paper receipt will be too much of a burden in the bag or pocket, eh? And please don’t get me started on people who throw trash outside the window of a moving vehicle!

Anyway according to the MMDA website here are the prohibitions of the law:


And here are the penalties for violations:


I hope no one will plead ignorance in the next few days. And I hope this is not just ningas-cogon on the part of the MMDA. We all need a little disciplining!

Water Damage

Thursday, September 16, 2010

While I was preparing to do some turbo blogging last night, I noticed that our bedroom floor was wet. We knew right away why we had to experience some water damage: a plumber came by last Saturday to fix our bathroom woes and somehow, he probably hit something or the old pipes were not able to take the water pressure. Yes you guessed it, while our initial concern was rectified, another problem arose :( The stress got to me and I could not work any more. I decided to sleep it off. Worries like this are certified natural sleeping aids since I forced myself to sleep and just hoped that things get better in the morning. In the meantime, we had to collect water in pails and turned off the central water switch to stop the leak. Now we have a carpenter in the house to check the problem and he’ll say if we need to call the plumber again.

Would You Buy a Chanel iPad Case?


Chanel just joined the wagon and released their version of an iPad case. If I were an iPad owner, I would really love to have something to protect my gadget. But this Chanel baby cost $1555USD, about twice as much as the iPad! I just don’t find it logical to buy something more expensive than the one it’s supposed to protect! Or maybe if I have millions to spare, I’d consider it, LOL!

Losing Weight Effectively

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barbara, a friend’s cousin, is already worried about her weight that has become uncontrollable. She does regular exercise and goes to the gym at least three times a week. She watches what she eats. She even tried safe diet pills that work based on reviews, but those helped a little. Her worry is that she just might have developed a condition that makes her fat. We told her to see an internist soon so the doctor can tell her what to do. I hope she’ll find the answers soon!

July Photos Sorted and Uploaded

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I got extremely busy that I realized I have not edited nor uploaded our photos. I am paying for a Flickr Pro account and yet I am too lazy to maximize it, tsk. Yes folks, I am not just backlogged, scrapping-wise, but also in organizing the photos. I also have print credits that are going to expire so maybe I should start ordering prints again.

Anyway, post-processing and uploading them are done now, well at least the July photos. That’s a start. Next, August pictures! :)

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

This is an idiom that I don’t use simply because I didn’t know what it means. I would hear and read it but never tried to ask or research about it.

Well, that was until the other day when I finally decided to look it up. I got curious when a local celebrity tweeted something like “Confirmed! And your guess is as good as mine!” And then someone replied that the statement is kind of contradictory. I found out why:

Your guess is as good as mine = I DO NOT KNOW.

Oh well, that figures. :)

John’s Inheritance | Dear John

I just finished reading the book by Nicholas Sparks, Dear John. I am not so sure if I totally liked it because the ending was so sad. I am a sucker for happy endings! I was more interested in John’s father’s condition and how John found out about it. At first I thought he was just suffering from OCD but it turned out to be something else, Asperger’s. The father would collect mint and gold coins and would follow a super regular schedule. The coins later turned out to be equivalent to a fortune enough to save a life.


The setting was in early 2000’s when the value of gold has increased due to dwindling supplies. John never imagined at first how the coins would play an important part in his relationship with his father. All of the coins were included in a will that listed John as the sole heir. The coins not only saved the father-son relationship but also proved to be a wise collection and investment made by the father. Not everyone is able to grasp the importance of investing in something with appreciating value.



Anyway, the story is not just about love in a romantic kind of way but of relationships in general. The book is already adapted into a movie and the reviews are not exactly exciting, so I am apprehensive about that too.

Satisfied Craving

Friday, September 03, 2010

For the longest time, my taste buds were searching for the native delicacy, Pichi Pichi, specifically the ones from Arny & Dadings. Their stores are a long way from here which explains why the husband would not oblige, hehe. I even bought some from Amber’s but the ones from A&D is really different.

About a couple of weeks ago, I was going over my Google reader and saw a post from a favorite foodie. He took a shot of the outside premises of the store he was reviewing, and what do you know? Beside the tacos store is an A&D branch! And the area is just the next block from where we live!

So finally, Ane bought us some :) Look at all those cheese! You bet I was a happy camper!

pichi pichi with cheese

The Wedding Singer in Manila


Iya Villania will once again lead in a musical play. This time she play the role of Drew Barrymore in this musical version of the film The Wedding Singer. Her alternate will be Shiela Valderrama-Martinez who was once cast in the Festival of the Lion King at the Hong Kong Disneyland (she played Nala, the first Asian to play the role). Gian Magdangal will the the role of Adam Sandler on the other hand.

Robbie Guevara will direct. The Wedding Singer is being produced by 9 Works Theatrical and will run at the MERALCO Theater from October 23 to November 17, 2010. Tickets may be purchased through Ticketworld (891-9999).

Davinci Watch


When we were in the Bay Area, we visited the Los Altos area several times. It was because my BIL had a client living there and he commissioned me and the husband to be his assistants. The event was in that area too. I am not going to say that I am familiar with the area because there was no leisure in our visits, except for a last minute stop at the mall. So I didn’t have an idea that there is actually a showroom for IWC Watches in the downtown. It would have been nice to see the lovely watch in the image here.

Lussori is the company that carries this watch and all other fine, rare and unique timepieces. It would have been a feast on the eyes to see the actual pieces rather than just seeing the pictures online.