John’s Inheritance | Dear John

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I just finished reading the book by Nicholas Sparks, Dear John. I am not so sure if I totally liked it because the ending was so sad. I am a sucker for happy endings! I was more interested in John’s father’s condition and how John found out about it. At first I thought he was just suffering from OCD but it turned out to be something else, Asperger’s. The father would collect mint and gold coins and would follow a super regular schedule. The coins later turned out to be equivalent to a fortune enough to save a life.


The setting was in early 2000’s when the value of gold has increased due to dwindling supplies. John never imagined at first how the coins would play an important part in his relationship with his father. All of the coins were included in a will that listed John as the sole heir. The coins not only saved the father-son relationship but also proved to be a wise collection and investment made by the father. Not everyone is able to grasp the importance of investing in something with appreciating value.



Anyway, the story is not just about love in a romantic kind of way but of relationships in general. The book is already adapted into a movie and the reviews are not exactly exciting, so I am apprehensive about that too.