Tower of Terror

Friday, November 12, 2010

Speaking of TARA4, last night’s episode brought back memories from 2007 after seeing the drop ride. Ane and I rode the Tower of Terror, a free fall ride, in California Adventure.


We didn’t know it was a drop ride, we just decided to try it out because no one was in line yet (we were early!). Imagine our surprise when we realized what we got ourselves into! Both Ane and I fear heights so you can start laughing now.

The staff will make you sit in groups in an elevator-like room. When the door closes, your coach is pulled back and would slowly ascend. You will not realize how high it is until they drop you a few feet below then the door opens and you will see the sky!! Then it will ascend once again until they drop the elevator to the ground floor. You bet my heart was left up there! I was screaming my lungs out!

But because it was a closed ride, we were able to bear it. We even rode it again a couple times more. Now if you ask me if I will ride something like what the TARA teams rode in last night’s episode,  I think I will have to pass. I will die even before we reach the peak, LOL!