Instagram Love

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have a confession to make. I am hooked on Instagram. To find me checking my feeds all the time and posting everyday even if I do not have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, is saying something right?



I started getting curious when friends would link their IG photos in Twitter. I felt kind of out of place because I knew they are able to comment on the photos posted. Now Ane has a 4th Gen iPod which he shares with K. I asked him if he would kindly get the app for me so I could try. And I am so happy he did. I signed-up about two weeks ago and to this day I have 41 photos already. It is true what they, IG is quite addicting. Now there are three of us who fight over the iPod, LOL!

Seizure/Migraine, Topamax and Birth Defects

Most pregnant women stay away from medications that are deemed unsafe for the unborn child. But there are instances that it could not be helped and there is a need to ingest medicines prescribes by their physicians. Somehow, some pregnant women took Topamax while they were pregnant as seizure or migraine attacks became unbearable. It was found out recently that this drug is very harmful to unborn children. In a study, among 203 pregnant women who were taking Topamax, 4 children were born with cleft lip or palate. The manufacturers of this drug actually plead guilty to the case. It is no wonder though that a lot of women, who deem victimized by this drug, would like to file for a Topamax lawsuit, which is a type of product liability or defective product claim. If this happened to me and my baby is afflicted with cleft lip or palate because of the drug, I would do the same and sue whoever is at fault. But things do not work that way here on our side of the world. So if you are in the US, might as well fight for what you think is right and claim for damages. For more information, you might like to contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

Food, food, food.

It is past two am and I am thinking about food. I am hungry at this time, not surprising at all since I only ate a little during dinner. You know what my palate is looking for? This:


I miss eating at Cyma and I miss their spinach and artichoke fondue. I am drooling right this moment, ugh.  And yes it is a sin to look at food photos at this time of the day. Sheesh.

I wonder when I will be able to eat at Cyma again.

Facebook Break

I am currently on a self-imposed Facebook break. Sometime last week, I felt getting tired about all things Facebook. I guess this is what you call an FB burnout. I knew I needed to take a break from logging in all the time, when I started to feel angry, annoyed and depressed with what I see or read. I am not going into the details anymore because I do not want to sound like a whiny brat ;p My account is neither disabled nor deleted because I am still not sure if I want this to be temporary or permanent. For now, I am just staying away from it. 

Candy Shopping

One of my memorable moments in our SG trip was the visit at the candy store in Resorts World. I thought I died and went to candy-heaven when I entered the store! No kidding!




Even while planning for the trip, I knew we would be able to drop by the store since it was just outside Universal Studios. And knowing that my favorite dark chocolates are not always available locally, I told Ane that I will splurge on them when we get there. I said I am going to Buy chocolates & covered berries. I was giddy when he said yes! It did not matter that I was not able to shop anything else for myself, as long as I went home with my precious candies :) Yes, I bought a bunch and now that it is already two months since the trip, I still have a few bags and bars in the pantry :)

During Earth Hour

Sunday, March 27, 2011



This was taken at the start of Earth Hour a few hours ago. I made K stay in bro’s room for a few minutes while I went to shower quickly. We ran out of time because we had dinner a bit later so the bathroom’s  light was kept on for a few more minutes after 830pm. We spent the rest of the hour playing in our room. Before we know it, Earth Hour has passed. It’s nice to have done something worthwhile for our planet. :)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love my current earphones. Glo bought it for me in the US and I am so glad she chose well. I am not sure if its in my head before, but this pair does not make me dizzy at all. I used to stay away from earphones because they make my head spin (ear issues). So I am really glad that Glo chose this for me :) Love the case too! I guess I just got lucky, eh? If I had to buy myself, I’m sure I would need suggestions and headphone reviews before deciding.

Earth Hour 2011

In passing, we were watching some show that said Earth Hour this year is in April. We found it odd because Earth Hour is always in March. The show was wrong, and it is true that Earth Hour will be on Saturday this year.



We have been participating this event for at least three years (I can’t recall when exactly we started to join). I ask that you join also, so we could all help conserve energy. Mother Earth needs all the help she could get. For one hour, turn off lights in your home or office. It has been proven that sufficient energy is saved when we do this together. Reminder though, turn off LIGHTS ONLY. No need to shut down refrigerators, televisions and other appliances. The surge on electricity when these things are turned on simultaneously may cause overloading or something like that.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summer officially started. Days are longer and definitely more humid :( I think today we’re experiencing around 33C and that is not funny. I am usually cranky and sluggish when summer starts (especially that I have not recovered from the beach trip yet), and today is no exception. That explains the gap between posts. Good luck with our electric bill, we just might turn on the a/c more than usual. We’d rather pay for electricity that let K and all of us suffer through this torture. 

Japan Now

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let us all offer a prayer to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We turned on the television as soon as we heard about the breaking news. The images and footages are heartbreaking. Japan suffered an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and it caused waves to enter land, destroying properties and claiming lives.

Let us also pray for the countries along the Pacific Ocean (east coast for the Philippines) because huge waves are also expected to arrive.

Stay safe people.

Baby Dust

News of friends being pregnant make me happy, even ecstatic :) I guess the baby dust that goes around among my friends is still at work ;p Today will be marked as a memorable day when a good friend announced her pregnancy. It is still too early to shop for maternity clothes and baby stuff, heck too early even to disclose who the pregnant lady is (until she’s the one to announce it to the world, I mean)  but that is something to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Sun-kissed :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess where we were the past few days (which explains the lack of posts):

Bora2011 (99)

We were in the beautiful island of Boracay with two other families! It was a very memorable trip and I would say by far the most-sulit trip we went to. I am still neck-deep with backlogged work so I might not be able to post our travel stories in the main blog in the next few days. If you are my FB or Flickr friend, pictures are already posted :)

Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Remember this video of Maria Aragon that I posted last week? Well, her duet with THE Lady Gaga happened on March 3 at the Toronto leg of the concert tour. Here’s a video that I found of that performance. This girl makes me cry, real and wonderful talent makes me cry.


I remember my sister getting all interested in Beads and creating accessories. That was in the early 2000s (?). She would travel to Diviland to buy her materials and she would create bracelets, earrings, necklaces. She left most of her stuff when she went to live in the US. If I knew then what I know now that, that ladies would go gaga over handmade accessories, I would have kept and continued the hobby. I see pretty and interesting items in the net these days too. Now I just wonder if I could have been successful in the beads business if I was not too stubborn to create pieces.

Nike Warehouse Sale

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

When we moved here, I planned on brisk walking around the village. Alas, almost a month here and I have not even brought out my trainers! Believe me when I say I am too lazy to work out! Maybe a new pair of trainers will encourage me, eh? But I should not be thinking of shopping these days, argh! So I am going to skip the Nike Warehouse Sale that Mich posted in her blog.


I am posting it here also in case you are interested. Enjoy up to 70% discount from February 26 to March 15. Visit the warehouse in Paranaque, near the airport.