Sunday, July 31, 2011

As most of you already know, my family built a school just this year. It is very different from our previous endeavor, a restaurant-bar.  When before we had to worry about the inventory day in day out, the service staff, and even the POS similar to the Aldelo System, these days the daily operations seem more lax. Once the forms are ready and the pupils settled, we’re pretty much on track. But the responsibility is heavier as we are imprinting lifetime effect on children. We pray each day for guidance so every decision we make will be for the betterment of our wards.

Cute Camera USB Drive

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you seen this cute USB thumb drive from

Camera USB Drive

Camera USB Drive

Camera USB Drive

I say this is the best gift to give a photographer, would you agree? The “lens” detaches from the “body” so you can attach it to your device. For $20 + shipping and a 4GB capacity, I say that’s a good deal. Free shipping for orders over $50.

Are those days gone?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I came across some products by wilson cell booster canada while doing some research about Canada and I realized that even if we are already in the fast-paced world, there is still the need for cell boosters. Apparently, dead spots are still around? Good thing there are companies who still sell boosters, eh?

I remember in the late nineties, when GSM took the market by storm, people literally had to strategically position themselves to get a signal. Some even jokingly had to climb their roofs to take a call uninterrupted or send/receive SMS without lags. Funny just thinking about it. We have come a long way since then because mobile providers are able to install cell sites. Dead spots may still be around but I am guessing these spots have become fewer as the years go by.

Variety of Topics

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I love my online community, the one we call Twitterlandia. The ladies there have turned into real life friends and I “talk” to them almost if not everyday. I love that we have become comfortable sharing just about anything and you will be surprised at the wide spectrum of topics -- from parenthood/family concerns to hot celebrities to must have accessories to even fat burners that work fast. You bet it is never dull to be around these ladies. Each day I learn something new and I owe it to these ladies that I am still sane to this day ;)