Some Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This post seems fitting these days as a lot of people got stranded and are still stranded in the country’s airport because of 1) Typhoon Pedring and 2) PAL’s ground crew standoff. These suggestions were posted in the Lonely Planet website early this month.

1. Move ‘em muscles, exercise! Walk around and observe. Avoid running though as you might alert security.

2. Get a Massage (or pamper yourself with a mani-pedi). Most airports here have those blind masseuses. Relax while helping their industry too.

3. Lounge. Maybe not here (?) but some international airports allow use of their lounges for a fee. Enjoy comfortable seating, buffet spreads and free wifi.

4. People-watch. This is probably one of my favorite time-killers :) I love making up stories in my head  just by observing people LOL!

5. Window-shop. Or better yet, shop!

6. Eat! Airport food is expensive but there is no better comfort than chowing down your frustration right? 

7. Practice your photography :)

Cosmetology School

Learning is a never ending process. This is what a friend realized when she thought of enrolling in a cosmetology school last summer. All the way she thought that her life has become too boring when someone suggested trying a different career path. That was when she decided to try a career in cosmetology. How surprised she was when she realized she can still learn something new each day.

She did not regret enrolling in Regency because  her instructors were the best. It was kind of expected because this school the the fastest growing beauty institute across the country. Anyway, my friend is going to open her salon soon and I can’t wait to the pictures of the new place.


This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Excited for Hunger Games the Movie

Monday, September 26, 2011

If there is one movie I am so looking forward to watch next year, it would be the first installment of the Hunger Games series. Based on the story written by Suzanne Collins, the book gripped me. I especially liked the second book, Catching Fire :)

Anyway, teasers have been released, as well as the list of actors. I can’t imagine yet how these actors would portray their roles (there are a lot of violent reactions!) but I am sure the casting director and producers thought about it long and hard?

Early this month, Lionsgate (studio producing the film) launched a viral campaign via The Capitol. I haven’t had the chance to visit Panem but I am going to that right about now…poof!

Staying Organized

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I found this image in Facebook and thought of sharing here too:

simple steps to getting organized

The steps are really simple, right? I think if people will start doing these things, there would be less chaos around. Thus, less stress. :) As the old saying goes, do not wait for tomorrow if you can do it today. Same thing applies to all the scenarios given above :)

Gifts for the Big Boss

A friend asked me for suggestions on what to  give her boss who is going to retire soon. She has been working with this boss for quite some time now that she feels she has given him anything a subordinate can imagine. I suggested dinner vouchers or spa vouchers but she said her team already planned on giving that during the sendoff party. Then an idea hit me, why not cigars? We looked online and even if we did not find acid cigars cheap, my friend decided to buy some for the boss anyway. I just hope the shipment arrives in time for the party!

Instant Celebrities Webcam 101 Seniors

Friday, September 23, 2011

Remember the senior couple whose video I posted in the blog a few days ago? They indeed turned into instant celebrities! With more than seven million views on YouTube, I think the charming couple can really be considered an internet sensation, right! :)

The couple was identified as Bruce Huffman, 86 and his wife Esther 79. Both are living in a retirement community in Oregon. In an interview, they said that they surely did not plan it but are happy to hear that a lot of people enjoyed and are still enjoying the short video. Esther quipped, had she known they were recording themselves, she could have stopped chewing that gum! Such a cool granny :) I hope to see more of their videos, that is if they plan to do another one again :)

Right Now

Monday, September 19, 2011

While some are already getting up to start their day, I am awake at 4am. For the past few days, I haven’t slept decently (but thankfully, I get to sleep in until late in the morning or nap after lunch). I guess I have a lot of stuff to worry about? One of the things that bug me these days is the fact that our household angel Rosh is leaving at the end of the month and I am not sure if we’ll have a suitable replacement by then. I do not mind doing house chores, just don’t let me do the laundry nor the ironing. I don’t want to have the need to look for the best ironing boards because as it is, I dread ironing clothes, LOL! Plus I have an active toddler to look after so I would really appreciate extra hands to help.

Anyway, that’s just the tip of my worries right now. I really hope the next few days will be better.

Vikings at MOA

There is a new buffet restaurant By the Bay in the MOA grounds. It is called Vikings and we got to try it about two weeks ago.


From the SMX Convention Center, we had to ride the car again to get to that other side of the MOA grounds. Yes it was that far, too far for walking under the torturous sun and heat! We find the pricing too steep but since it is cheaper during weekdays, Ane said we could afford it. :) They said it is more complete during weekends and I wonder what the difference is. But since the rate is p1088/pax on weekends, we’ll just wait until someone (aka Mommy or FIL, LOL!) treats us there ;p

Even if they say the food offering is not complete on weekdays, we still died and went to buffet heaven hehe. Ane was speechless towards the end of our three-hour lunch that I think he literally fell into food coma. Funny guy, my husband is.

Anyway, I haven’t had the chance to fix the food photos but I will try to share them here once I’m done with them. Stay tuned! :)

Beware of Credit Card Skimmers

Just recently, a friend finally got a credit card dispute reversed. I know she was relieved when it finally happened because the interest charges were filing up. Good thing it was resolved without being referred to a collection agency, because that would have been more stressful on her part.

While that is out of the way already, another friend got victimized by credit card fraud. The bank called her to inform her of unusual activity but by then the fraudster have already charged about P90k (about US$2k) worth of shopping loots! The activities happened on weekdays when M is almost always home so it was impossible she ever authorized the transactions. M thinks she got skimmed while dining in a restaurant but that will have to be investigated.

Skimming is apparently the modus operandi of choice these days by those thieves. It is when the fraudsters use a gadget to obtain the credit card details then probably creating a new card to be used. So be wary of double swipes and ask the cashier why the card has to be swiped more than once. And be even more wary to hand over your card for swiping at the terminal to someone, and you do not see the actual swiping happening. That said, avoid using your card in gasoline stations and restaurants.

We have to be really careful these days. No one wants to be hassled by identity thieves.

Webcam 101 for Seniors

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is hilarious!


I love how this couple is working together to figure it out :) They got a new laptop and were excited to try the webcam out. The granddaughter saw this video in the files and uploaded it on YouTube, now the grannies are considered an internet sensation :)

I love how the grandpa totally adores his wife ;) I wish Ane and I can still be like this when we reach this age. Too cute!

Best Term Life Insurance

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not a lot of people considering an insurance coverage to be an investment for the future. Or for some, they know the importance of being covered yet they are financially burdened by more important things. I guess that’s where term life insurance gets in the picture? At least one is covered if only for a period of time, and just renew it is the household budget permits? If you are one who is open to this, you might want to check out the best term life insurance offers.

Miss Universe 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ms Philippines Shamcey Supsup

I regret scheduling the monthly insecticide spraying at home (Tuesday is our usual schedule at 9am then we have to leave the house for at least 2hours). It meant we would be missing the live telecast of Miss Universe 2011. And missed it we did. We were on the road when I read tweets that our contender, Ms, Philippines Shamcey Supsup got into the top 16 based on her own merits (versus Filipinos worldwide turned her into an online favorite, Portugal (?) got in because people got her included). Then a few minutes after, another set of tweets saying she got into the top 10. We were nearly at the school when my brother who was in his OJT post texted and said Shamcey got into the top 5. Wow.

We wanted so badly to get to the school right away so we could at least watch the announcement. So glad we got there on time, enough time really for me to find the live streaming link.

It is kinda disappointing that our candidate only got the 3rd runner up title. After the Q&A which got mixed reactions, everybody thought she’d grab the 1st runner up after Ms Angola. But I guess the judges saw Shamcey differently.

Third runner up isn’t bad at all, she still brought the country glory. Shamcey said it wisely “"I think that what makes a winner, is not just winning the crown but being able to accept that hindi ikaw yung nanalo. (I think that what makes a winner, is not just winning the crown but being able to accept that it wasn’t you who won). I guess we all need to move-on also and hope that next year will be a better one.

Wedding Pictures and Celebrity Weddings

Monday, September 05, 2011

Five years into my marriage and I still enjoy looking at portfolios of wedding photographers and wedding photos of celebrities. It is not like I am looking for a celebrity wedding inspiration because I know that I won't be getting married anytime soon. I could be waiting 45 years for that to happen :p But you know, I simply get giddy looking at radiant brides and the nitty-gritty details of any wedding. Heck, I even get teary-eyed as a bride walks down the aisle. It does not matter if we’re not related or that I don’t even know her personally, LOL! Maybe it is a girl-thing? Raise your hand if you share my sentiments, hehe.