Last Party for the Year

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am rushing some things as I need to get ready for our last party for the year. It will just be a casual party and Ane need not bring out his lapel pins to show off, LOL! We actually decided on wearing just jeans, but must be jazzed up. And the party will be at the Luis house, so it is really a pretty laid back get-together. I have no jeans that fit me anymore, so I am going to wear a maxi dress instead :)

I hear the husband calling me already so I need to go now. Will tell you more about it later :)

We’re Back!

We got back from our six-day vacation last night. Our flight going back to Manila was a bit delayed. I was too tired to turn on my laptop and get back on track on my online responsibilities. First three nights were spent in the island of Boracay (our second trip there this year, woah!) then we went to Iloilo, by land, and spent 2 nights there. We do not have that many pictures to document this trip but the memories will surely stayed etched in our minds because it was one different Christmas celebration. It was so different we plan to do it every year!

Let me just compose my thoughts and I will blog more about this trip. I have got a lot of backlogs to do!



Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

This is a scheduled post because I am not sure if I will still be able to go online, or if I will have enough time to blog…


By the time this is posted, we’re probably enjoying paradise already :) And just because we will be on vacation does not mean my heart does not go out to those affected by the floods in Mindanao. Let us continue to pray for our fellow countrymen.

Have a meaningful Christmas, you all!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Our hectic schedule has commenced. It has been one crazy weekend and we are just starting. But at least we are able to attend to all our commitments, and more. It will get even more crazy tomorrow when my BIL and nephew arrive for their vacation. Two days more and we are done with two major events. Then we are off to our family get-away. I can’t wait to relax and soak in a clawfoot tub. That will be soothing and awesome, I expect. :)

God bless the Philippines

Another calamity has hit the Philippines. This time, the country was struck down south. Typhoon Sendong’s wrath was felt in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Over the weekend, a friend tweeted that her pregnant sister, her husband and their dad had to leave their house and go to higher ground (bless the neighbor who let them stay in their house) because the house got suddenly flooded. They were not able to save anything except for a few articles of clothing :( And then we hear of hundreds of deaths and thousands missing people. They were all caught unaware of the flood, it all happened too fast and into the night.

The death toll is rising. People are getting hungry and sick. Clean water is running out. Every help counts.

God bless the Philippines.

Exporting Medical Wear

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Since my BIL and nephew are arriving soon, my mom is thinking of exporting scrubs and medical uniforms to SJ. It is cheaper if someone is flying out instead of having the stuff shipped to the US. My sister said they have limited choices for these uniforms so we’re thinking of taking advantage of that. Problem is, we are running out of time and we have not found a good supplier or maker yet. Maybe we need to do better planning next time, huh?

Christmas is here!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

About two weeks ago, I gave in and put up our Christmas tree:

christmas treeI had no plans of putting it up because we won’t be here for Christmas anyway. But the little girl would ask me everyday about it so I just had to give in. I guess she is already at that age when she easily appreciates all the decorations. The neighbors have put up their decorations and K would exclaim in awe, every night she sees the lights on. She was happy to see our tree up. The effort is definitely worth it!

Still Flooded

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My hometown is still flooded even after weeks since typhoon Pedring hit. Every time we go to our school, it is frustrating to see that the main street leading to our place is still flooded, even if it is not raining. The water is even already murky, a sign that it is not moving. Ack.


I heard a lot of dikes were destroyed during that typhoon and that would mean millions in budget to fix. I understand that it would take time to come up with such amount but can’t the local government at least offer some temporary solutions? Like invest in heavy-duty amt pumps to pump (obviously hehe) out the water?


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am guilty of being negligent of my blogs. Our house angel left at the end of September then I found out a week after that I am pregnant (yes! More on that later, maybe in my main blog). So you can just imagine how hard it is for me to balance everything. We have new angels in the house now and I am almost done with my first trimester so I am easing back to the old routine. I am still having a hard time staying up late at night to work. But I am hoping soon I can shake that off already. I need all the energy for the coming holidays.

Eyelash Frustration

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have always wished my eyelashes are longer. I get frustrated with curlers and mascaras because I do not know how to use/apply them by myself. I also considered having extensions attached but haven’t got around to doing to so. Besides, extensions are just temporary which means I need to go to the salon every now and then to have it done, right? I read somewhere there are eyelash growth products already. Any reviews if they’re any good?

Doctors Needed

Friday, November 04, 2011

If there is one thing I regret, it is not studying for a more skilled profession back in college (Not that I am not happy getting degrees in Management and Psychology, huh). I just feel I could have done better if I chose to be a  lawyer, an engineer or a doctor. Especially the last one – I smile and wonder what could have happened to me if I am like some of my friends who are doctors already. I look at postings for Physician Jobs and see that the openings are many. The opportunities are wide, most especially for specialized fields like Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Dermatology.

Oh well, this is just me thinking aloud. I am happy where I am now :)

Thank You Gift Basket

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of the things my parents taught me (rather showed me, because they live and practice it) is that it is a must to show gratitude towards anyone who has done something nice for me. A simple thank you, or a thank you note would suffice but sending gifts, whenever possible and budget permits, is better. How about sending a thank you gift basket to someone who has done you a favor and didn't ask for anything in return? Or a book of the person’s favorite author to add to her collection? You get my drift? But if the person refuses to accept gifts, then paying forward is the way to go. I am sure another person can use the extra blessing, right?

When there’s no time

Friday, October 14, 2011

Probably, we’re all guilty of being trapped in a mad rush most of the time that we hope there is more than 24 hours in one day just so we could accomplish more things. I am also guilty of forgetting a lot of things that I am compelled to write down notes just to remember stuff. There are times that I forget to say “thank you” to someone who did a good deed for me, like the mailman for instance who would deliver my albums and never charged me for anything. I promise to send him something for Christmas! Anyway, did you know that there are actually thank you baskets delivered nationwide? Really! When there is no time, the internet is a great source of ideas in just one click. I will remember to check out the thank you basket bundles next time.

Some Ways to Kill Time at the Airport

Thursday, September 29, 2011

This post seems fitting these days as a lot of people got stranded and are still stranded in the country’s airport because of 1) Typhoon Pedring and 2) PAL’s ground crew standoff. These suggestions were posted in the Lonely Planet website early this month.

1. Move ‘em muscles, exercise! Walk around and observe. Avoid running though as you might alert security.

2. Get a Massage (or pamper yourself with a mani-pedi). Most airports here have those blind masseuses. Relax while helping their industry too.

3. Lounge. Maybe not here (?) but some international airports allow use of their lounges for a fee. Enjoy comfortable seating, buffet spreads and free wifi.

4. People-watch. This is probably one of my favorite time-killers :) I love making up stories in my head  just by observing people LOL!

5. Window-shop. Or better yet, shop!

6. Eat! Airport food is expensive but there is no better comfort than chowing down your frustration right? 

7. Practice your photography :)

Cosmetology School

Learning is a never ending process. This is what a friend realized when she thought of enrolling in a cosmetology school last summer. All the way she thought that her life has become too boring when someone suggested trying a different career path. That was when she decided to try a career in cosmetology. How surprised she was when she realized she can still learn something new each day.

She did not regret enrolling in Regency because  her instructors were the best. It was kind of expected because this school the the fastest growing beauty institute across the country. Anyway, my friend is going to open her salon soon and I can’t wait to the pictures of the new place.


This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Excited for Hunger Games the Movie

Monday, September 26, 2011

If there is one movie I am so looking forward to watch next year, it would be the first installment of the Hunger Games series. Based on the story written by Suzanne Collins, the book gripped me. I especially liked the second book, Catching Fire :)

Anyway, teasers have been released, as well as the list of actors. I can’t imagine yet how these actors would portray their roles (there are a lot of violent reactions!) but I am sure the casting director and producers thought about it long and hard?

Early this month, Lionsgate (studio producing the film) launched a viral campaign via The Capitol. I haven’t had the chance to visit Panem but I am going to that right about now…poof!

Staying Organized

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I found this image in Facebook and thought of sharing here too:

simple steps to getting organized

The steps are really simple, right? I think if people will start doing these things, there would be less chaos around. Thus, less stress. :) As the old saying goes, do not wait for tomorrow if you can do it today. Same thing applies to all the scenarios given above :)

Gifts for the Big Boss

A friend asked me for suggestions on what to  give her boss who is going to retire soon. She has been working with this boss for quite some time now that she feels she has given him anything a subordinate can imagine. I suggested dinner vouchers or spa vouchers but she said her team already planned on giving that during the sendoff party. Then an idea hit me, why not cigars? We looked online and even if we did not find acid cigars cheap, my friend decided to buy some for the boss anyway. I just hope the shipment arrives in time for the party!

Instant Celebrities Webcam 101 Seniors

Friday, September 23, 2011

Remember the senior couple whose video I posted in the blog a few days ago? They indeed turned into instant celebrities! With more than seven million views on YouTube, I think the charming couple can really be considered an internet sensation, right! :)

The couple was identified as Bruce Huffman, 86 and his wife Esther 79. Both are living in a retirement community in Oregon. In an interview, they said that they surely did not plan it but are happy to hear that a lot of people enjoyed and are still enjoying the short video. Esther quipped, had she known they were recording themselves, she could have stopped chewing that gum! Such a cool granny :) I hope to see more of their videos, that is if they plan to do another one again :)

Right Now

Monday, September 19, 2011

While some are already getting up to start their day, I am awake at 4am. For the past few days, I haven’t slept decently (but thankfully, I get to sleep in until late in the morning or nap after lunch). I guess I have a lot of stuff to worry about? One of the things that bug me these days is the fact that our household angel Rosh is leaving at the end of the month and I am not sure if we’ll have a suitable replacement by then. I do not mind doing house chores, just don’t let me do the laundry nor the ironing. I don’t want to have the need to look for the best ironing boards because as it is, I dread ironing clothes, LOL! Plus I have an active toddler to look after so I would really appreciate extra hands to help.

Anyway, that’s just the tip of my worries right now. I really hope the next few days will be better.

Vikings at MOA

There is a new buffet restaurant By the Bay in the MOA grounds. It is called Vikings and we got to try it about two weeks ago.


From the SMX Convention Center, we had to ride the car again to get to that other side of the MOA grounds. Yes it was that far, too far for walking under the torturous sun and heat! We find the pricing too steep but since it is cheaper during weekdays, Ane said we could afford it. :) They said it is more complete during weekends and I wonder what the difference is. But since the rate is p1088/pax on weekends, we’ll just wait until someone (aka Mommy or FIL, LOL!) treats us there ;p

Even if they say the food offering is not complete on weekdays, we still died and went to buffet heaven hehe. Ane was speechless towards the end of our three-hour lunch that I think he literally fell into food coma. Funny guy, my husband is.

Anyway, I haven’t had the chance to fix the food photos but I will try to share them here once I’m done with them. Stay tuned! :)

Beware of Credit Card Skimmers

Just recently, a friend finally got a credit card dispute reversed. I know she was relieved when it finally happened because the interest charges were filing up. Good thing it was resolved without being referred to a collection agency, because that would have been more stressful on her part.

While that is out of the way already, another friend got victimized by credit card fraud. The bank called her to inform her of unusual activity but by then the fraudster have already charged about P90k (about US$2k) worth of shopping loots! The activities happened on weekdays when M is almost always home so it was impossible she ever authorized the transactions. M thinks she got skimmed while dining in a restaurant but that will have to be investigated.

Skimming is apparently the modus operandi of choice these days by those thieves. It is when the fraudsters use a gadget to obtain the credit card details then probably creating a new card to be used. So be wary of double swipes and ask the cashier why the card has to be swiped more than once. And be even more wary to hand over your card for swiping at the terminal to someone, and you do not see the actual swiping happening. That said, avoid using your card in gasoline stations and restaurants.

We have to be really careful these days. No one wants to be hassled by identity thieves.

Webcam 101 for Seniors

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is hilarious!


I love how this couple is working together to figure it out :) They got a new laptop and were excited to try the webcam out. The granddaughter saw this video in the files and uploaded it on YouTube, now the grannies are considered an internet sensation :)

I love how the grandpa totally adores his wife ;) I wish Ane and I can still be like this when we reach this age. Too cute!

Best Term Life Insurance

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not a lot of people considering an insurance coverage to be an investment for the future. Or for some, they know the importance of being covered yet they are financially burdened by more important things. I guess that’s where term life insurance gets in the picture? At least one is covered if only for a period of time, and just renew it is the household budget permits? If you are one who is open to this, you might want to check out the best term life insurance offers.

Miss Universe 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ms Philippines Shamcey Supsup

I regret scheduling the monthly insecticide spraying at home (Tuesday is our usual schedule at 9am then we have to leave the house for at least 2hours). It meant we would be missing the live telecast of Miss Universe 2011. And missed it we did. We were on the road when I read tweets that our contender, Ms, Philippines Shamcey Supsup got into the top 16 based on her own merits (versus Filipinos worldwide turned her into an online favorite, Portugal (?) got in because people got her included). Then a few minutes after, another set of tweets saying she got into the top 10. We were nearly at the school when my brother who was in his OJT post texted and said Shamcey got into the top 5. Wow.

We wanted so badly to get to the school right away so we could at least watch the announcement. So glad we got there on time, enough time really for me to find the live streaming link.

It is kinda disappointing that our candidate only got the 3rd runner up title. After the Q&A which got mixed reactions, everybody thought she’d grab the 1st runner up after Ms Angola. But I guess the judges saw Shamcey differently.

Third runner up isn’t bad at all, she still brought the country glory. Shamcey said it wisely “"I think that what makes a winner, is not just winning the crown but being able to accept that hindi ikaw yung nanalo. (I think that what makes a winner, is not just winning the crown but being able to accept that it wasn’t you who won). I guess we all need to move-on also and hope that next year will be a better one.

Wedding Pictures and Celebrity Weddings

Monday, September 05, 2011

Five years into my marriage and I still enjoy looking at portfolios of wedding photographers and wedding photos of celebrities. It is not like I am looking for a celebrity wedding inspiration because I know that I won't be getting married anytime soon. I could be waiting 45 years for that to happen :p But you know, I simply get giddy looking at radiant brides and the nitty-gritty details of any wedding. Heck, I even get teary-eyed as a bride walks down the aisle. It does not matter if we’re not related or that I don’t even know her personally, LOL! Maybe it is a girl-thing? Raise your hand if you share my sentiments, hehe.

How’s your long weekend so far?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because Monday and Tuesday are special holidays here, a lot of people are enjoying a very long weekend. Two days down, two more days to go :) For some, the long break is equivalent to an eating fest (I bet the topic of conversation for the next week will be about fat burners for those who've had so much to eat, LOL!). For others, shopping or going to the movies. How is it for you, so far?

It is different for us though, since Ane had to work on both Saturday and Sunday. BUT the next time he will report for work will be on the 5th already :) Talk about a pretty long week, eh? Oh how I wish we have the extra money to drive or fly away to a nice destination! We also have errands to do, anyway. So I guess we’ll just have to make the most out of our time, then?

For now, I need to finish some online tasks before I can call it a night. I plan to spend quality time with my family this week. :)

Adorable Kids in Trigon commercials

Friday, August 19, 2011

These videos are kinda old but found them posted in Chico’s blog. I thought of sharing it here too. Can I just say that these kids are just sooo adorable? I remember my nephew J who would converse animatedly :)

Snotty Doctor


Spinach versus Spanish


Karate and Muscles (this is the cutest!)

Actos Side Effects

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes we really have to make sure the medicines we take would not cause alarming side effects. Like this drug called Actos, the chemical name of which is Pioglitazone. It has been found out that consumption of this drug for type2 Diabetes may cause cardiovascular injury (ie heart attack, heart failure). The products actually include Actos, ActoplusMet, Competact, and Duetact. If you suspect you have been victimized by this drug, you may file an Actos lawsuit. But before that, your lawyers will have to commission medical experts to really say that your personal injury was caused by the said drug.


I am supposed to hunt for Sale events to post here, something that is going to happen this weekend or the next. But if you have closely followed this blog, you’ll notice that this post just sprung out of nowhere. LOL. Yes, folks, a filler that is at least two weeks late is what you’re seeing.

Moving on…




Amazing Batangas House

Isn’t this breathtaking?

batangas house

batangas house

Who would have thought that this house is located at the south of Manila, in the province of Batangas and not somewhere in the Caribbean? Amazing! Check out some images of the interior which are equally beautiful as the pool deck:

batangas house

batangas house 

I love the color scheme of the house and I love that it feels so bright yet cozy. I can totally imagine living in this abode.


Photos from

Personal Injury Lawyers

A few days ago, I heard of the local teenager who passed away after their vehicle collided with a bus. The poor kid did not even make it to the hospital and nothing could be done to save him. His companions when the accident happened is a different story altogether. They were all injured, including the teenager’s dad. It is still a time for mourning but sooner of later, the survivors will need the start with the legal battle that will surely ensue. I am not sure if we have dedicated injury attorneys here but in Texas, one can hire an Austin personal injury lawyer (like the ones from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949) to represent him. The case seemed clear that someone has to be answerable for the accident but the assistance of a lawyer will assure the victims that they will be properly compensated for the damages.

Rex Navarrete in Manila

Friday, August 12, 2011

Before Mikey Bustos got famous in YouTube for his stand-up comedy/vlogs, there was Rex Navarrete entertaining the audience with this scripts. I remember the husband would listen to his monologues every night. At time I would listen with him, and I would laugh with him too. The scripts are pretty funny, huh.

This year, the man himself is coming to Manila on August 24.

rex navarete in manila

The show will be at NPAT, Resorts World Manila. Tickets available at Ticketworld outlets.

Recording Memories

The little one have recently discovered the joy of watching herself on videos. Sounds narcissistic huh? I say not. Maybe she just enjoys hearing her voice and seeing her antics? Anyway, she likes it so much she would even ask me to shoot new ones. We don’t have a video recorder at home but I don’t think we would scout for a Flip or canon camcorders anytime soon. We don’t have the budget for that now. But I am using my phone, the iPod or Padme when recording. These work well in capturing moments anyway.

I should remind myself to organize the videos soon.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We were supposed to go to the school today but classes were suspended as early as 5am. Yes I was still awake to wait for that announcement. I knew it was coming because the rains did not stop until around 3am. There is no typhoon, as far as I know, based on the news last night. This is just an effect of the monsoon, I think. But there were lightning and thunders after 7am so I am glad the little ones are kept at home. Too bad though because the college students were still sent to school, now the afternoon classes are suspended too.

Stay dry and warm everyone. Do not go out anymore unless it is absolutely necessary.

Box on the Way

I was talking to my sister the other night. She called just to say that they are already packing the box but of course we talked about other stuff too. Anyway, she mentioned about the box with loots for us last month and totally forgot about it. I would have listed the items that K needs but that escaped me too. I was able to “order” a box of bottle Drop-ins, thankfully.

Sadly there is no enough time to go online shopping anymore, the shipment may not make it to their apartment :( I saw the Personal Creations hoodie's and I wish I was able to order the Dora one for K.

personalized hoodie

She is starting to outgrow the one she currently have so a new one would have been nice. And is it obvious she is at that Dora phase at the moment? Oh well, there’s another chance anyway, as sister and her family are arriving in December, weee!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

As most of you already know, my family built a school just this year. It is very different from our previous endeavor, a restaurant-bar.  When before we had to worry about the inventory day in day out, the service staff, and even the POS similar to the Aldelo System, these days the daily operations seem more lax. Once the forms are ready and the pupils settled, we’re pretty much on track. But the responsibility is heavier as we are imprinting lifetime effect on children. We pray each day for guidance so every decision we make will be for the betterment of our wards.

Cute Camera USB Drive

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Have you seen this cute USB thumb drive from

Camera USB Drive

Camera USB Drive

Camera USB Drive

I say this is the best gift to give a photographer, would you agree? The “lens” detaches from the “body” so you can attach it to your device. For $20 + shipping and a 4GB capacity, I say that’s a good deal. Free shipping for orders over $50.

Are those days gone?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I came across some products by wilson cell booster canada while doing some research about Canada and I realized that even if we are already in the fast-paced world, there is still the need for cell boosters. Apparently, dead spots are still around? Good thing there are companies who still sell boosters, eh?

I remember in the late nineties, when GSM took the market by storm, people literally had to strategically position themselves to get a signal. Some even jokingly had to climb their roofs to take a call uninterrupted or send/receive SMS without lags. Funny just thinking about it. We have come a long way since then because mobile providers are able to install cell sites. Dead spots may still be around but I am guessing these spots have become fewer as the years go by.

Variety of Topics

Saturday, July 09, 2011

I love my online community, the one we call Twitterlandia. The ladies there have turned into real life friends and I “talk” to them almost if not everyday. I love that we have become comfortable sharing just about anything and you will be surprised at the wide spectrum of topics -- from parenthood/family concerns to hot celebrities to must have accessories to even fat burners that work fast. You bet it is never dull to be around these ladies. Each day I learn something new and I owe it to these ladies that I am still sane to this day ;)

Turning in early

Monday, June 27, 2011

I was planning to update my blogs tonight but I feel the need to rest early. I guess the busy weekend caught up with me and now I feel I am going to get sick. Throat is scratchy now (since this morning actually) :( I took a double dose of Vitamin C and lots of water. I hope this will go away tomorrow as we have a lot of things to take care of in the school. Our day will start at 530am!

Good night!


Buying Gold Bullion

Saturday, June 25, 2011

You probably have heard of ingots. These are in fact gold or silver metals in the form of bullion. They come in convenient sizes and shapes and are considered to be unique  investment. Instead of buying stocks or putting money in trust funds, to buy gold bullion is an alternative. Not everyone is aware that investing in such is a sound financial decision because the value appreciates. I have a friend who once mentioned that he and his wife bought some ingots a couple of years ago, and now have gotten their ROI and profits doubled. They definitely did not regret going this route.

Cirque du Soleil Varekai in Manila

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cirque du Soleil Varekai Manila

Cirque du Soleil Varekai finally opened in Manila. According to their website

Deep within a forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world—a world where something else is possible. A world called Varekai.

From the sky falls a solitary young man, and the story of Varekai begins. Parachuted into the shadows of a magical forest, a kaleidoscopic world populated by fantastical creatures, this young man sets off on an adventure both absurd and extraordinary. On this day at the edge of time, in this place of all possibilities, begins an inspired incantation to life rediscovered.

The word Varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies the universal wanderers. This production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to the infinite passion of those whose quest takes them along the path that leads to Varekai.

After the premiere night, I started reading rave tweets about the show. They say it was spectacular and it isn’t too late yet to get tickets for the show. I checked the website and there are a lot of seats still available. As for us, we are are scheduled to watch on July 7. *grin* Needless to say, I cannot wait for the day to come! watching Cirque is actually in my bucket list and I am happy that the husband is making it real for me :)


So sad that we had to postpone our home spa bonding session. The rains have not stopped and then we lost electricity around lunch time. What do you know, a small cyclone hit some communities a few blocks from here. That explained the power cut-off. I am glad that it did not pass by our village, else, I would have panicked! I just feel sorry for the affected families. Ane passed by the New Manila area and he noticed fallen trees and branches. In the news, some house lost their roofs. God bless us all.

We’ll just have to reschedule some other time. I really hope we push through with the plans.

Today is Spa Day :)

The ladies of E are coming over for some girl-bonding. About time we see each other again, because the last time we were together was back in March! We were supposed to go to the movies or spend time in a spa, but I could not commit. So I invited them over and we’ll just have food delivered and we’re calling spa/nails home service :)

The house, thankfully is in order and ready for guests anytime. Just a little scrubbing here and there and we’re fine. We also need to clean up the garden a bit because the rains and winds left fallen branches and wilted leaves. We won’t need simplicity zero turn mowers because there's no grass to mow anyway :)

Can’t wait to have them here. Can’t wait to be pampered too, heaven knows I badly need a pedicure!

A Quiet Royal Wedding

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlen Wittstock Prince Albert II of Monaco

Another Royal Wedding is happening on July 2 sans the fanfare that came along the union of Prince William to Catherine Middleton. This time around Prince Albert II of Monaco, 53, will marry Charlene Wittstock, 33, a South African national swimming champion who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics. The couple has been together for four years now but the lady is used to love in the shadows of the Prince, appear on his side when summoned and just smile and say little. After the wedding the bride will become Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Too soon to change laptops

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My old Ivy (an IBM) lasted about 4 years before she finally bowed out on me. Now, our Santino who is barely two years old is already showing signs of conking out. I am afraid I will have to check out laptops – or ordinateurs portables, if I want to be fancy about it ;p – and save for a new one soon. Considering how long Ivy lasted, I feel Santino’s lifespan is too short. Maybe it is just the batteries but I also noticed the decline in performance for the past few weeks. But one' thing’s for sure, I am not yet ready to let go as we do not have a budget yet for a new one. So please Santino, hang on.

Dibo the Gift Dragon Plush Toy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dibo the Gift Dragon


In February while waiting for our flight back to Manila in Singapore Budget Terminal, I saw a Dibo plush toy in one of the stores in the waiting area. I wanted to buy it so badly for K but knowing that we already bought her toys from the trip plus the gifts from my friends, I just let it go. This, before realizing that I have not seen Dibo items sold locally. I forgot all about it until recently when Joy posted in IG a shot where Dibo was in the background. Since Mai and family were scheduled to go to SG, I asked her to buy for K in case she sees it again. I was hopeful until they got back, and she told me she did not find any :( Now I really regret that I did not buy it back in February. I will probably just check out online stores or ask someone to buy one in the US or SG.

Birthday, coming up!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ane’s birthday is coming up in a month’s time. I have been window shopping for birthday gifts online, noting ideas and considering my budget (which is nearly non-existent if I may add, teehee). Buying him a gift is almost always difficult, thus challenging. I made him a Father’s Day mini-album, so making another one is out of the list already. I will probably just ask him what he wants – eliminating the surprise factor rather than risking getting him something he would not like.

Dental Mission

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The other day, our school dentists (actually my cousin and his wife) visited RSI to talk to the pupils about oral hygiene and to also check their teeth. We got there a little later so we only witnessed the last few students being checked. The morning turned into a cry-fest where the children are not used to dental visits. Most of them were really scared. Only two students got the dentists’ approval. The rest needs to have some procedures done already.

After all the students were checked, we had a chance to chitchat and my cousin offered suggestions for dental and medical equipment for the school. These were not prioritized during the setting up of the school but definitely must be considered in the very near future. We have a school nurse and first aid kits though for minor medical concerns. We are slowly getting there and we hope to be able to treat the students (dental-wise) within the campus soon.

Speed Blogging on Independence Day

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We went to mass this morning. Happy Pentecost Day people :) Feel the Holy Spirit upon you.

Then had my coffee and now speed blogging. I need to finish some tasks first before I can relax and prepare for Meggy’s party later. Guess why I need to rush? Yes, because I chose to sleep last night. LOL! I have a valid reason though, we were out almost the entire day and that was tiring huh. :p

A few more blog updates and I am done. TTYL!

Oh, and Happy Independence Day too!

AirPhil Express October Festival Promo

Get a chance to win round trip tickets to an October Festival Destination!

October Festival AirPhil Express

There are three Philippine Festival every October:

  • Hermosa Festival in ZAMBOANGA
  • Lanzones Festival in CAMIGUIN
  • MassKara Festival in BACOLOD
  • You need to choose from one of these festivals and blog about why you would love to experience the grandiose celebration. Three winners will be chosen, one for each festival, and each will win 2 round-trip tickets to that destination. This promo is until September 15, and winners will be announced on September 21. For the criteria for judging and other details, visit the Airphil Express Facebook Page.

    Acquired Skill

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    The priest who blessed our new school building earlier this week said in his short sermon that these days, any person has no right to be ignorant. There are a lot of ways to learn stuff that if you still end up being dumb, it is entirely your fault because you are plain lazy. I agree to some extent.

    Anyway, I remember the priest’s words after talking to an old friend. She mentioned that she enrolled herself at a Houston beauty school to earn a certificate in cosmetology. About time, I told her. I’ve known all along that she will take this path because she’s been interested in make-up for as long as I know her. I looked up the school, Regency Beauty Institute and I think she made the right the choice. After all, this is one of the fastest growing beauty schools in the US. I can’t wait to be her model soon!

    **This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 8201 South Gessner Drive, Houston, TX 77036

    Body Shop Sale

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    My friends over at Twitter and IG are raving about BB cream. I got lost in the exchange but I picked that it is something to conceal uneven skin color on the face? Face Shop and Body Shop (and Watson’s too, I heard) sell this cream. Maybe I can check out the Body Shop sale, which is until June 16, and see if BB is included in the discounted items?

    The Body Shop Sale June 2011

    But then again, June 16 is just a few days away and I am not sure if I will be able to go to a store. Hmmmmm…

    Yellow Cab 10th Year Treat

    This year, Yellow Cab is celebrating their Tenth Anniversary. As a treat to their loyal customers, they are giving away 10-inch pizza NY Classic Pizza for every 18-inch pizza ordered. But this only happens every 10th day of the month. Since today is the 10th, I am hoping Ane can treat us to another pizza ;p

     Yellow Cab 10

    Promo is valid for dine-in, take-out or delivery. Yellow Cab delivers 24/7 within Metro Manila, just call 789-9999.

    Migraine and Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, mothers stay away from over-the-counter drugs by instinct. Or if they cannot help it, they only take medicines prescribed by their doctor. Of course this is because they want to avoid side effects some medicines may have on the unborn child. It is therefore heartbreaking to find out that at least one drug company promoted a migraine drug for unapproved purposes. Later, some babies whose mothers took the anti-convulsant drug Topamax while pregnant were born with lip/cleft palate. I understand if those mothers are compelled to file a class Topamax lawsuit (through O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949). If you are one of those affected, maybe it is time for you to made a stand, too.

    Cheap Airfare

    We have a scheduled trip to Legaspi, Albay in October for Cate’s birthday and another to Iloilo in December for a family affair. I have been waiting for fare promos so we could save on transportation but I am less lucky these days to get seats. Just yesterday, Cebu Pacific announced zero-fare promo and would you believe seats were already sold out within two hours since the promo went live?

    I really wish we could grab a good deal soon so I can cross it out in my to-do list.

    School Opening

    We have been busy since early this week. We officially opened our school, RSI, on Monday. The week before, we had summer classes (deserves another post, albeit already past). It seemed like there was no order yet, which is expected on the first day of classes, but we are positive that things will fall into place.

    In the afternoon, when the first grade classes were over, we had the new building blessed. There are three classrooms (in addition to the library and computer room) and the teachers did a good job (over the weekend, if I may add) in making sure the rooms are conducive for learning.

    I will share pictures later when we are more settled already.

    When Accidents Happen

    Picture this: You are covered by an auto insurance then unfortunately, you get injured in a freak car accident. But the thing is, you got hit not while you are driving your car but while waiting on the pedestrian lights to go green. Surely, your insurance company will not cover this accident but the person who hit you must settle your claims, right? Sometimes, cases like this can be difficult to settle that is why you will need services of an Austin Personal Injury Attorney (well, if you live in Texas, that is. And you may contact one at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949). You will need the expertise of a lawyer to speed up the process of settlement.

    Golden Spoon Free Toppings

    Saturday, June 04, 2011

    You got to run to the nearest Golden Spoon branch because they are giving away free toppings (certain toppings only and while supplies last) for every cup of frozen yogurt. Yes, toppings all you can fill! :)

    Golden Spoon

    This is not forever of course. Promo is only until the 7th. Hmmm I wonder if I can drag Ane to buy me a cup tomorrow! :)

    Someone Moved

    Saturday, May 28, 2011

    So Ane moved to another company. It was not easy to make a decision especially that he served the previous employer for almost seven years. There was an attempt to make him stay which made it even more difficult for him but in the end, he chose the one that is more sustainable versus something that is both unsure and temporary. I will (probably) share more about it in my main blog later on.

    He started in the new workplace on May 16 and things are doing pretty good, I guess. He was told he need not get  cash advance from somewhere else as he will receive his first salary by the next payroll. Our HMO cards were also made available the after he started. I was surprised and relieved that we got our cards right away because it means I do not have to get paranoid about getting sick while outside coverage.

    He is not yet fully settled but I am sure he’s getting there.

    McDonald’s Memory TVC

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Going over my Facebook feeds, I stumbled upon this new McDonald’s “telly” (I have to use that term, family inside joke, LOL) commercial featuring 3 elderly guys:


    This commercial made me smile. The lolos are up-to-date that they don’t seem to need the best creatine supplement yet. They are young at heart and techie enough to know that there are new iPad apps available in the store, haha. The last line takes the cake, ‘Sino ka nga? (Who are you again?')

    State of the Post Office

    Is snail mail really dying? How come the Quezon City Central Post Office building is left in its sorry state? So sad.

    Quezon City Central Post Office

    I can just imagine how charming this building was back in the days but that is lost now. The ceilings are about to give in and grime have accumulated through the years. We went there in March to ask about Ane’s shipment from HK (been almost two months already!) but since we have not received the notice then, we had to go through the books;

    Quezon City Central Post Office Books 

    Yes, we had to browse each page manually! I suddenly appreciated Ctrl-F when there’s no Ctrl-F to make it easier for us. I asked the lady whether there are plans to computerize the system but she said that is unlikely. Maybe the government has others more pressing concerns than bringing back the glory of the postal office eh?

    Pregnancy Worries

    Within my circle of friends, there are those who just gave birth, giving birth soon, in the early stages of pregnancy and finally those who are and are planning to get pregnant soon. Just imagine how a lot of pregnancy worries afloat around us almost always and I guess we have a very strong support system, enough to ease those worries. The recent topic we had was about a Topamax birth defect lawsuit (filed for a client by the attorneys from O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949). Being vigilant about these things, we researched what it is about. Apparently the drug named Topamax was found to have caused birth defects, particularly cleft and lip palate, on newborns when their moms took it while pregnant. This pill is an anticonvulsant and is said to treat epileptic seizures, and even to prevent migraine attacks. At least now we all know the risks involved in this drug and we’d rather take the pain than worry about the unborn child’s health.

    Facebook Detox

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    I am not sure is I already shared it here but I went on an FB hiatus for about a month in April. I had issues with what I usually see there so I thought I’d limit myself and save me from insanity (OA?! LOL!). Anyway, I went back about a week after Holy Week and noticed that I’ve changed. When before, I just *needed* to check every status update and album of my contacts that I was logged in most of the day, now I just check whenever I can. And like what Mae suggested, I would only login when I am done with my tasks or when I am not too busy and have nothing better to do. Plus it does not matter anymore when I am not able to check all updates that sometimes I just browse whatever’s on the first page. Talk about not having withdrawal symptoms eh?

    And guess what? I feel better now that I am not too attached to FB.

    Coolest Marriage Proposal Ever!

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Watch this! Ane’s proposal was both sweet and cute too, but I think Matt is the sweetest and most creative guy ever! Ginny, you already !


    I have also seen other creative proposals but this definitely takes the cake. I love the girl’s reaction and I love that everything is captured on video. Spread the love!

    New Health Cards

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Just last week, I was kind of worried that we already surrendered our health cards to the old company (only just a few days early before resignation, though) and we had no idea when the new company will issue new ones. I thought, we can’t get sick anytime before the cards arrive (not that we have gotten too sick in the last few years :p  nor have the need to get disability application. I’m just being plain paranoid!)

    But one day after Ane started with the new company, he texted me that our cards were handed to him already. Wow that was fast, I am so impressed! I wasn’t done yet with worrying and the cards’ arrival cut the emo moment short, LOL! Schweet! :)

    Park in the City

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Last week, we went with Ane to Makati. While he fixed some employment papers, K and I explored the park that is in Ayala Triangle. Yes there is a park in the heart of the Makati Central Business District :)

    Ayala Triangle


     Ayala Triangle

    Kudos to the Ayala management for opening this area to the public and making it beautiful. I was working here in the early 2000’s  and I remember this area to be a little jungle rather than a park. Love, love, love!

    Weekend Sale Alerts

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Thanks to Mich for sharing these sale alerts. I thought of sharing it too of course:

    Eastwood May Sale

    Glorietta May Sale  Robinsons May Sale

    These are really tempting to look at, eh? But just imagine how busy the roads will be leading to these malls, this weekend! I posted these announcements thinking that I can both inform you guys where to get good deals AND inform you which malls to avoid (for crowd-phobic ones like me, LOL!)

    Birth Defect caused by a Drug

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    I am not sure if you already heard it but a huge amount of money have been put at stake after a drug manufacturer plead guilty for false advertising in 2009. After studies, it was revealed that a Topamax birth defect may occur when pregnant mothers ingest the drug with generic name Topiragen. This is said to ease the pain of migraine but may cause cleft/lip palate on unborn children. If you are a parent or know anyone who is possible a victim of this drug, you have a fair chance to be claim for damages. Maybe you should discuss this with your lawyers.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shiver Split!

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Arnold and Maria

    Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and an author & former journalist for NBC Maria Shiver have announced on Monday that that they have split. In a joint statement, the estranged couple said that, “This has been a time of great personal and professional transition for each of us…After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, we came to this decision together.” They met in 1977 during a tennis tournament and got married in 1986. Their 25-year union bore four children.

    Such sad new to hear.

    School Update

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    The logistics for RSI are settled, well at least the permits side of it. The building is on its finishing touches but classrooms are already available in case the building gets delayed. The teaching staff started to meet daily since early May. The number of enrollees surprised us because we have more enrollees than the other schools around the town when they were still just starting. Right not we are more focused on the would be needs of the students. We have canvassed for top netbooks but decided that desktop PCs are more practical especially that kids will handle them mostly.

    Building a school is not easy and I am expecting some birth pains when we finally open for the new school year. Wish us luck!

    Starbucks Happy Hour Fail

    Friday, May 06, 2011

    We did not have any other day to grab some Frappuccino but today. Who would not want half the price drinks, anyway? The promo is only for a week, from 12nn-2pm, and will end on Sunday. Even if we’re free this weekend, I did not want to go because for sure, lines will be extra long by then.

    We were running late so we decided to drop by the nearest branch before going to the mall. There were no parking slots left outside Morato Branch so Ane stayed outside in the car while K and I go inside the store. It was 145pm.

    The guard, even before we were able to step in told me that a cut-off has already been enforced and that they will not accommodate me with discounts anymore. I said “But I am here before 2pm!” He just shrugged and said that the line is still long.

    FAIL. I did not want lose energy arguing anymore so we just left. It’s a bummer that the supposed cut-off is not published in their ads, even in the fine-print.


    Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

    Surprise Package for Her

    Thursday, May 05, 2011

    A guy friend asked me for suggestions for a Mother’s Day gift for his wife. Of course I cannot say here who he is because I am not sure if the wifey reads my blog, LOL! Anyway, I helped him find the perfect gift and we decided we could have one of these gift baskets for her delivered to their house:

    Vanilla Orchid Spa Basket

    Superior Passport to Asia Spa Basket Set  Mediterranean Sun Bath & Body Spa Basket

    I told my friend any of these would be nice since all mom’s would love to relax a bit and pamper herself.

    Kei’s “Satellite”

    Monday, May 02, 2011

    I was reading about animal cuts and somehow, I remember that I have not shared Keisuke's recent accessory (he's out of it now though):

    keisuke keisuke

    We brought him to the vet for his scheduled shots and summer haircut. He came home with his accessory. The doctor found a wound on his tail so this “satellite dish” kept him from scratching his tail so the wound would heal faster. He was a bit crankier with this around the neck, which explains the second picture. I was calling him so I could take his picture but he turned his back and snubbed me!

    He’s fine now and back to his old less cranky self LOL!

    Pugad Baboy 22

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Our trips to the bookstore have become limited so when we had time to spare a couple of weeks ago, I made sure to check out favorites for new books. And guess what I found? Yep, Pugad Baboy 22! We did not know there’s a new issue and upon googling I found out that this was released early this year (or late last year, not sure) but copies were scarce. I am glad we grabbed a copy at once because it seems there are limited stocks only.

    Here’s one of my fave strips in this issue:


    Brosia, YOU na! :p

    If I did not quit…

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    I have to be honest and I say that until now, I still think what could have happened to my career if I did not leave the corporate world about ten years ago. Sure I was given a chance to be my own boss after that but plans fell through. If I did not quit, I’ve probably climbed the ranks and I am already offered management jobs, here or abroad. That would have been nice huh?

    These are just thoughts alright.

    I am happy to be staying home with K :) I just wish sometimes that I have more liberty to do the things that I want but really, that’s not what motherhood is about, right? This is my career now.

    Five types of annoying Facebook users, according to women

    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    I am currently not on Facebook (although I did not delete my account; contemplating on returning soon too!) because I got tired of it. I have a number of reasons. This article that I saw kinda confirms that I am not alone in feeling this way. It lists the five types of annoying users:

    1. The Complainer – the one who spreads negative vibes with  just about every status update.
    2. The Crazy Baby Lady – we know your baby is cute but there’s no point sharing a picture every time he smiles or drools or poop.
    3. The Documentarian – the one who shares even the least mundane things happening around her and in her life.
    4. The Drama Queen – read: every little thing turns into a crisis!
    5. The Poser – enough said.

    Can you believe the heat?

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    We just got our electric bill and was shocked by how much it increased from the previous month. Did they just increase the basic charge again? You tell me. Anyway, we expected the addition in the bill as we have been turning the A/C on for a few hours on some days to give K a restful sleep (we noticed she’d sleep through the night when we do). Summer is extra hot this year, even the plants in the garden need to be watered (with a metal hose? Nah. Just the ordinary one)at least twice in a day. I guess we should expect a spike in our water bill too, eh?

    Life is Short

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    I woke up to sad news that a local teen actor named AJ Perez passed away after a vehicular accident. It did not register to me right away, but when I asked my LBB about it (they went to the same HS), he pointed out that AJ was the one who portrayed the seminarian in Sabel (hehe).

    AJ Perez

    I do not know him personally (obviously haha) and neither I am a fan but news like this really make me sad. He’s gone too soon but we can never question fate. Rest well, kiddo. Strength for your family and friends.

    Some Humorous Comics :)

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Found these really funny “high tech” comics from the blog of Miss Mint :)





    Display Cabinets

    Saturday, April 02, 2011


    We are in the process of building a school in time for the next school year. The last few months have been really busy. Maybe we started planning late but we are trying to make everything ready by the time school starts. While the permit is being processed, we are in the final stages of furnishing the school. I think the chairs and tables, as well as the playground set have been ordered already. The other day, I was tasked to find display cabinets similar to the image here. I am not sure what the cabinets will be for, but definitely not for soccer trophies, YET. Maybe we’ll need it for the library, teacher’s lounge or the sports room.

    Anyway, just an update, I better get back to work.

    Parents Should Not Text

    Friday, April 01, 2011

    You have probably heard of the site where they post funny auto-correct samples. Well that site also gave birth to this new one which is equally hilarious and entertaining. I actually browsed the most recent ones that I forgot I had to work! (No worries though, work got done too, LOL!). Here are a few samples that really made me laugh.





    There are a lot more in the site. The funnier ones, I cannot post here because this is a GP blog LOL but here are the links to my faves: here, here, here and here.

    Instagram Love

    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    I have a confession to make. I am hooked on Instagram. To find me checking my feeds all the time and posting everyday even if I do not have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, is saying something right?



    I started getting curious when friends would link their IG photos in Twitter. I felt kind of out of place because I knew they are able to comment on the photos posted. Now Ane has a 4th Gen iPod which he shares with K. I asked him if he would kindly get the app for me so I could try. And I am so happy he did. I signed-up about two weeks ago and to this day I have 41 photos already. It is true what they, IG is quite addicting. Now there are three of us who fight over the iPod, LOL!

    Seizure/Migraine, Topamax and Birth Defects

    Most pregnant women stay away from medications that are deemed unsafe for the unborn child. But there are instances that it could not be helped and there is a need to ingest medicines prescribes by their physicians. Somehow, some pregnant women took Topamax while they were pregnant as seizure or migraine attacks became unbearable. It was found out recently that this drug is very harmful to unborn children. In a study, among 203 pregnant women who were taking Topamax, 4 children were born with cleft lip or palate. The manufacturers of this drug actually plead guilty to the case. It is no wonder though that a lot of women, who deem victimized by this drug, would like to file for a Topamax lawsuit, which is a type of product liability or defective product claim. If this happened to me and my baby is afflicted with cleft lip or palate because of the drug, I would do the same and sue whoever is at fault. But things do not work that way here on our side of the world. So if you are in the US, might as well fight for what you think is right and claim for damages. For more information, you might like to contact O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949.

    Food, food, food.

    It is past two am and I am thinking about food. I am hungry at this time, not surprising at all since I only ate a little during dinner. You know what my palate is looking for? This:


    I miss eating at Cyma and I miss their spinach and artichoke fondue. I am drooling right this moment, ugh.  And yes it is a sin to look at food photos at this time of the day. Sheesh.

    I wonder when I will be able to eat at Cyma again.

    Facebook Break

    I am currently on a self-imposed Facebook break. Sometime last week, I felt getting tired about all things Facebook. I guess this is what you call an FB burnout. I knew I needed to take a break from logging in all the time, when I started to feel angry, annoyed and depressed with what I see or read. I am not going into the details anymore because I do not want to sound like a whiny brat ;p My account is neither disabled nor deleted because I am still not sure if I want this to be temporary or permanent. For now, I am just staying away from it. 

    Candy Shopping

    One of my memorable moments in our SG trip was the visit at the candy store in Resorts World. I thought I died and went to candy-heaven when I entered the store! No kidding!




    Even while planning for the trip, I knew we would be able to drop by the store since it was just outside Universal Studios. And knowing that my favorite dark chocolates are not always available locally, I told Ane that I will splurge on them when we get there. I said I am going to Buy chocolates & covered berries. I was giddy when he said yes! It did not matter that I was not able to shop anything else for myself, as long as I went home with my precious candies :) Yes, I bought a bunch and now that it is already two months since the trip, I still have a few bags and bars in the pantry :)