Virus Scare

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I just had a big virus scare this afternoon.  I was in panic! Everything was automatically scrolling down. I changed my mouse battery then changed to another mouse. I turned off my machine and my little problem was still there. I was about to review my antivirus program similar to ESET security license when my brother pointed out my problem. See, I’m dependent on Ane when it comes to my gadget issues and since he wasn’t here yet, I had to call Ry to troubleshoot. My problem was just a stuck down key. Whew.

I need an eye check…

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The last time I had my eye checked was before I got (or while I was still) pregnant with R. Well, for someone who’s been wearing eyeglasses for years now, I say I’m already overdue to have my eyes checked again. I probably need to change my lenses too, I’m not sure if I’ll be needing progressive lenses. I hope not because I think those lenses are a sign of old(er) age. LOL. About once or twice a week, I see floaters, during those times when I lack sleep or when I’m tired. But then again, floaters are not supposed to be ignored so I must really schedule a visit to the Optha soon.