Friday, February 09, 2007

That's what I am.


Just that.

I cannot make my own decisions...mali naman daw kasi palagi ang diskarte ko. If ever I decide on something, I am told I am wrong or I should do otherwise.

Maybe my principles are different...hay I hate myself for allowing this feeling to eat me up. Total opposite from yesterday's mood. Aaaarrrrggghhhh.

I wanted to share this picture (something I forgot to include in last night's post):

Should have been really funny...But the mood has been altered. Sheesh.

**pic received from email

Blah blah blah

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Since I am in such a crazy and chatty mood today, I can't even think of a proper entry title! I've been meaning to blog since Monday...but I've been distracted every now and then. Talk about suffering from ADD, hehehe. Believe me, this is gonna be a long entry.

So at 6pm today, I sat down and connected to the internet. My mistake is that after I visited Baddicts, I jumped immediately after to the Bebot's forum for the nth time today. And I found this wonderful link on PSCS2 actions...I swear I didn't see it even if it's been sitting there since Friday last week. So I just had to download some of the actions. And of course, I had to try it too! Hehehe. I even remember posting a picture in this entry following a tutorial linked by Flea. With the new actions I dl'd, I get to create a faux IR effect in just one click! How cool is that?!

{On to other things}

Hahaha, I don't even know where to start! Geesh. Okay, okay. I'll write something about me and Ane's 5th anniversary as Sweethearts. There wasn't a big celebration. First, because it was a Thursday and I have work late nights on Thursdays and Ane has Badminton training as well. Second, we are on a really tight budget after we splurged during the Holidays. One good thing about the timing is that I was ovulating that day! I even texted him "wag mag-ubos ng lakas!" Mwehehehe. We're really hoping we nailed it this time, 'coz we can't wait to become three :). And yesterday, I sent him this:

Credits found Here.

I felt sorry that it was a late gift, but hey, I had work to do. Hehehe. I think he liked it, though, because he sent me an SMS saying that he felt the same way about me. Yihee! **insert kilig icon here** :) Oist, wish us luck!

{Work related}

There is no clear work description for me, since this is a Family business. Day in, day out, it's always been the same. Except that for the past month or so, I've been tasked to create marketing materials to boost our sales, only because I am OC and patient and loving the new things I am learning with PSCS2 and IllustratorCS2. But since I procastinate a lot, I've missed the deadlines I imposed on myself (bad habit! and besides, there's no deadline actually, which is worse!). So my brother dear decided to put his foot down and waited (actually watched over my shoulders) on me to finish. Good thing, in the past week, I finished six (6!!) tarpaulin designs for the Diner and Garden (3 or 4 more to go!), 2 Valentine's day tarps for Daddy, and a jersey design for the basketball team we are planning to manage come summer time -- everything burned in CDs and everything printed, yay!


Is something I really enjoy doing. I am happy that I am able to fit some scrapping time in my very erratic lifestyle. I happily share four of the latest layouts:

Credits here.

This is my entry for the Bebot's February Challenge. It was indeed challenging, coz we had to document our day. I had fun though.

Credits here.

I did this layout using the extraction technique. Of all the LO's I've done, I'd say I am most proud of this one. Although this seems pretty simple, it takes patience and a lot of effort and a steady hand to extract almost perfectly.

Credits here.

Alyanna (Nikki to us) is my Goddaughter. When we received all our wedding pictures in CDs, I noticed that all of our photogs (5 of them) had shots of her :) Nobody can resist that charm, eh?

Credits here.

This is a layout that I finished in January but somehow wasn't able to post here, hehehe. This was my entry for Susan's challenge #41 over at Lifts with a Twist.

{Sunday's treat}

I missed another badminton day last Saturday. So Sunday was my first real day out over the weekend. We woke up a bit later so we missed the 10am mass at MTQ. Thinking that the mass at Promenade is at 11am, we didn't rush, only to find out that the mass started at 1030!! Late again! :( Brothers, Ane and I had lunch, a simple one this time: Eat-all-you-can Siomai and Yangchow Rice at Dimsum and Dumplings. Hay...these eat-all-you-can promos are really not my thing. Rip-off! hehehe Only because I am not a big eater (defense mechanism acting up haha!).

We watched Charlotte's Web at Promenade. It was a nice movie, so cute. Dragging on some parts but stayed true to the book. Worth watching, especially for kids. Anyway, watching the movie previews made us plan to watch more movies this year! There's just so much to look out for...but not enough moolah to do it every week (especially when I prefer to watch only in Powerplant, G4, Greenbelt or Promenade, arte noh?). After the movie, I was able to reserve a copy of Harry Potter 7. Didn't care if there will be more than enough copies come July 21, 2007...Am simply excited to have the next and last book!

After Greenhills, we brought the Brothers home, picked up our things and headed to The Zone in Makati, not to play but to buy Mommy the Havs we promised her. :) And because Fafi Jonas stayed true to his words...that supplies are abundant there...I was able to coerce my darling Husband to buy me a pair of this:

Hay am so happy to have a husband who spoils me once in a while. He said I could make my collection bigger when I only have extra money and I can only purchase once a month. ONCE A MONTH?!?! Sigh. These are the ones that I am drooling for:

Pictures courtesy of Flipflopstyle.com.

{On to other things...again}

I am so happy that the Internet (DSL) connection is already transferred from our receiving room to our office! We've been requesting for the transfer since late last year and boy, I was too happy to see the men working on it when I arrived on Monday. :) More web time from now on, hihihihi...

Yesterday, I brought Keisuke to the Vet to have his deworming shot. He was such a darling and didn't give us a hard time. He was all nice and proper :) He even saw a cat at the doctor's office and just looked! (he barks when he sees a cat when he's at the garden). The doctor announced that our dear puppy is in perfect shape, whew! I think, though, he got stressed riding the car, coz he was sneezing all the time, hehehe.


We are so thankful to the Lord that the our Tatay's (lolo) 2nd wife's brain surgery went pretty well. There was a large benign lump that had to be taken out. The doctor didn't promise that she would be able to talk again, and there was a scare that she might get paralyzed after the operation. We were having a chat with Tatay this afternoon and gave the news that she is now able to talk again! Although she can't walk yet because her body is still too weak, she is now the same old her -- very talkative! Praise God.


For the family that I know...

Lord, give them the strength to accept your will. Help them ease the pain and the worries that they are facing right now. Enlighten their hearts and souls that they may go on living as You planned. Give them peace of mind, and of heart, that they may still be able to see and count the other blessing that You continue to bestow upon them. Make them understand that anything is just but temporary and that even if there are rough roads ahead, they will still be able to go through that as long as they stay together.



No proper ending. Just that, it's 1047pm and I haven't even started yet with the closing duties at work..heheeh.

Till next! :)