Thank You Gift Basket

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One of the things my parents taught me (rather showed me, because they live and practice it) is that it is a must to show gratitude towards anyone who has done something nice for me. A simple thank you, or a thank you note would suffice but sending gifts, whenever possible and budget permits, is better. How about sending a thank you gift basket to someone who has done you a favor and didn't ask for anything in return? Or a book of the person’s favorite author to add to her collection? You get my drift? But if the person refuses to accept gifts, then paying forward is the way to go. I am sure another person can use the extra blessing, right?

When there’s no time

Friday, October 14, 2011

Probably, we’re all guilty of being trapped in a mad rush most of the time that we hope there is more than 24 hours in one day just so we could accomplish more things. I am also guilty of forgetting a lot of things that I am compelled to write down notes just to remember stuff. There are times that I forget to say “thank you” to someone who did a good deed for me, like the mailman for instance who would deliver my albums and never charged me for anything. I promise to send him something for Christmas! Anyway, did you know that there are actually thank you baskets delivered nationwide? Really! When there is no time, the internet is a great source of ideas in just one click. I will remember to check out the thank you basket bundles next time.