Retirement Plans

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I’m not sure if this will be surprising but Ane and I have been talking about retirement with our friends. We’re just in our early 30’s and I can’t tell whether other people of the same age group are also concerned about the future, or at least what happens when we retire. The discussions we’ve been having almost always end with this point: it is never too early to invest in a retirement package, whether on a pension plan, stocks, 401K or other annuity plans like the ones found in I actually checked out some of the rates and requested for annuity quotes but everything still seems too huge to grasp. Maybe Ane and I will have to sit down and discuss further.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I am greeting early as I will be offline most of the time for the next few days. We have to attend to a lot of family gatherings and activities in Bulacan and Malabon.

From my family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you have Peace, Joy and Love in your homes and in your hearts.

2013 Projects

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Since I was able to do the Photo-a-day project from December 2011-November 2012, I plan to take a few steps up and commit to more memory-keeping projects in the coming year. I have two one-liner journals on hand, and I’ve decided to continue doing PAD. There’s Instagram for random daily pictures and of course K’s quotable quotes that I also post in IG. I also downloaded a gratitude app which I started last month. I feel like I’m going to stress over these projects but I’m keeping my eye on the prize: that my girls will remember the days of their childhood through my memory. I also plan to write letters to my girls.
And that’s not all. I also plan to learn new skills. It may not be on the levels of gourmet cooking, but I plan to practice calligraphy and probably some sewing. With these in mind, 2013 sure seems busy.

No Children on Front Passenger Seat

The local government of Quezon City has passed an ordinance on November 27 that sanctions motorists for allowing infants and small children younger than six years old on the front passenger seat of a moving vehicle. Fine may be as much p3,000 plus suspension of driver’s license. The city ordinance is to be enforced 15 days from the said date. The rest of the news article is here.

I think this is good step for the QC government, and I say it’s about time they enforce this. I don’t know if other cities have this already but it would be nice if the whole country will have the same strict enforcement of this one – not because it is part of the seatbelt law but more on letting parents realize that it is never safe to let children ride shotgun.

Horse-back Riding

Monday, December 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, we went on an impromptu trip to Tagaytay. The plan was just to hear mass at the Pink Sisters’ but we ended have staying longer in the area than expected. We brought K to look at the horses. I wasn’t sure yet if she would like to ride. I was more concerned if K will like to ride or if she decides to ride, will she stay on until the time’s up. Well, we weren’t able to convince her right away but when she heard that Daddy Lolo would ride with her, she obliged. And she enjoyed it! Maybe we’ll bring her there again soon.

Reading and Perspective

Friday, November 23, 2012

I found this interesting image in my Facebook feeds so I thought of sharing it. I’m not really sure from where this originated though.

reading gives you perspective

It’s true isn’t it? There are things that you simply cannot experience in real life but a lot of good stuff are are written somewhere. You just have to find the right books to learn new things. It pays to read.


I’m a sucker for storage, did I tell you that? I can’t seem to have enough storage at home. Sometimes, I feel like a sentimental fool for still keeping things I’m sure I won’t ever use. That’s kinda bad huh? Anyway, I just saw this and thought our school can use some of these storage cabinets:



These are economy jumbo cabinets with shelf capacity of 200 pounds per shelf. That’s perfect for schools that have books and office supplies, right?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

I got excited when I saw this kiosk in SM North:


It means there is no need to run after the Manong Magbibinatog when he bikes by too fast with his tiny kalembang :) I know this kiosk may serve a slightly different one from the ones bought in the streets but it is still an alternative. I stuck with the classic: white corn, shredded coconut and some salt. Craving satisfied! :)

P.S. They have flavored ones too. Ane got cheese. There’s ube. I forgot the other flavors. But I just thought the flavors defeat the purpose of enjoying the classic binatog, don’t you think so too?

Tabletop Fountain



K is a big fan of fountains. We can watch one for even an hour, and she won’t get tired of it. She exclaims every time we drive a fountain, always full of excitement. She demands that we take a picture of her with fountains and we would gladly oblige. This is why I thought of buying a table fountain for the house. I’m sure she will appreciate it.

**image from

Tiangge Day…Not!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ane promised to bring me to Greenhills before the Christmas rush comes so on Tuesday, since he was off from work, we planned to shop a little. When we decide to shop in GH, we always plan to go in the morning, during weekdays so the crowd is more manageable especially that we have two little kids in tow. But we arrived in GH to this:

greenhills tiangge

Practically a ghost town! We came at the wrong time, when stall owners need to swap with others. It’s a monthly thing, they say, and it was very unfortunate that we we were there on Tuesday during the scheduled swap. Anyway, I was told the tiangge opens today and will probably stay opened until after the holidays. Oh well, I wish we can still schedule to go anytime soon.

They’re moss balls, not broccoli

Hey all! I know it’s been two weeks since my last post and I feel my blogging mojo went on a vacay too. I’m not sure if I already told you, but I’ve got work now – I mean, it’s something more stable than my piggy blogs so my attention is mostly taking care of the girls and working on my projects at night. Anyway, enough with the excuses. I’m surfing the net for decoration tips and ideas (that’s how I relax, I look at beautiful things :)). I stumbled upon these broccoli-looking decorative moss balls.




I can imagine these things in a bowl or in baskets with orchids or even fruits, accentuating the formal dining table or the coffee table in the sitting room. What do you think?

photo credit:

Food Court Food Trip

Thursday, November 01, 2012

On Monday, we went to the mall for a short errand. Gi drove K and I there and just came back for us. I got hungry after doing business with our mobile service provider, so after looking at toys at TRU, I told K we should go find something to eat. I ended up eating too much, LOL. To prove:


Except for the upper right Fried Balut which Gi ate and one of the to-go packs (it was for Ane), I ate most of what you see here. Maybe I should stop wondering why I don’t lose weight anymore, huh?

Getting ready for the weekend

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Most families are getting ready for the long weekend. Thursday is a regular holiday while Friday is a special non-working holiday for most offices. We’re taking advantage of the long break by spending the night in our house. Years ago, even if I was still young, my family would be busy preparing to visit my Lola’s grave, and that includes making sure the tomb is painted white (Did they ever use spray painting compressor with a pneumatic sensor? I cannot say.), candles are available and flowers are purchased. These days however, I am more concerned about the stuff we need to bring. Now with two little girls, imagine how much stuff needs packing. And I can’t afford to forget anything. I’ll probably be up early tomorrow morning so we can make it to lunch at my parents.

Mogu Mogu

Friday, October 26, 2012


I feel like a late-bloomer, having discovered this drink only last week. I remember my friends would say this is yummy but I never really had the chance to try it. Mom brought a box full of Mogu Mogu for us in four flavors. Indeed, this drink is delicious! My favorites are Lychee and Grapes. I guess Mogu Mogu will become a staple in our home, well, at least while Mom buys them for us. LOL!

Faster than…

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The shutter :)


I’m sure most mommies (who are paparazzi in their previous lives) can relate to this post. A lot of times, K would agree to have her picture taken, but it must be really quick or I’d end up with a picture like above. This is why I have more photos of R these days because she can’t run away from me YET. :D

Eggplant Salad at Rustica

Friday, October 12, 2012

Mom insisted we try this restaurant along Mother Ignacia in QC. It’s called Rustica with branches in the North. We found the place right away as it was located very strategically (in front of Crossroad 77 and St. Mary’s Academy). We got there early lunch and only a couple of tables was occupied. I am not going to make an extensive review here but can I just say that we loved the food?



And I loved the Eggplant Salad the most!


There’s a big chance that we will come back to try the other dishes. :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

I was exchanging PMs with a friend the other day and it was about moving houses. She was asking me about movers and if we hired the services of one particular moving company. I said no, we just got help my my dad’s driver, boys and our trusty L300 van. I didn’t seem possible but we made it happen since we were moving stuff in a span of two weeks and the new house is just near the old apartment. And then she mentioned about the expenses piling up because there are things you cannot not buy when moving. We are talking big ticket items here huh, like fixtures and pieces of furniture. I shared to her that we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor for about a month after moving because we still could not afford a bed frame! And my brother and I would browse for products because our old ones just would not fit the new house.

Really, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have moved. We were comfortable in the old apartment already. That was before. I believe that it was Divine Intervention that we are here now in the current house. All that stress (packing and unpacking) and expenses brought about by the move are now justified because we feel we were brought here on purpose.


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Snagged this in Facebook (Book Porn’s page):


“A house that has a library in it has a soul” – Plato

I quite agree. I’ve always dreamed of having a library in our future home (not necessarily the immediate future home but for when we are able to build our dream home :))

Rough Play

Monday, October 08, 2012

I thought rough play was only for boys but it seems we might need wrestling mats at home even if we only have girls. Case in point: K can be rowdy with Tatay too…



This photo was just taken tonight. We learned to be conscious about when and where we bend over now. K would easily climb on our backs every chance she gets! Anyway, even blurred, I love this shot. It shows that we have a happy kid, noh? :)

New Work

Thursday, October 04, 2012

This coffee was special, I’m glad I captured it in a photo.


I had it in a quaint shop called Sauceria while waiting for my Trainer. It was the first time I was meeting her for some job. I ordered coffee just to shake off the jitters. Two weeks later, on Tuesday, I realized there was no reason to be nervous at all. I GOT THE JOB! :) Best of all, it’s a work-from-home job. Amazing how God works. I did not even look for this one, it literally found me. To God be the Glory :)

Pitcheco Socks

Friday, September 28, 2012

Even before our Boo was born, she already received gifts from relatives and friends. One of the gifts was a pair of Pitcheco covered feet tights. Boo got to wear them a month ago, after I remembered she had them in her stash of clothes! I am glad the tights still fit and I did not forget about the pair forever, LOL!


So cute right? This pair actually made me hoard a few more pairs and some pairs of socks for little Boo, about two weeks ago. I just could not get enough of them. :)

Yesterday, I saw this poster in Facebook:


And the caption said “Share our new poster and get the chance to win 1000 worth of Pitcheco socks ( mix of tights, socks, and headbands)! Winner will be announced on October 20, 2012.” So I did. I hope we win! :)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Our second princess turned four months yesterday. We had a mini celebration of course. I asked the angels to cook Pancit Bihon and Badz bought a mini-cake from Red Ribbon. We also had our usual photoshoot, and can I just say that it is difficult to take pictures of two kids together! But we got good shots anyway, enough for memory-keeping. Happy fourth month, baby R! :)

J Co. Donuts

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I have been bugging Badong to please bring me to Megamall so we could try the donuts at J Co. He would just shrug me off saying that I never liked Megamall’s thick crowd, which is true. But one day, he came home from work with a box of dozen donuts! Yay! He said that his manager treated the team and he sent money too so we can buy too. See, there’s big savings when you buy two dozens, so it is just practical to find another who is wiling to buy a box also.

What can I say? These sweeties did not disappoint! I love the green tea flavor, no aftertaste to it. I loved everything that I tasted, I think I ate 5 of the twelve! Definitely, I will ask Badong to buy again but only if we have a partner to buy the other dozen ;)

Bike Racks on cars

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On our way to Tagaytay on Saturday, there was a sedan driving in front of us who had one of those hitch bike racks attached on the rear. We wondered if it is safe to do that, with bike parts protruding on the sides. Obviously, the car owner bikes too, possibly as a hobby and/or part of a fitness program. He (or she) could also be training for a triathlon which seems to be the in thing these days. (Notice we make up stories while in the car so we won’t get bored during a drive, hahaha). Anyway, I admire the person’s dedication. I can’t even go back to running around the village nor the gym.

Haw Flakes

Thursday, August 23, 2012

You know how it is when you suddenly look for one thing that existed in your childhood? That’s what I felt when I started craving haw flakes weeks ago. I always ask Ane to buy me from the grocery but he would tell me he could not find any among the racks. So when we went with him for the weekly grocery on Monday and I insisted on passing by the candies aisle. Instead of the old school rolled in paper Haw Flakes, I found this not on the candy aisle but the preserves aisle:


It is not exactly what I was looking for but my craving taste buds were satisfied, for now. And funny how I realized that haw flakes come from the fruit Haw of the Hawthorne tree (yes, I googled!). I just learned that now and never bothered before to know where the flakes come from! There is really something new to learn everyday, huh?

Jewelry Wish list

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last month, I added a Pandora bracelet to my jewelry wish list. I told Ane that if he can’t think of anything to give me aside from gadgets, I would really appreciate some pieces of jewelry. Now I am adding this sterling silver bracelet (a bangle actually) to my list!


Nice huh? But for the price listed in the net, I think Ane will tell me to keep it first as one of my wishes because we can’t afford it for now. LOL!

Sad Day

Yesterday was a sad day for the country. Sec. Jesse was finally found, lifeless inside the ruined aircraft. His body was found 800meters from the shoreline and 180feet below. The bodies of the pilots were also found but were not easily retrieved. And now it is final that the good Secretary have returned home to his Creator. The Philippines just lost another humble and honest man. I wish other politicians can live his legacy. RIP Sir.

Storage Space

I saw this kitchen with oak cabinets and I remembered the thought I posted in FB a few weeks back:


So I was thinking about our future home and I posted in FB if I really would like to have lots and lots of storage space when we build our home. See, we’ve changed houses three times in the last ten years (we’re renting in the big city) and I always always wish we have more storage space to stow our stuff in. Then it dawned on me that maybe we don’t need so much space. Maybe we need to purge our stuff at least every three months? It has something to do with my attitude: out of sight, out of mind. I tend to keep things in bags and cabinets for “checking later when there’s more time” and the “later” almost always never come. So those things become useless or turn into trash in the long run, when I could have thrown them out or given away from the beginning. You get my drift? I think I don’t need extra cabinets because they will just give me reason to procrastinate. What I need is functional and enough storage, that which I can manage and keep clutter-free all the time.

Prayers for Secretary Robredo and 2 others

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, news broke out that a small private plane crashed in Masbate seas after its engine failed. The trip from Cebu was supposed to land in Naga but the pilot requested for an emergency landing in Masbate airport. The plane carried DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, his aide Jun Abrazado and pilots Capt. Jessup Bahinting and Kshitiz Chand (Nepalese co-pilot ). To date, only his aide survived. Sec. Robredo and the pilots are still missing. President Noy Aquino have ordered full force search and rescue operations and he is personally overlooking it in Masbate.

Let us all pray for the secretary and the pilots that they may be found safe.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We don’t even have typhoon. It is just a monsoon or habagat in Filipino. Yet thousands are currently suffering. The amount of rain already surpassed that of Ondoy’s. It was a devastating time then, even more heartbreaking now. It doesn’t help that the weather has been bipolar for the last couple of weeks too. A lot of people have not recovered yet from typhoon Gener, so this monsoon isn’t welcome at all.

Please continue praying for the affected families as well as the rescue workers.

Credit where credit is due

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Yesterday, one local news bureau called the attention of a reporter (R1) from another station. It came after the said reporter reposted an image from the Instagram account of the local news bureau’s reporter (R2). The bureau simply said that the photo is owned by R2. R1 replied, seemingly defensive, saying that she thought social media equals sharing and that she just wanted the people to be informed of the situation. She even offered to delete it.

My thoughts: R1 shouldn’t have been to defensive about it. Maybe the bureau just wanted to tell her to give credit where credit is due. I looked at both posts and R1 indeed did not give credit to R2. Fine, social media just made it so much easier just swipe someone else’s work but giving credit wouldn’t even take more than 2 minutes so why not credit the person for his/her work. In the end, it boils down to one thing: respect.


Look what Typhoon Gener did and is doing to my hometown.

photo credit Jeztner Sta. Ana

This shot was already at one of the highest areas of the town and look, they need boats to get by! Almost all homes are submerged in flood water and it is not helping that the tide is high too (Obando is located by the Manila Bay). It is not unusual for furniture, appliances and even patio cushions and cars to be elevated. You gotta save what can be saved. Our area is kind of spared because the water has not entered our house yet but they are ready to raise some stuff if need be. I called my Dad and he said they’re okay. He’s more worried about those who are not so lucky. I think he feels helpless that he can’t help them. I told him to not think too much about it because in reality, he is in the same predicament as the others. I am more worried about the elderly and the kids. I just hope some relief goods reach the families as I heard they are getting hungry already.

Let us all pray for the victims of Gener.


photo credit Jeztner Sta. Ana

Kristen Two-timed Rob!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just last week, I read the news that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were already living-in together. Yet today, news have broke out that Rob moved-out without looking back. This is after Kristen was caught two-timing with her Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders, who is married with two kids.

Yesterday, Kristen apologized profusely for her indiscretion saying that she loves Rob so much and she respects him. I say, if you love and respect a person, you will ignore all temptations no matter what.

Therefore, I am Team Rob in this issue. You deserve a better girl, man!

Catering Business?

Are you planning to put up a new catering business and now canvassing with catering equipment suppliers? Maybe you will take some unsolicited advice from me. We used to do it about five years ago. We still do now it but only for close friends and family since we still have the equipment. Anyway, they say anything about food is a lucrative business. For me, that is true. Finding clients, especially if you have wide network already, is easy. Keeping you products fresh and of highest quality plus people management can be quite challenging. So I suggest you focus on these matters first before anything else and I think you will succeed.

Macy’s Shop for a Cause x Project PEARLS

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In case you are in the mood for shopping, well at least when August comes, why not consider this?


Here’s the release of Project PEARLS:

SHOP FOR A CAUSE with Macy's and Project PEARLS!
Since 2006, Macy’s Shop For A Cause Event has partnered with non-profit organizations nationwide to raise more than $42 million for their ongoing charitable efforts. This is your chance to be part of this monumental event on Saturday, August 25, 2012.

Purchase a $5 Shopping Pass and you’ll receive 25% off on regular, sale and clearance merchandise, including designer brands you love, throughout the store on Saturday, August 25, 2012.

All proceeds will go to Project PEARLS’ Educational and Nourishment Programs.
FIND THE MAGIC OF GIVING BACK, as Macy's and Project PEARLS celebrate August 25th as national day of support for our community!

To purchase a shopping pass, please go to our website:

My friends are volunteers of this group. Even if I like to join their weekly feeding or sponsor a child so he/she could go to school, I can’t at this time (although I plan to be a benefactor to a child next SY). So I am posting this project, because this is the only way I know how – disseminate information. Go ahead and plan your shopping spree (for Christmas perhaps?) and keep the Ulingan kids in your mind when you do. Thanks a lot! :)

Haagen-Dazs is saying goodbye to PHL

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Häagen-Dazs, the brand name from New York and the one that produces ice cream, ice cream bars, ice cream cakes, sorbet and frozen yogurt, is ceasing it’s operations in the Philippines. The branches at SM Mall of Asia and Robinson’s Place Manila already closed down on June 30. The ones in Eastwood Mall and Shangri-la Plaza are set to close by August 31 this year.

Cigars as Gift

A colleague is celebrating his birthday soon and I am thinking of what gift to give. What do you give someone who seems to have everything? In cases like this, I usually resort to consumable gifts, because then I will be sure that the receiver will like and use my gift. My colleague enjoys branded cigars the same way he loves his coffee in the morning. I once saw a box of Dutch Master at the mall and I think it will make an excellent gift. Yeah, problem solved. :)

Avocado craving satisfied, for now :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've been seeing avocado posts in Instagram and Facebook by friends that I started cravings avocadoes myself. I asked Ane to buy me from the supermarket last Saturday but he didn’t find any. Next resort? I told mom to bring me some if they were coming over the next day. They did! And with them are my precious avocadoes :) Maybe I’ll look for some more this coming weekend because my palate is still craving :)

To the Storage

My friend and her family are moving to another apartment. They needed to move to another place much closer to where the kids go to school. It is more practical and less tiring for their children. The downside however is that the new place is smaller than their current abode. Thus they need to move some of their stuff to a storage facility. Some of the items are fragile so I suggested foam rolls to protect their things. I got the idea while watching Storage Wars, hehe. Sometimes watching tv can be an advantage ;p

Fifty Shades of Grey

Monday, July 09, 2012


Yes, I joined the bandwagon and finished all three books. It started out as curiosity, turned disgust, to wanting to hug Grey for all that he went through. I do not consider this trilogy a work of art. I even found it trashy  and badly-written. I think the author could have used a wider vocabulary because I got tired reading the same adjectives over and over again. I honestly skimmed half the entire trilogy because I never cared about how sexually driven Christian and Ana have been (seriously, where do they get all that energy, huh?). Good thing I didn’t have to buy the paperback version, else I will just throw them out anyway.

What made me finish it despite what I just said? I wanted to understand why Grey became the man that was portrayed in the story. I wanted to look into his mind and his past. And the author did not disappoint on that part, IMO. However, this is not something that I will read again in the future unlike all the other books that I really like.

Dream house

You know what I dream of having in our (future) house? I would really love a corner fireplace with a nice lamp and cozy lounge chair where I can spend chilly nights reading books. Nice isn’t it? But we are living in a tropical country where it is almost always hot even at nights. During the rainy season, it doesn’t get too cold at nights too. Unless we live in the mountains, maybe that’s possible. Or maybe when we migrate to a country where there’s winter season. oh well. :)

Sweet Proposal

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Have you seen this? Go watch it until the end.

This is by far the sweetest marriage proposal I have ever seen. I love that family and friends all worked together to make it possible. I love how they kept waving their arms until the girl said Yes. I love everything about this :)

Clippies for my princesses

Thursday, July 05, 2012

These arrived a few days ago:


Aren't these clippies cute? I think I went overboard when I was ordering these pretty clips from Dainty Ashley :) I think I almost ordered the whole Meg and Sandy collection. Hoarding much? I just could not resist. And this after I ordered a bunch of headbands too. Anything for my precious girls :)

Follow the link above if you would like to buy for your little ones too! ;)

Security Matters

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some random thoughts...

It matters to me that security is tight all the time. I am paranoid like that. This is coming from someone whose house once got compromised and broken into (long story). You can’t really blame me. So yeah, security ranks high in my list of considerations. Thankfully, my parents share the same views. We are currently doing our best to keep security tight in our school (which reminds me, there is a metal detectors sale we can check out should we need such items). There is someone who guards the gate and pupils can’t leave the school premises unless with a registered fetcher. Solicitations are also not allowed. Sometimes the parents themselves try to go around our security measures. That makes me sad and frustrated. I wish they will work with us instead in making sure their kids are safe.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I saw this image in my FB feeds:


It’s true isn’t it? Success depends on perspective. And one can never underestimate another person’s capacity to succeed because he will never know what the other will reap in the end. This is such a nice reminder never to compare where your accomplishments with others. To each his own.

Temporarily Disabled

Monday, June 11, 2012

A friend’s son suffered an injury while playing his favorite sport, soccer. He twisted his ankle over the weekend. This I heard after the NBA Eastern Conference Finals which went to Miami and the stunning loss of Manny Pacquiao against Tim Bradley. Indeed our weekend was full of sports news and happenings, eh? Anyway, there is no permanent damage to the boy. His doctor just suggested the use of one of those knee scooters so his ankle will not be forced too much while it heals. I wish he gets better soon.

Nice Vacation Home

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I was just browsing friend walls in Facebook when I came across a high school classmate’s newly uploaded photos from their vacation. As I cannot go on one in the near future, I vicariously went through friends (like this recent trip of theirs). Their family rented a villa up the mountains. The porch even have a wood-burning fire pit for those cold nights and I can just smell the pine trees around the house in my head! :) I will have to ask her about the details of their trip so I can plan based on their itinerary…when I am able to travel again.

Why Dinosaurs got extinct

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ever wondered why and how the dinosaurs got extinct? Maybe this was why:


LMAO! Sorry for this corny post but I really found the image too hilarious not to share. I can just imagine the look on their faces when they realized the ark left without them…because they missed the date. Harhar. Such comic relief ;)

Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is is late greeting but Happy Memorial Day to friends and family in the US. My hands have been full (very!) after the birth of the new baby, that’s why I haven’t been online that much. Anyway, I have seen lots of Memorial Day celebration pictures so I am guessing that more than the Sales, people had a meaningful break. Some went to the beach or lake, others had picnics. One friend even looked for broil king grills at beforehand so they can have a nice BBQ party in their backyard. I just finished talking to my sister via Facetime and they are already pooped from all the  activities over the weekend. What a fun long weekend, huh?

Here’s some cheers for all the heroes of the US :)

It’s Time :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have really reached the homestretch. I am giving birth soon. When I say soon, I mean within the week. We are finally meeting our second princess in a few days. This pregnancy is so much different than the first one. I am more on my toes this time, with the weight struggle and all. But everything is looking up especially after my check up yesterday. Our stuff is ready, and should I go into labor before the scheduled C-section, we can go to the hospital anytime.



I am starting to get really excited about giving birth :)

Authentic Fragrances at a Discount

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My high school classmate is into distribution of perfumes and she has a stall in GH. I always buy from her because I know she will not scam me and sell me fake ones. I am telling you, her merchandise consists of authentic labels. She sources those discount fragrances from abroad so she is able to pass the items to her patrons at a discounted rate too. Just holler if you need to get perfumes and I will try to hook you up with her.

Best Job in the World

Friday, May 04, 2012

Everyday seems like a challenge. I guess every mother around the world will have to agree with me? But I will never exchange being a mom to my K and Boo (who’s arriving real soon) for anything else. Yes it is difficult to be a mother but the rewards are far more relevant than the setbacks :) A hug or a kiss or a giggle can wipe the worries away.

I would like to share this P&G TVC for the 2012 Olympics. So heartwarming it made me cry, gave me goosebumps too. Cheers to all mothers!

Nice Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is coming up (next weekend) and I sure a lot of dads and kids are thinking of a nice gift for the moms. I saw this pandora bracelet from Bajul and isn’t it perfect?


The matching accessories will complete the look, I think. As for me, I am not expecting any gift. The arrival of our second princess is enough for me to celebrate motherhood with the people I love.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The weather is not very friendly these days. We have been experiencing 34-36C temperatures and that is not fun at all. I find myself thirsty all the time! Of course I am drinking more water than usual, especially that I am pregnant, I feel the heat twice as much. Folks, remember to keep hydrating yourselves. Tell everyone in your household to do the same. A friend just posted that their neighbor’s driver is now in a coma after suffering from heatstroke. Apparently, the poor guy stayed on an open car park while waiting for the boss. Sad. I hate to hear news like that, especially that it can be avoided. Stay cool people!

Kim Enchong Booboo at ASAP 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have you seen this? This happened a couple of weeks ago (?) and my brother just told me about it.


Poor Kim, almost hit her head hard on the floor when Enchong lost his balance. Maybe they did not practice enough? Or there was a misstep on Enchong’s part? Or Kim is now too heavy for stunts (gasp!)? But whatever. Glad it is not something too serious. Ahh things that happen on live television!

Binibining Pilipinas 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

I was not able to watch the coronation program last night and just depended on Twitter updates. I read there were hits and misses in the production and the hosts but overall, it was good enough.


Photo courtesy of Yahoo. L-R) Nicole Schmitz, Bb. Pilipinas International; Janine Tugonon, Bb. Pilipinas Universe; Katrina Dimaranan, Bb. Pilipinas Tourism.

This year, Janine Tugunon (No. 18), who was last year’s first runner up, will represent our country to the Ms. Universe pageant. She bested 29 other candidates. She is a  graduated of Pharmacy from University of Sto. Tomas and is now working as a clinical specialist.

The other title-holders are Nicole Schmitz (No. 8) who won Bb. Pilipinas-International and Katrina Jayne Dimaranan (No. 13) who won Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism. Elaine Kay Moll was declared 1st runner-up while Annalie Forbes was 2nd runner-up.

Hubby’s Business Trip

I am not sure if I ever shared it here but the husband went on a business trip to the US for two months. He came back on Black Saturday. K and I would have gone with him if I am not pregnant now with Boo. Needless to say, we missed him too much! We thrived on emails, Facetime, VOIP calls, iMsg and pictures. Here’s a picture of his bed in Marriott Residence Inn in San Ramon:
I wonder if he needed heated mattress pads? I guess not? He was there at the start of Spring and can you tell I was too jealous of the weather there! While we suffer in 34C’s, he enjoyed 10s and below! His room was also perfect for the three of us. I am hoping he gets to go again later on when Boo is old enough to travel long. And for sure we will get Boo her Visa as soon as possible so we can go anytime if ever another opportunity comes along.

Transgender Contestants at Ms. Universe?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Have you heard the news? The organizers are now allowing transgender entries to the Ms. Universe pageant. I just stumbled upon this post as I was looking for a piece of a xanogen review online. I must say I was shocked to hear the news because I find it weird they even considered it. I am not being discriminating here but I understand the pageant is for women where surgical enhancements are also frowned upon. I say the transgenders create their own pageant instead.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a meaningful Holy Week. We are now at our pad in my PIL’s house where we decided to stay the night. Earlier today, we were at my parent’s house to act as hosts to friends and relatives. Dad is this year’s Hermano to the Santo Intierro and we served brunched after the 8am mass.

The husband arrived yesterday and his manager approved his request to offset from work the entire week. That means we will be too busy catching up and doing errands too. I am excited for the coming week. I will tell you more about it when Ane returns from work, when I have the luxury of time to blog :)

Going Offline for the Week

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Today is Palm Sunday. We attended the mass in our community for the Palaspas blessing then in the afternoon, we visited the Chapel of Padre Pio in Libis.

For Catholics like me, it means it is the time to reflect and pray more this week. And I am sure I won’t be able to do that if I keep on checking my social networking accounts, right? (Although I have been off Facebook since Ash Wednesday). So that is what I plan to do. Offline for the week. I will still probably have to check my emails for important correspondences. I also plan to clear my closet and make space for Baby Boo’s stuff. Meditation in cleaning, huh? :)

Tata for now. See you all on Easter! God bless us all!

Earth Day 2012

Last night we participated in this year’s Earth Day like we always do for the last few years.


We turned off the lights in our house once it struck 8:30pm. It is frustrating that not everyone participated in our village. But it has to go on anyway. We whiled the time by playing shadows (perfect excuse to play with Ane’s flashlights, LOL!), and watching videos in the iPad. Just before the one hour is up, electricity went out. Such perfect timing, huh? *insert sarcasm here* Something exploded and we had to wait for 2.5 hours for the electricity to be restored. The little one could not sleep because it was too hot. The brownout incident makes this year’s Earth Hour one for the books.

I need to try harder

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I need to try harder. That is to blog more often and not only because I need to post something (read: paid task). I am way past the first trimester and I should have gotten my groove back months ago. Now that I am in my third trimester, I feel a bit more sluggish then before. Uh-oh. There are also back pains and heartburns and sleepless nights which are all expected at this stage. But I certainly have to fight it and manage my time more wisely.

Now that is a challenge.

Watch Ladies

Friday, March 16, 2012

I have friends who collect watches. I remember I used to dream of collecting watches too but I somehow outgrew that. I still enjoy looking at my friends’ collections and some are even classic pieces that they can hand down to their children. They’re truly great pieces of investment.

I am not sure if I still want to wear a watch because almost always, I just check my phone for the time. If I receive one as a present, I won’t say no of course! :) I saw this titanium watch, and I think this is something I can wear all the time, at least for those casual days. So nice, don’t you think so too?


Boccia titanium watch


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I only got to hear about Magnum from my friends. Some were raving and some were curious about it. That’s when I found out that local celebrities have been talking non-stop about Magnum. I guess it’s some kind of aggressive marketing from Selecta? I got curious too and finally on Sunday, I saw it being sold outside an SM Supermarket. I bought both Classic and Almond variants:


My verdict? The Classic one is just so-so for me. The coating is not too sweet but not something really special. The vanilla ice cream is just okay too. The Almond variant is a hands-down winner, though, and it is something I see myself buying again considering that both variants are priced the same. At P50 each, I find Magnum’s price a bit steep. I would rather buy a pint of ice cream (add a bit more money) and eat more ice cream. KWIM? There is another variant, Chocolate Truffle that I have yet to see. Maybe I will try that one too.

Meet Remotely

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now that the husband is away on a business trip, we try to find ways to communicate cheaper and more effectively. Thanks to VOIP, we get to talk daily on the phone for free. Then if he is in an area where there is good WiFi connection, we get to exchange iMsgs and even do FaceTime. With his work I think  is different. I am not sure if they do over the internet conferencing like the one offered by video conferencing, you know? He said he would transmit documents and then chat with his manager.

Technology is really awesome these days. I never imagined that we can do the things we can do now.

The Amazing Race Season 20

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yey for reality TV! One of my favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race premiered it’s 20th season this week. As always, there were eleven teams of two members each to race around the world for 12 legs. The first team to arrive first at the pit stop of the last leg will of course win the prize money worth $1M. The teams this year are made up of:

  1. Rachel & Dave (Army Wife & Combat Pilot)
  2. Brendon & Rachel (PhD Student & Event Hostess)
  3. Art & J.J. (Border Patrol Agents)
  4. Nary & Jamie (Federal Agents)
  5. Vanessa & Ralph (Dating Divorcees)
  6. Elliot & Andrew (Twins)
  7. Kerri & Stacy (Cousins)
  8. Dave & Cherie (Married Clowns)
  9. Bopper & Mark (Best Friends)
  10. Joey "Fitness" & Danny (Trainer & Club Promoter)
  11. Misa & Maiya (Sisters)

TAR 20

Read my “Tears of a Clown” episode recap here


Image from the CBS website.

Encouraging your Kids

I just read an email in our e-groups about one parent getting all frustrated about their parenting. There were decisions that needed to be made months ago and now she’s thinking if they ever did the right decision. A friend of hers even pointed out that they are not doing their best for their son, which makes things even more frustrating.
I say, there is no right or wrong parenting style. I believe that as parents, we take our cues from our kids and decide from there. After all, not all kids are the same. We are all only here to guide them.
Our daughter for instance seems to like music. So we play songs, then we sing and dance with those songs. She also likes to tinkle with instruments, so we encourage that too. Even if she says, she’d want to play drums, I would not mind the noise she'd probably make. It is part of her exploration, isn’t it? Music may work for our daughter. Or maybe it won’t. But I will take refuge in the fact that she enjoyed it while it lasted.

Dream Home Office Spaces

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I joined this photo-a-day project in Instagram (my own PAD Project is different from this one), and today’s theme is WHERE I WORK. Now my little work space at home is currently not suitable for, well, working. My table is swamped with all things totally unrelated to what I do (read: kalat LOL). So instead of letting my followers cringe at all the mess, I decided to look for my dream work area. These are what I found:


I got particularly drawn to the last image, it was what I shared with my group. Consider this post a dream board entry too. Oh how I wish I can have a similar space in out future home!

Gift Suggestions

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My friend is attending her boss’s 50th birthday party this weekend and she still has no gift to wrap yet. I was just chatting to her last night and we brainstormed on what to buy for the big guy. Her boss is known in social circles because he likes mingling in social functions and parties; he likes throwing grand parties too. That said, I suggested that he give him stuff that he enjoys doing or consuming with his friends. Bright idea, she said. She knows he is an occasional cigar user and a box of macanudo will be appreciated. Problem solved.

Blue Ivy Trademark

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beyonce and Jay-Z are probably one step ahead of those who would like to exploit them, their new baby, and their baby’s name.

The couple is said to filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect their month-old baby's name and reserve it for future use. A family law attorney commented that this is the right path to take for the celebrities to avoid third parties to sell the family what is rightfully theirs, also to forestall competitors from using the name and earning money from it, exploiting the child in the process. This is really the step to take as two unrelated designers unknown to the couple attempted to trademark products with Blue Ivy’s name just days after the celebrity baby was born. The US PTO declined such applications saying that the name belongs to a famous child and consumers might mistake the products to belong and/or affiliated with the family even if it is not.

image from

Pottery Barn Shopping?

Monday, February 06, 2012

I have been feeling low the past few weeks because Ane had to leave for a business trip without us. This is the first time we are apart for more than 2 days since getting married! My online turned real-life friends are very supportive. They say that they will cheer me up. They also suggested going online shopping and have everything shipped to Ane’s hotel! LOL! Great idea right, to solve the sadness?! I was wondering if we could buy some home accessories. It is very timely indeed that I was sent some pottery barn coupons in the mail just last night! Well, I guess I now have reason to shop, eh? ;p I love these sheets:

pottery barn sheets

Super Bowl for the first time

Ane experienced his first time being in the US during the Super Bowl. Good thing my BIL planned on watching so my sister and her family stayed with him at the hotel until the end of the match. They were cheering for Patriots but the Giants took home the crown. I haven’t had the chance to talk to him about the game because it was already time for bed when we talked. I am sure he has a lot to say about the game, the celebrities and the commercial breaks.

Grocery Shopping

Last night, I forced myself to do the weekly grocery shopping while we were at the mall. I was already tired from all the stress of last week but I thought I could just rest today and get the groceries done and over with. It was even more tiring for me since we got to the supermarket less than an hour before closing time. My family had errands to do so we decided to part ways for the meantime. I was along in the store with K sitting on the cart. Good thing, there were command communications pagers, my mom found us just before we paid and I had someone help me unload the groceries.

Three more weeks and I will have to ask someone else to help me buy our stuff. Ane is currently on a business trip so my usual grocery is not here. :(

Grand Baby Fair 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If there’s one event I want to go to this weekend, this would be it. But it turns out we have other plans and that shopping for Baby Boo is not yet the priority. So I will just share the information with you.

Here is the press release I got from Smart Parenting:

Baby Company, the Baby Specialist, invites you to the biggest, most exciting, and most-awaited mom and baby event of the year, the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair.

The Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 2 opened today at the Megatrade Halls 2 & 3 of SM Megamall. This 3-day event brings you the most trusted brands and specialists in maternity, parenting, and child care under one roof. Get up to 70% off on selected items and enjoy exclusive offers from over 100 exhibitors. Learn from the experts, meet and greet celebrities and win raffle prizes when you join fun learning activities. Get a Swag Bag with a P2,000 single-receipt purchase and enjoy exclusive perks for Mom Card members.

Here's the program schedule for Saturday and Sunday:
Day 2 - January 28, 2012, Saturday

10:00 AM – Fair opens
11:00 AM - 12:00 NN - Johnson's Baby: Skin Care Symposium with Lexi Schulze
1:00 - 2:00 PM - Chicco: Breastfeeding Women @ Work w/ Ms. Nona Andaya-Castillo and Shaan Bermudez Hizon
2:00 – 2:30 PM - Farlin: Bathing Do's and Don'ts with Dr. Rochelle Lee
2:30 - 3:30 PM - Kindermusik: Sing and Learn Activity
4:00- 5:00 PM - Avent: Pre Natal Care Symposiumwith Dr. Cristopher Soriano and Christine Jacob-Sandejas
5:30 - 6:30 PM - Gingersnaps, Ergo Baby & Safety First Fashion Show with Paolo Abrera
6:30 - 7:30PM - Yaya Symposium and Workshop with Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan
7:30 to - 8:30 PM - Canon: Workshop on Kids' Photography, Videography and Scrapbooking
Day 3 - January 29, 2012, Sunday
10:00 AM – Fair opens
11:00 AM - 12:00 NN - The Stork Studio: Talk on Taking pictures of Babies and Children by Sofia Genato
1:00 - 2:00 PM - Gymboree: Storytelling Activity & Parachute Activity
2:00 - 3:00 PM - Johnson's Baby: Skin Care Symposium with Chesca-Garcia Kramer
3:00- 3:30 PM - AINON: Maternity and Breastfeeding with Dr. Mylah Gonzales and Gladys Reyes
3:30- 4: 00 PM - AINON: Sing and Learn with Moppet Music, Mascot Appearance
4:00 -5:00 PM - Tender Luv: Infant Feeding Myths and Facts with Dr. Basco and Danica Sotto-Pingris
5: 00 - 6:00 PM - Chicco : Working Out with Strollers: Be fit and fab again! with Vince Hizon
6:00 - 7:00 PM - Avent: Toddler Feeding Cooking Demo with Chef Mitchie Sison, Toddler Coloring Contest and Games
7:00 - 7:30 PM - Pigeon: Post Natal Care with Ms. Abby Yabot
7:30 - 8:00 PM - Make Believe Productions: The Eric Carle Move and Groove: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
8:00 - 8:30 PM - Star Baby 2011 Awarding and Closing Ceremonies with Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Head to the biggest, most exciting, and most-awaited mom and baby event of the year! The Grand Baby Fair will run from January 27 to 29, 2012 and is open to the public.

Effective Communication between Doctors using Doximity

Friday, January 20, 2012

We were talking about Obstetricians this morning (my uncle’s wife was asking for referrals) and I remembered someone I know who had a falling out with her OB. She had to change doctors so near her EDD because her OB scheduled a trip around the time she was about to give birth. Her OB did not want to release her records so she could find another doctor. Maybe if Doximity was already available that time, the two doctors would have settled it between themselves?

What is Doximity? It is an application that is a private, secured and exclusive network between doctors. It is free available through the internet, iPhone and Android phones. Only Physicians are allowed to join and there is a 3-step credential verification process to make sure only doctors get into the network. Once a member, a doctor can just search for another doctor, say Binh Nguyen MD, then just send a private message and ask pertinent questions about the patient.

I  am sure the physicians will appreciate this application because it is easier plus real-time responses are possible.

Mind Museum

This is something that I would like to try: mind museum

It is said to be the first world-class science museum in the country. I am just not sure if K will already appreciate this kind of exhibit. Or maybe not yet because she is still too young? According to the website:

“The Mind Museum’s state of the art design will feature FIVE GALLERIES within its two levels:

  1. The Story of the Universe: Its Beginning and Majesty
  2. The Story of the Earth: Its Story Across the Breadth of Time
  3. The Story of Life: The Exuberant Varieties of Life
  4. The Story of the Atom: The Strange World of the Very Small
  5. The Story of Technology: The Showcase of Human Ingenuity”

I will just share this information with friends whose kids are a little older. I am sure the kids will have a blast going around the 3,560 sqm indoor exhibit area!

In the Hospital

I just received text messages from my mom who is now at the hospital. No she is not confined (neither is she there to visit someone nor observe each hospital cart that passes in front of her, hehe). She is just there for some routine tests and random checks with our doctors. See, her birthday is coming up and she promised herself to see the doctors every year to make sure everything is okay. So far she’s been to my ENT (with a funny anecdote to share, not to be shared here though LOL) and she’s now waiting for her turn at her OB’s clinic. Here’s praying that everything is indeed okay.

Three Simple Rules in Life

Sometimes you find all sorts of things in the internet just at the right moment. Like this one I stumbled upon and share also to my IG friends:


1. Go after what you want. Chase your dreams because your dreams won’t chase you.

2. Always ask! Unless the person you need to ask favor from is a mind-reader, he/she will never figure out what it is that you want/need.

3. Again, if you do not move to do anything, you’ll never get anything done and be stagnant forever.

Cancer from taking Actos

Cancer is an ailment that everyone wish to not have. Sometimes, patients are treated and go on remission. Others are not too lucky when they detect it too late. But what is more frustrating than finding out you can get cancer from taking medications that are supposedly prescribed to treat another illness? Take this example of a diabetic patient I read about. He developed bladder cancer from actos. Actos has been manufactured and sold since 1999 for the treatment of Type II Diabetes and is believed to cause increased risk in bladder cancer which the manufacturer failed to disclose. Scary isn’t it? I believe it is always best to be aware of prescribed medications, ask your doctors about it, and read up information before taking it.

Kim Kardiashian vs The Gap?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kim Kardashian

If Kim Kardashian had the guts to sue The Gap, the latter is ready to fight back. It all started when clothing line Old Navy (a Gap brand) ran a commercial starring a Kim doppelganger named Melissa Molinaro, an actress. Kardashian is suing the brand for $20M "creating confusion in the marketplace and violating her rights to her name and likeness." The retail giant is said to have started investigation if the commercial indeed sullied Kim’s reputation. This case just might take a year to resolve and Kim just might need to take the stand.