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Sunday, October 31, 2010

We all know that no matter how careful we are in living our daily lives, there are things we cannot control. Sadly there are less responsible people that can affect you once you leave your home (and we are not also always safe from fire at home, right?). Yes I sound paranoid but it helps that I know there will be legal help, like a lawyer for personal injury Tucson, available when I need it.

Going to Watch Pacquiao – Margarito Fight

Manny’s fights have become a family tradition for us. I’ve missed a couple of fights when I gave birth (I had to just watch the live streaming or listen to the radio at home). The last fight, we watched it in a restaurant so we could tag K along. This time, we are going to try another venue and I hope K will not get too overwhelmed by the experience. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait it out in the coffee shop and just listen through the speakers! Wish us luck!

Pacquiao vs Margarito Official Banner - Horizontal

I am Not Going to be Sick

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am too blessed to complain. I know I lack sleep but I need to work on my assignments. Yesterday, I was sneezing. I am not sure if it was because we were out in the afternoon and it was a bit crowded in GH or the sleepless nights are getting back at me. Whatever it is, I really hope I do not get sick at this time. I am loading up on ascorbic acid and I just might ask Ane to buy me the best multivitamin later to fight what is coming. A couple more days (I hope!) and I am settled.

New Glee Episode

Today there will be a new Glee episode :) Last week, it was a re-run from season 1 so it was fine that I was not home to wait for the afternoon show. Today, we’ll probably be in the grocery to replenish our stocks so I’ll miss Glee. I was thinking of posting images/teasers here but I lost track of time (and now its 6am!) I was not able to search anything.

Can’t wait to watch it!


Monday, October 25, 2010

My body is running on just about 2-3 hours of sleep. I’ve been working since 3am and in a few minutes I need to get ready for our short trip to Bulacan. I am not sure if I can stay up until the afternoon (for the Halloween party) but I will try. I am a zombie today. I’m afraid migraine will attack me once again, the attacks are getting frequent. It’s either I need to have my eyes checked again or seek migraine treatment. Or maybe I should sleep? :D

Barangay Elections

I was thinking of missing the Barangay Elections this time around, just because. But I changed my mind and will vote today. We need to support one candidate in our barangay, is why. I also got encouraged when I read tweets last week. Something like: Remember Ondoy?! It was the barangay officials who worked to save the people. Do your share in choosing the right people again.

So there. We are leaving around 7am and we will choose the right officials.

Working to Save! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have been working hard the past few days. Aside from setting up a new site, opportunities just poured in for the other one. For that I am really thankful. Aside from the two new sites, there are other blogs that I author, and each one needs attention too. I need to find a good directory submission list to add all of them because it is about time I get busy in building an online reputation for each site. I still have a long way to go but I am trying my best to be persistent if I want to achieve my monetary goals.

Is Robin Dead?

Before you panic, let me just say that Robin is my point and shoot camera (if you forgot!). The two of us, we have a love-hate relationship. I actually kept him in the closet for a while because I am not too happy with his output. These days, I content myself with the phone’s camera which works fine to me (except the built-in flash is blinding; now I sound whiny about everything, LOL!). Anyway, we were out for dinner the other day and I decided to bring Robin out. I charged his battery for a couple of hours before leaving the house. But I realized that he won’t turn on anymore :( Is he already dead? Did he die without even giving me signs? The husband will look at him tomorrow (later today?). We might need to bring him to the service center and I really hope it is just corroded battery. I hope he recovers!

Gold Coins

The Halloween Party in our neighborhood is happening on Monday. It is early this year as we usually have it every last day of October. I guess the officers are taking advantage of the holiday (Elections). Trick or Treat happens after the party. We have purchased the candies, and later we will put them in paper bags already. I have also printed the tags. I think the loot bag contents are already sufficient. There are lollies, cookies, jelly sticks and chocolate gold coins.

(Speaking of gold coins, did you know that investing in this precious metal is apparently the “in” thing these days? I have yet to review the information sent to me. I am sure we cannot afford it at this time but it is nice to have the information handy)

Anyway, I am preparing 60 loot bags but since I was not given the exact count of the kids, we need to buy some more candies just in case :) I am the party’s going to be a blast!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

My friend Diane and her hubby welcomed their little bundle of joy this week. We now have another Bebot princess! Cate arrived a few weeks early but I am so glad and thankful that she was delivered safely. Her arrival is pretty exciting because we’ve all been there, albeit remotely, since D announced her pregnancy. We were there from hearing her heartbeat for the first time, to D’s baby clothes shopping, to the morning when D's water bag broke. And we will probably be still here to witness her growing up years! :)

To Cate, we are so happy to see you. To Jun and D, congratulations! Little Cate is so adorable!

Oh No, Not Another Juan

A lot of families (about 63k households were affected) have not recovered yet from typhoon Juan that struck the country last week. Yet, PAG-ASA reported a potential super typhoon. The LPA is expected to enter Philippine area of responsibility this weekend and just might take a similar path as Juan’s. It will be named Katring. The good news it that Katring just may not make a landfall anymore. Let us all pray for the safety of the Filipinos!

Diet Pill Reviews over Coffee

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I went to have coffee with some friends one afternoon. It was nice seeing them because it’s been a while since we last saw each other. Everyone seems busy these days especially that the holidays are approaching. We all could not spare longer than two hours so we settled for a coffee date. Those couple of hours is too short to catch up! We talked about our families, the kids, work, and even health concerns. We are all struggling with our weight, so yes, we also shared diet pill reviews with each other. However, everyone is too chicken to go that path. We all agreed that proper eating and exercise is the better way to take.

New Ride at Enchanted Kingdom

There’s a new ride at Enchanted Kingdom (it’s about time!):

Ekstreme at EK

The thrill ride just opened on October 17 and I am sure a lot of people went to the park to try this out. It’s a free fall kind of ride and I am not sure if my heart can take it! See I am too afraid of heights (but I can ride roller coasters because they’re fast and you won’t feel the height that much) and just imagining myself seated on the Ekstreme is already giving me the goosebumps! I guess I can manage the fall but not the slow ascent. I’d be dead before we reach the peak, LOL!

Lucky Girlfriend

Like a true geek, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend is Asian. Meet Priscilla Chan, and she’s Chinese:


Who would ever thought a college dude will become a billionaire before he is 30? And who would have thought that the geek actually has a girlfriend? The two met while they were studying in Harvard (great minds stick together, eh?) 2004. Priscilla was within Mark’s close circle, a group of friends who packed their bags and moved to Palo Alto to draft their Facebook project (and never returned to college!). The rest they say is history. Priscilla and Mark fell in love while in California and the lady love currently plays an active role in the office. Romantic :)

Who’s lucky now?

Regency Beauty Institute

I have been hearing about a certain beauty school founded in Minneapolis about 50 years ago. The name is Regency Beauty Institute, and it is one of the fastest growing beauty schools in America. Their growth is amazing having expanded from just two campuses to 80 (and they are not done yet) since 2002. Campuses are now not only found in Minneapolis but also in 19 states around the country like the cosmetology school in Phoenix. Regency Beauty Institute boasts the different approach they use in instructing their students. The campuses actually simulate high-end salons to train world-class beauty experts. It is no wonder a lot of students wish to enroll in their curriculum.


**This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Lessons on Travelling

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have been busy doing some research for trips. I spent a couple of sleepless nights trying to figure out a feasible itinerary while also considering the budget. I finished one plan, now I am kind of stumped with the next one. I realized that it is never practical to travel in odd numbers (ie. 3 pax) because rooms are always charged for two people (need to hit my head because this is common sense!!). I think I realized this too late when the flights are already booked. I may sound vague but this is not yet the right time to divulge details as nothing is final until I am there, KWIM? I’ll be more specific next time! ;)

Circles Long Table Promo

You only have today and next week to avail this promo!


Enjoy buffet lunch or dinner at Circle’s Shangri-la Makati 50% off! The promo is valid for all Tuesdays of October so that means you only have today and next week to reserve your slot. Your group must be composed of ten people and you must make reservations beforehand. It could be lunch or dinner. We were supposed to take advantage of the promo since my brother is celebrating his birthday soon but plans changed late last week ;)

Investing in Gold Coins



Collecting gold coins is an interesting hobby. I have read posts from friends about how these precious metals have become the investment of choice for the last few years. The demand for gold has increased while the supplies have started to dwindle. This simple economic scenario makes investing in gold and adding it to one’s portfolio a sound decision. The United States Gold Bureau is a good resource company for people who would like to start collecting gold and silver coins. They are very authoritative when it comes to precious metals having had years of experience on the business and having served a vast clientele from all over the world. Check them out!

Justice System

I just finished watching some parts of the documentary shown on television the other night (the last two parts were not yet uploaded). It was about a controversial case of the Vizconde massacre. The show was hosted by CheChe Lazaro, one of  my idols, and it showed two sides of the story. But I got to watch the most part and it makes me sad that our justice system is poor. I am not saying that the convicted were not guilty but if there were no loopholes in our laws, would things have ended differently? I do not know if this case will ever be re-opened but when that happens I will definitely follow the proceedings.

Typhoon Juan

Everything looks and sounds calm already. I think Typhoon Juan left the country before midnight? I am glad that NCR was spared a bit, it was not as bad as the forecast. But we have seen in the news how the northern part of Luzon felt the typhoon’s wrath. State of calamity was even declared. I hope and pray that the people from up north will recover what they have lost.

Work Those Abs

Sunday, October 17, 2010

If there is one part of my body that seriously needs to be worked on, that would be my tummy! I think I already mentioned I look like five months pregnant for eating too much and not exercising at all! I think I found the perfect product for someone like me who sits all day. I stumbled upon Abtronic x2 while browsing the internet! I think I saw this once in home tv shopping too. Has anyone tried using this before? Share your thoughts!

Major Slacking

I have been doing major slacking in  my blogging duties. Blame the internet. My brother said our provider is doing some migration which causes the slow down. And it might take about two months for things to get back to normal. :( I am adjusting to the slowness but its tiring to watch the  loading literally crawl. I am not totally unproductive, though since I was able to finish one of the plans (projections, budget allocation, itinerary) that I need to prepare. So really I should fret less and be more patient for I just might be able to do a few more stuff while the connection is conking out! :)

Reward Credit Cards

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I gave up my credit cards a short while after I got married. I don’t exactly miss them (especially that I know I suck in handling my finances!) but I wish I own a reward card which can reap, well, rewards. I hear my friends talk about redeeming gift certificates and freebies (movies, KK doughnuts, Starbucks coffee, etc) just by using their cards. Maybe when we have achieved total financial freedom, I can consider using another CC.

Dream that Crossed over Reality

Yesterday, we visited my MIL. We decided to have lunch there and we napped after we ate so K could rest some more.

I woke up from that nap angry at the husband. Of course Ane was clueless as his “sin” happened in my dream. LOL! He was laughing when I told him why I was mad. I would love to share the dream but it was both silly and naughty ;) I know it will never happen in real life but it felt so real I could even feel my hand that slapped and scratched the husband in the dream!

I think this is the second time something like this happened. Have you experienced the same before?

Ready for Trick or Treat (?)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As early as August, my friends and I were already looking at halloween costumes in an online store. We knew it was still early, but by standards of overseas online shoppers, it was just the perfect time to shop. It takes weeks in transit and by the time the shipment arrives, Trick or Treat events would be starting in a few days. There was one costume that caught my attention but there was no size yet available for little K. So I asked a seamstress to make one for her instead, similar to the one I saw in the online store.

The costume was delivered on Sunday. It is not a perfect replica but it will do. :)

My problem now is that K would not even try it on (except the headband)! Oh no! I sure hope it is just a phase and that she will agree to wear it for her October 25 and 29 parties (we are still looking for an event on October 31). The stage-mother in me is starting to worry. I really wish the little girl will change her mind and find the outfit appealing.

GAP Logo Brouhaha



Disclaimer: While I love Gap products, I am not a usual shopper unless the items are on Sale and are for the little one ;)


The clothing company Gap suddenly changed its brand logo from the well-known blue and white one to a white-background-black-text-and-small-blue-square-on-the-side logo. The change happened in the website, and there was no notice about it. A lot of fans and designers had a good laugh because of the simplistic approach that the majority deemed to be a major fail. Someone even joked that maybe a grade-schooler designed it and the boy received millions for it. I also do not understand why they had to change it. I also think the new logo won’t work.

Barely a week later, the Gap management decided to revert to the old logo because of the complaints they received online. It was a good decision and I think the old logo that we learned to love is going to stay for good.

Maybe Gap learned a valuable lesson, don’t fix if it’s not broken!

Pretty Slow

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My week started pretty slow. It is always like this when I get a little downtime from my usual schedule. I always have a hard time getting back on track. But my weekend was spent with family which makes everything worthwhile. On Saturday, we drove down south beyond the steel buildings of the busy city, for a little R&R. It is a rare opportunity for all of us to be available that we took advantage of the time. We were out for about 12hours (longer for the parents) and we spent that eating, doing a site visit somewhere, visiting an adoration chapel, eating, a little pampering, and did I say eating?! I was relaxed and tired at the same time, yes I think that’s possible ;)

It is already Tuesday, I need to get moving!

Maria Ressa Quits ABS-CBN

For the last six years, Maria Ressa heads the News and Current Affairs of this network. On Monday night, she released a statement saying that she is no longer renewing her contract which expires in early January. And on top of that, since she has remaining leave credits, she is going on terminal leave effective November 15. A lot of people are surprised about this decision but as Ressa puts it.”

There are speculations about this sudden resignation but Ressa’s official statement was vague about the reasons. I still believe her contribution to the network was notable, especially with Probe Team and CNN background, so I wish her well as she starts another era in her career.

I want to be more adventurous…

Saturday, October 09, 2010

I am probably one of the most boring persons you’ll ever know. Maybe because I consider myself a germophobe and a hypochondriac (not a good combination, I tell you, so sick in the head LOL) which makes me stick to certain rules and processes when I do things. I am afraid of heights too plus because of a condition I acquired in my childhood, I am also not allowed to swim. Take all of that into consideration and you will realize that my physical activities are pretty much limited. But I am not getting any younger and there are still lots of stuff in my bucket list. Yes I do entertain adventurous thoughts. I wish to be able to skydive, parasail, drive a Polaris ATV or even just a go-kart, ride a zipline, dive in open water. Some of my wishes, I may not be able to do in this lifetime. But the others? Maybe I should learn to conquer my fears first. For now, I can experience these things vicariously by watching my favorite reality shows.

Sometimes You just have to Rest

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I guess I have not recovered from the busy weekend that I was still too tired last night. I had tasks to do which include finishing the layouts of the IDs of CLH students (I know, we’re so behind in doing this, it’s already the second semester!). But my body was not too cooperative. Just before 2am, I decided to sleep first and set the alarm for an hour later. The next thing I knew K was asking for her bottle and it was already around 530am! My sleep was not exactly restful because I woke up still feeling lethargic. I need to regain my energy so I think I will still take it slow for the rest of the day. TTYL!

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Friday, October 01, 2010

This is a place that I would like to visit soon, a place in Bataan that could bring us back in time.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a a compound privately owned by a house collector who is also a known real estate developer and builder. At first, he was just charmed by the old houses so he started buying and transporting them to Bataan for the restoration. Sort of a hobby, an expensive one at that. And then we should all be thankful that he decided to open it to the public. There is a hotel, a museum and a pool (built like a batis). I would really love to experience the natural charm a site like this offers. I checked the rates. The cheapest overnight stay is around P3800. I heard the amenities of the hotel are new and clean, which is essential for a comfortable stay. Day tour rates include lunch for P1000 (set) or P1200 (buffet). These rates are based on their website.  This is a nice destination for a short get-away.

Photo Credit

Current Addiction: Angry Birds


Forgive me, Apple lovers, for I have just “discovered” this game. Of course I’ve heard about Angry Birds (it is the most bought game app in the store) but I never got the chance to play it until last week when my brother got Angry Birds for his iPhone. I was able to play it with a screaming K beside me. It is a pretty challenging game and I was instantly hooked. Needless to say, when Ane's  iPod Touch arrived the other day, we bought and installed Angry Birds right away. We are now in World 3 and it is getting difficult. The OC in me is unleashed (read: I started to google for tips!) and I’m finding it hard to move-on when a level is not finished. I’ll be needing rehab soon, I guess! LOL!

Investing in Gold Coins

The United States Gold Bureau offers precious metals such as gold and silver. They also sell silver and gold coins. For the longest time, this company has been considered a trusted provider of precious metals by financial experts, making it one of the industry leaders of today. If I were given the chance, I would be buying from them too. Anyway, investing in gold bars has been considered not only as unique but also as the best way to uplift the investor’s wealth as well as purchasing power. On the other hand, there is no better time to invest in precious metals like gold and silver than now. It has been noted that annual production is less than the demand so why wait until everything is gone? My financial analyst friend agrees that buying gold and silver is a sound investment.

House Repairs and Then Some

We had a home 911 a few weeks ago. Mommy called it so because like a true emergency where there are police, paramedics and firemen, we had to call the electrician/technician, carpenter and the plumber to fix what needed fixing in this house. We’re all good with the plumbing part and I hope the water damage will not happen again. The A/C units have been replaced and the broken ref needs more than just refrigerator filters to be functional again. Carpentry work is put on hold because we’re waiting out on something before the ceiling downstairs is put back to place, although the rest of the problems were already solved. I hope the fixes will last long, having to spend for repairs is not a joke.

Better Do Something

better do something

This is a nice reminder. Never let other people second guess what you have in mind, unless they’re mind-readers of course. Anyway, it is more likely that they aren’t so it is so much better to speak up, ask questions, and relay your wishes. Otherwise, never expect others to do stuff for you or even understand what you want and how you feel.

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