GAP Logo Brouhaha

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Disclaimer: While I love Gap products, I am not a usual shopper unless the items are on Sale and are for the little one ;)


The clothing company Gap suddenly changed its brand logo from the well-known blue and white one to a white-background-black-text-and-small-blue-square-on-the-side logo. The change happened in the website, and there was no notice about it. A lot of fans and designers had a good laugh because of the simplistic approach that the majority deemed to be a major fail. Someone even joked that maybe a grade-schooler designed it and the boy received millions for it. I also do not understand why they had to change it. I also think the new logo won’t work.

Barely a week later, the Gap management decided to revert to the old logo because of the complaints they received online. It was a good decision and I think the old logo that we learned to love is going to stay for good.

Maybe Gap learned a valuable lesson, don’t fix if it’s not broken!