Have a good one!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just dropping by to greet all of you Happy Holidays! I’ll be MIA for a couple of days or so.

See you when I get back from the short break!


Credits: Ornament by Misschifis Designs, Button by Thaliris Designs, Papers by Creashens

Our weekend

Monday, December 21, 2009

It was nothing extraordinary. We just stayed home most of the time and I didn’t really spend too much time in the internet. Boring but restful. Sunday was spent attending mass at Promenade and meeting Klaire’s mananahi afterwards. Then it was all sleep in the afternoon while the boys went to meet the parents in the mall. K and I would have tagged along but we decided that the boys will not bring Tisay and just ride the MRT (we anticipated that there will be lots of cars on the road it being the weekend before Christmas and parking would be equally crazy). I am fully recharged but I do not consider myself full of energy. I anticipate that this week (and the next) will be a bit stressful. But I am so looking forward to Christmas food!

Satisfied cravings?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just the other day, I listed “salad” as one of the current cravings. By that, I meant salad from TGIF because my taste buds were looking for that salad dressing served in Friday’s. Mom called on Thursday and said we could meet her in Galleria but we will  have to go somewhere else while she had her dinner with some friends. I was giddy and insisted that we go to Friday’s for an after-dinner snacks. Of course I ordered Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and we ordered the appetizer plate with Buffalo wings, potato skins and Mozzarella something.

If you think I was satisfied, wrong! Well, the salad dressing was what I was looking for but the ugly chicken strips negated the dish! They were thin, dry and overcooked, hard-to-chew and did not look grilled at all – more like grilled during lunch but no one ordered, re-heated on the grill in the afternoon but was still left behind and finally we ordered so they just had to throw it in the microwave because we won’t notice anyway. Hmp. Now if I got it my way, I would have complained. The potato skins were also cold already when brought to our table. Surely, our money is worth than just dry and cold food, right? Our time was limited and the branch just got lucky we were not in the mood to argue and that at least we enjoyed looking outside the store, at the people waiting for cabs.

So yes, I want another salad soon!!!!!!!!

Setting up your own clinic?

If you are a medical practitioner and you would like to open your own clinic, do you already know where to get your medical supplies? While you may be all set after the construction/renovation and furnishing of your office, it will still be empty without the necessary stocks you need for the operations. You might want to check out JazzMedical. This is a company that retails supplies via the internet. They are as advanced and large as the other online retailers within the United States. I checked their website and they are practically complete and the brand choices are vast too. Aren’t you glad that the internet can speed up things for you? Just a few clicks and you are really ready to serve your patients!

Karma will find its way to you…

I was out practically the whole day yesterday that when I got back home, I was a bit surprised with the conversations and thoughts in my private Twitter and in Flickr. A friend, also Ane’s friend’s wife, got scammed by someone she trusted and considered a friend ($2k!). Now this is an ugly subject to discuss in this season of joy and giving but “Jao’s” wife lost the last strand of patience and I understand where she is coming from. We’re talking about six months of broken promises and that is not funny.

I believe in karma. I hope that the “friend” realizes that all materials things will potentially get lost but trust and dignity are hard to regain.

Holiday Mode

Friday, December 18, 2009

It seems like everyone is already on holiday mode. I ran a few errands today and what do you know, traffic was still heavy at 10am as if it was still rush hour! I went to a bank and the teller did not look too happy to serve me, as if working for her has become a burden! I was out for an hour and  a half (had to leave again after lunch) but it seemed like forever.

Oh well, I thought holiday fever has caught me but I guess I am not there yet. Hmmm.

Christmas gift for the Paintball fanatic

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Won’t you agree that buying a gift for someone can get really challenging but things are made easier if the person is a big fan of something? Take for example my friend who loves playing paintball war games. He hinted to his wife that he would love a new paintball gun and one of the Tippmann A5 Packages would make his Christmas truly memorable. He even directed his wife to the Zephyr website in case the wife cannot afford the gun sets. Everything that has to do with paintball is available in that store. Oh well I think the wife is getting him additional body gear for his safety. I am sure he will equally appreciate that too.

Party Preps

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know I still owe an entry on Klaire’s 10th month update. I am still working on it. I am just excited to share that planning for K’s party is in full-swing. My party planner is Darla, a friend from HS (thank God for FB!) and she has been a big help. When we first met to discuss the party, all I had was a venue reservation and a theme in mind. Now, with a few weeks left to work on it, I can say that everything is in order. We have a schedule and we are currently right on track. Just the other day, I went back to the venue and met D and her business partner Carina so they can see the place.

I am doing the save-the-date, invites, ceiling drops, stage tarp and welcome tarp myself. I already finished the STD, already sent a copy of the invite to D for checking, ceiling drops ready for printing and the tarps layout 50% done.

Excited is an understatement. I am so giddy I think I’ll pee in my pants, LOL! Weeee!!

We were there…

Just after midnight on 28 November, I got a call from Mom saying that maybe we could run to the hospital (about 5minutes away without traffic) because Tatay T was showing bad signs. By then, he was already in the ICU for more than a week after he suffered a stroke and aneurysm. We did not know how bad it was but Ry and I drove to the hospital, initially to provide emotional support to Dad who was also on his way. We ran from the parking through the Emergency room (the guard allowed us in!) to the third floor ICU. Tito B was slumped outside on the floor, red-eyed.

That did not look right.

Dad went in and Tito B encouraged us to also go in. He said the staff will allow us given the circumstances. Aunt C was also inside. So I peeked and saw that the nurses and the doctors were pumping Tatay’s chest and I could hear the heart monitor continuously beeping.

We knew right there and then that we were going to be in the hospital longer than we planned.

Tatay’s heart miraculously went beating again. That was his second cardiac arrest for the night, within two hours. The resident doctor said that Tatay was still fighting but the damage caused by the loss of oxygen was still undetermined. We were instructed to wait by the emergency room for updates when Tatay’s surgeon came. The two arrests was reported to him, he said and that he will check on Tatay & inform us.

At around 135am, Tatay was declared brain-dead. The doctor explained it to us so well and in layman’s terms. He said that the eyes were not responding anymore (not dilating), there were no reflex anymore even if they pinch him, he was attached a respirator and that his heart was only beating because of the medicines. And then he said it: that the family should talk and decide whether the doctors will still have to revive him once the heart stops again.

By this time, Nanay and the rest of Dad’s siblings were on their way to the hospital. Nanay was still clueless about the recent events. As for us, we were just quiet hoping that we can change the inevitable.

Seeing someone being revived was not a good sight, especially that it was a loved-one. I felt my tummy doing somersaults and I got really hungry. Not a good feeling. Ry felt the same way so we decided to walk to the nearby 7-eleven and grabbed something to eat while we waited for the rest to arrive.  We saw them passed by the store so we walked back.

That walk was a record-breaker, I think. We also ran back upstairs to see them crying.

Tatay was having another cardiac arrest, the fourth for that morning. He had an attack while we were out.

The ladies were around Tatay’s bed, whispering and talking to him, touching him and trying not to cry. Aunt C could not take it any longer and walked back, gave me her robe. So I went to Tatay’s bed and saw that his feet are already dark and the monitors had that ugly beeping sound, as if saying there’s danger.

The resident doctor beside looked at the wall clock and said “259am”. I looked at the doctor’s eyes, trying to understand (well, I was denying it) what he was trying to say. He just gave me a soft nod, and I just bit my lower lip. Tatay was gone.

I ran to Dad and cried. I went out of the ICU because I did not want the other patients to feel death. Everything that followed was a blur except that I can remember Nanay holding on to me, wailing. Her BP also shot up that we had to let her take her medicine. Plans were hastily made. We went down and Dad instructed his siblings. Ry was left upstairs with Ninang I and Ninong F, and they saw when the male nurses took Tatay, all wrapped up, away.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

A friend just got married and they happily announced that they are going to Mexico for an Adults Only All Inclusive Vacation. Wow, they took my advice and booked at one of the Karisma Hotels! I guess my little sales talk (without the commission!) worked ;) I really think this is the perfect package for them so they could enjoy each other well during the honeymoon getaway. As the package implies, everything is already included in what they paid for. The food at El Dorado is known to be world-class and the amenities are also highly rated. She told me that their agent already coordinated and lined up the activities for the whole duration of their trip. Isn’t that great -- flying out to a nice destination with the agenda of just enjoying each other and without too much fuss? World-class accommodations at its finest, right?


Even before I got pregnant (and got married even), I wanted my future kids to call me Nanay. But when we learned about Klaire, Ane was not too keen to be called Tatay. Much to my disappointment, we agreed on Daddy and Mommy. Lately, though, Ane is having a change of heart. “Tatay” is beginning to sound sweet for him. So we started teaching K to say the word.

Ane: Ta…

K: Tuh…

Ane: Tay…

K: Tah…

Ane: No, baby, say Ta…(no reaction from K) Ta…

K: Tae! Tae! (Poo! Poo! *sounds like tah-yeh!*)


LOL! I almost fell from the bed because of too much laughing! And K probably thought she was saying something so adorable, she said the word again and again we could not stop laughing!

Free Prints

Yes, you read it right! Artscow is giving away free prinartscowfreets again to all of the members! This time they are giving out 800 prints (batches of 100 4x6s and 50 5x7s). And you just need to pay for the shipping! No hidden costs, I tell you!  I have been ordering my photos and photo books from them. So far, I am very much satisfied with the products. Even if you pay for shipping, the per print cost comes out still cheaper than if I have my photos printed here. I am waiting for my new batch of orders and I spent P800 less if I ordered from printers here. That’s big savings already! If you are not yet a member of Artscow, click here to register.

I can smell Christmas!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fifteen more days and it’s Christmas! We do not have decorations yet but the season cannot be stopped, right? Tomorrow we will go to the mall and buy K her Christmas dress and shoes. And then there are parties and get-together meet-ups to attend to. I am so sure I am will not be able to control eating that I might need weight loss supplements after the holidays are over. We have a few set-backs but I am certain the season will be embraced with love and happiness :)

December 7, 1932 – November 28, 2009

A few days shy of his 77th birthday, our grandfather Tatay Tony joined his Creator.

I was not able to spend enough time with him during the last few years of his life. I don’t know… I guess I just grew away. Time does that, I think. When I was too busy getting on with my life, I failed to visit him and Nanay as much as we used to. But I will vividly remember the memories I made with him when we were younger. We would spend Sunday lunches at their home, after attending mass. We would visit them at Ilog and stay overnight even if there was no electricity. Christmas Eve dinners were spent at their home together with all our cousins. We’d have games and before we go home to our respective houses, we’d line up for Tatay’s aguinaldo. Years from now, I think, when I look at old photos of Christmas Eve parties, I will still smile and remember those times.

This year, it is going to be unlike all past Christmases. Well it has been like that for the last 4 or five years but this year will be exceptionally different. So we’ll see.

I was there when the resident doctor declared that he already passed on. I will share that experience soon.

Believe it or not

I still haven’t gotten my groove back. I have a lot to share which include Tatay’s last few hours because I need to plus stories from the wake, and Klaire’s 10th month  & party preps update. I would like to attribute this laziness to the weather (it’s beginning to be really chilly for me) but it has always been hard for me to go back to my normal routine when I get stumped for too long. I just received a new batch to work on sp I am hoping that will give me the jumpstart that I need all along.

Good for him

I got news that one of the boys that used to work for us, Art,  is now in Riyadh to earn a living for his small family of four. This makes me proud because even though our working relationship is short-lived, he is now working in the same industry: food business. When we hired him, he was just out of high school which means he did not have any work experience. I am sure he is able to apply everything that he has learned from us from personal hygiene to food service to catering skills like skirting to cooking even. He is there to save money so he and his wife (a former crew from our restaurant, too) can soon build their own house.

Planning for your Vacation?

Monday, December 07, 2009


If you are planning for your annual family vacation next year, you might want to consider  one of the destin fl hotels. Just look at that view! The beach stretch is one of the most beautiful in the world! Each hotel and resort are fully equipped for that vacation you dreamed about. There are activities and food that your family will surely enjoy.

Someday, I want to go to Florida to experience this first hand.

Klaire’s Pedia Visit


Abi’s well-baby check-up was scheduled on November 24. She was also scheduled to have her measles vaccine shot. We were number 4 on the list when we arrived only because the first three kids came together. We were a little too late hehe. And then Dr. A got stuck in heavy traffic jam so we had to wait for more than an hour. Our little K loves people-watching; she likes it when she sees people, especially kids, around. Just do not touch her, LOL! When the nurse had to take her temperature and measurements, she started crying. She is now 8 kilos; she gained 700 grams from the last weigh-in! And she grew 3cms :) She was cheerful the whole time we were waiting for the doctor. All that changed when we entered the office. I still  believe that K remembers Dr. A and he would poke needles at her every time we visit. She’s at the stage when she’s nangingilala (she only prefers me and Aiza; only me when we’re out!) and she was extra anxious at the doctor’s. Doc A even had a hard time listening to her chest and back! It goes without saying that she was squirming when I had to put her on the table, on her tummy so the nurse and doctor can inject the vaccine on her butt. Major cry-fest! Anyway, she was given the a-ok stamp, we just have to look out for those rashes on the face :)

They are going on a trip

A friend is doing a cross-country trip with her family and they will have a few days spent in South Carolina. She asked me if I have an idea where they can stay for the short period. I told her to check out myrtle beach vacation rentals and she might like it. The rates are quoted on a weekly basis (cheaper than hotel rates, if you ask me) and the units are fully furnished already. I am sure her kids will enjoy the stay!

Changing permissions

I dunno what got to me but I had the sudden urge to put my Flickr photos into private mode where only friends and family can see. I’ve been contemplating on doing this for weeks already and decided to do it now. Maybe I am just trying to find an excuse to not work yet, LOL! Hey at least that can be considered a productive activity, eh?!

Anyway, I will still share pictures publicly but only when I am able to put watermarks on them. Kuya J and Mom are already in my ‘family’ list. For the rest, friends included, please sign up to Flickr using your yahoo account and add me up – it won’t take too long and you need not use it to store photos – so you can view pictures :)


Gift for Klaire

Christmas is not turning out to be what I imagined it. Well, I am still thankful for the blessings that came and are still coming our way but there are things beyond our control that came late this year. We haven’t bought any decorations yet! We also still do not have gifts for the family, even for K. I would have wanted to buy her a new pair of earrings and probably a Gold Initial Pendant, similar to this one, she can wear to her party. But I guess all those will have to wait. We are buying her a nice dress for Christmas, and that’s about it.

Anyway, there is still next year, when Abi will be more appreciative of the season :)

Sensitive skin

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Our little Klaire is not sickly. What worries me the most about her right now, though, is her sensitive skin. She is prone to insect bites and when she is bitten, the skin is left with an ugly mark (which I know will eventually fade anyway). And then there are the rashes, on the face! When the weather gets hot, her face would turn red with rashes. It does not help that when she is cranky, she rubs her face with her hands or on pillows and blankets which irritates the skin more, and her crying makes her face even hotter. The rashes would go away when its cold so her Pedia did not prescribe any ointment.

Last week, we stayed in the wake longer than we should. Ane texted that we should be going home already because the baby started to get really fussy, looking for me. Probably because of too much crying, when we got home Klaire’s face was red with rashes and there were two scratches that turned into wounds. Poor baby. I cannot even let myself take her picture because I don’t want this face in our memory.

Today I noticed that the rash is slowly drying up and going away. I really hope it goes away soon! Sigh.

Getting my groove back

Friday, December 04, 2009

I had very limited internet time for the last few days. It meant just checking my emails, that’s about it.  We travelled daily for an hour or so, one way, since Saturday to be at Tatay’s wake. By the time we would get home, I was too tired to even turn Santino on. We also left Klaire at home 3 out of six times, so it was QT with her before bedtime. We’d get home really late and she would still be up waiting for me, poor baby.

I missed a lot of things and I am having a hard time getting back on track. I’ll try my best to post those backlog stories.