Satisfied cravings?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just the other day, I listed “salad” as one of the current cravings. By that, I meant salad from TGIF because my taste buds were looking for that salad dressing served in Friday’s. Mom called on Thursday and said we could meet her in Galleria but we will  have to go somewhere else while she had her dinner with some friends. I was giddy and insisted that we go to Friday’s for an after-dinner snacks. Of course I ordered Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and we ordered the appetizer plate with Buffalo wings, potato skins and Mozzarella something.

If you think I was satisfied, wrong! Well, the salad dressing was what I was looking for but the ugly chicken strips negated the dish! They were thin, dry and overcooked, hard-to-chew and did not look grilled at all – more like grilled during lunch but no one ordered, re-heated on the grill in the afternoon but was still left behind and finally we ordered so they just had to throw it in the microwave because we won’t notice anyway. Hmp. Now if I got it my way, I would have complained. The potato skins were also cold already when brought to our table. Surely, our money is worth than just dry and cold food, right? Our time was limited and the branch just got lucky we were not in the mood to argue and that at least we enjoyed looking outside the store, at the people waiting for cabs.

So yes, I want another salad soon!!!!!!!!