Karma will find its way to you…

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I was out practically the whole day yesterday that when I got back home, I was a bit surprised with the conversations and thoughts in my private Twitter and in Flickr. A friend, also Ane’s friend’s wife, got scammed by someone she trusted and considered a friend ($2k!). Now this is an ugly subject to discuss in this season of joy and giving but “Jao’s” wife lost the last strand of patience and I understand where she is coming from. We’re talking about six months of broken promises and that is not funny.

I believe in karma. I hope that the “friend” realizes that all materials things will potentially get lost but trust and dignity are hard to regain.


Mae said...

i can relate.
i gave away $1k (but at least it was for a good cause). but still, I am not sure if i was tricked or what..

yes, i believe in karma.