Apples and Plastic bags

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I was going through my feeds this afternoon and I stumbled upon a question:

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

So I pondered.

I remember hanging plastic bags by the window after dinner on the 24th. We cannot even afford to buy Christmas stockings. We would then go to sleep and the parents will wake us up for the Aguinaldo mass. By the time we're back from the church, our plastic bags would be filled with an apple each, and something else we didn't ask for. Back then, apples were only available during December. We were nice kids all year long but Santa never gave us what we wished for. And yet we never questioned why our cousins got better gifts (we used to live in the same compound as our maternal relatives). Plus our Christmases were always uber happy sans the perfect gifts.

How about you, what's your favorite Christmas memory?

ps. When we moved to a new home, Santa stopped coming over because our house had window grills and we didn't have a chimney. LOL!

It's been good.

December has been good to me -- financially wise. Maybe because I actually took the time to hunt for opportunities. I'm happy because I am able to offer hubby some help in buying Baby Dot's stuff (since I was also able to stop myself from too much online shopping). For that I am very thankful. The downside of it all, though, is that I seem to have zeroed-out my energy for entry writing. I've reached the point of burn-out. I've experienced this before so I'm sure this is just a phase. I just don't know when it will pass, hehe.

Must be the hormones, again.

On a sunny note, all things are looking up! The year 2009 is looming over us and I'm excited. I wonder what the new year will offer us. Aside from welcoming our first-born, will I continue with this little "online business"? Will I grab a small business opportunity? Will I get accepted to a post I applied at a this company? Or will I stay at home while the Princess is still a baby? Only time can tell.

Whatever the Heavens will send my way...

Home Alone

As I said in my previous post, the husband is out. He is with his parents at Nurture Spa, Batangas for Jon and Len's wedding. Hubby is the Best Man while my in-laws are both Principal Sponsors. I would have gone with them (I love weddings!!) but my OB allowed me to go on three conditions, that:
  1. I take Duvadilan before the trip to relax my tummy and avoid contractions;
  2. We don't get stuck in traffic jam for too long; and
  3. I should be able to take the weather and not get sick.

Number one is easy, I just need to pop the pill, right? But the next two are beyond my control. We could leave early and avoid the jam but I definitely cannot say I won't get sick from the sudden change in temperatures (I heard it's windy over there). I wouldn't risk getting sick when 35 weeks pregnant (I hated the feeling when I got sick a few weeks ago).

So yeah, I am home alone. It makes me paranoid that I have no one to bring me to the hospital in case of emergency. My brothers are in QC and my parents are in Bulacan (about 15 minutes away from here) but I'm not sure if they're home at the moment. All I can do is pray that I won't have an emrgency. :)

I'm still backing up files, that's relaxing enough. But then the neighbors are too noisy (too loud a music and kids screaming here and there), sigh...So much for a relaxing afternoon. I knew the band practice this morning was a bad sign, ugh.

Backing up

After all these months, I finally got the chance to back up the files in my external hard drive. And I'm blogging now while waiting for the copying and the burning to finish. I have lots to burn to CD's today, having about two year's worth of data just saved in my ExHDD and our PC here at home. Bad practice, I know. It's like delaying getting a mortgage life insurance. The analogy sucks, yeah, but I am quite sure I would have died if I lost all of my files, LOL!

I was literally pushed to back up today because just this week, I realized my ExHDD only have about 700mb free space! I couldn't even save a new layout, hah! And I got to sit down on it only today because I can monopolize the PC, now that Ane is out and won't be back until this evening, hehe. Screw Cabal, LOL!

Why I am home alone, I will share in the next post :) I'll just set-up the next burning session...

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've lost the energy to blog. Blog burn-out? Probably. I just find myself too tired to write entries. I have a pregnancy update (and other things) to share though. So while I'm declaring a blog holiday (for now), I just might drop by again before the year ends, especially that I will be left home alone on Dec27.

Enjoy the long break, guys, and the feast/s (eat for me , okay?!!?). And pray and be thankful! See you around!

All set?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm currently on my 33rd week (34 tomorrow! And it's my OB visit too!) and I'd like to think we're all set, well almost. We'll just have to buy some basic toiletries for the hospital and found out just last night that we need to buy crib mattresses! Last Thursday, we bought some stuff for Baby Dot, particularly long-sleeved shirts as it's gonna be really cold come January-February, and some sheets for the cribs. And another going-home outfit since the one we bought is too big. Gotta wash those new purchases soon! We're done with the documents that we might need for the hospital, we're just waiting for January to request for Ane's updated Philhealth contribution certificate.

Over the weekend, we did some house cleaning. Like Chikai, maybe I'm nesting too! The purchase of the cabinets probably triggered it as I've been really lazy I'm dragging my fat ass around. I needed a lot of help because now, it's hard for me to bend over and pick up stuff &/or wipe things/floors. I'm just glad that I was able to ask Ane to stop playing Cabal for once! LOL! He willingly obliged 'coz he knows he'll never hear the end of it! So this is how our little pad (sleeping area) in Malabon now looks like:

We moved things around to make space for the cabinet. I put notes on the picture in my Flickr, click here to look. We didn't rotate the bed since the space is small we have to knock it down just to move it. Nice to look at when it's like this, huh? I wish we can keep it this way! LOL! And while we're at it, I'm sharing the other side of the picture above, our 'work area':

I also have notes. You know the drill :) I need to re-organize this side soon! Before we left for QC on Saturday, we accumulated a really large bag of trash, mostly boxes.

And then on Sunday, while Ane was at work, I took care of our room in QC with the help of the ward of course! We also moved things around and was able to throw two large bags of junk (where the h@#l did those come from?!?). No picture of the room this time because by the time I was done, I was already too tired and we had a 6pm mass to attend. Dot's cabinet is still downstairs because I'm letting the "factory" smell wear off first.

Overall, I had a very productive weekend (and tiring too!). The last few days, I've been catching up on rest because I know I will hardly get enough sleep when Dot arrives, hehe. Until my next mommy update! :)

Looking back...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have a long post about our weekend but decided to take a break first (I haven't even started writing it, and I'm sure I'm gonna cut the story short out of laziness, LOL!). I'm looking at old pictures and came across the photos of where we used to live in Sta. Mesa back in college.

I can't imagine how we fit in the small space, LOL! The computer area shares the space with the dining area, below the loft stairs. Imagine, liit noh? And I remember at that time, I was "introduced" to online Scrabble where I met The Wonderful man I now call Ane, and also the chatting. I remember my chat sessions with a US Navy man named Edward through ICQ. We used to correspond via emails. LOL! Maybe I can recommend the site to my single friends because I really think meeting people from other countries will widen their horizon, if you catch my drift. Hehe.

The search is over...

We started the search for the kiddie cabinet weeks ago but never really took it seriously. So on Thursday, after Ane's work, we went to SM North to check out if the cabinet we initially saw was still available. The cabinet was still on display so we asked someone if there are still stocks available. The guy was kinda hesitant to accommodate us saying the person in charge is not around at that time. I didn't take that as an excuse (syemps, the customer is always right, ayt?) so he had no choice but to find out himself. The guy was gone for about ten minutes only to inform us that the person in charge is not available so he's not sure if the cabinets are readily available too. I almost threw a tantrum because 1) He could have gotten a better answer than that and 2) Why would the person in charge be unavailable when it was only 630pm and still hours before the store closes? I was ready to call the supervisor but Ane stopped me as he started to walk away.

After I calmed down a bit, Ane made a deal with me: That we will check-out the stores in Caloocan the next day (Friday) and if we don't find anything we like, we'll go back to SM over the weekend to insist they order for us. Hehe.

And the search ended on Friday morning, after less than an hour of store-hopping on Maypajo Street :) Here's what we got, exactly the same design we found in SM:

We got two cabinets, for P800 less than the price at SM! And free "same day" delivery, too! That's P1600 savings! Steal!

I just had to quote the phrase "same day" because they failed to deliver on Friday afternoon. Turned out they only had one unit in stock left and they had to order for the manufacturer for another before they deliver. We spent our Saturday just waiting for the delivery, and was even worried they will not turn up. We got some preaching from my MIL, telling us why we paid in full, etc etc.

The cabinets came around 4pm and while being assembled, the delivery guy realized one of the panels of one of the cabinets is damaged. Argh. We couldn't do anything but just let them come back for another panel. But one of the cabinets was properly assembled, we were able to bring it to QC. And that's the one pictured above. The other cabinet was done the next day, before lunch.

Yes, there were problems with the delivery but I guess all is well that ends well, right? :)

Holidays are coming...It's Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am having an LSS moment. I am singing the Coke Christmas Jingle in my head...Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, nananana...It's Christmas! Hehe. I don't know what got me but I'm not really into Christmas this year (I'm not into the season but I so feel the Reason though). Maybe because I am more excited for the arrival of the Baby after the season :)

I am happy though that with reunions and get-togethers here and there, I am not restricted to eat! While others already think about what diet pill to take after the food-tripping, my OB allowed me to eat to my heart's desire! Yesiree!! :) Need to watch the sugar intake though. Doesn't matter, I still get to E.A.T!!!!

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, nananana...It's Christmas!

The Moon 13 Dec 08

I don't know if you noticed the Moon last Saturday. It looked so much like the image here. It was so beautiful, so full that I regret not having a camera with us.

We were on our way to Ane's badminton games in Battledore when I looked ahead and saw the amazing Moon.

Then on Monday, while watching the news, I heard that a lot of people flocked to the Pag-asa conservatory on Saturday to Moon-watch and wait for meteor showers. Pag-asa reported that the Moon was so near Earth at that time that it was really visible and big even without the telescopes! That explains it :) Hay sayang talaga, wala kaming dalang camera.

Slow yet productive morning

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Monday morning seemed to drag by. I woke up before 5am but was still very sleepy. I cannot imagine how I was able to prepare breakfast and Ane's lunch with my eyes practically closed. LOL! I did manage to stay up though, because the ward requested that I research something for her homework. She asked me to list down at least twenty drugs, who discovered each and write what each drug is for. Boring, I know. So while my tabs are loading, I decided to check out a friend's multiply site where she posted their recent trip photos -- what hotel in las vegas they stayed at, the food they ate, etc. Anyway, I thought the task of completing the list would be easy, but I was wrong. I gave up at number 13, LOL! Bahala na si Batman, it's her homework anyway, hehehe.

And then it was time to do bank errands with my brother (after bringing Mom to work). We went to four banks, and then a quick trip to pay bro's mobile bill and a meet-up with a buyer. I was hoping the bank trips would be a breeze, but no. Let's just say I got tired and even more sleepy waiting in line.

We got back home before noon and I decided to have lunch right away so I could rest. Now I'm blogging just to let you guys know that I'm still here. Hehe. My last post was on Wednesday and I had a very long weekend. I have so much to share! But I'll do that later. I need to catch up on some Zzzzzz's...Dot's kicking asking me to lie down already!

Laters!!! :D

What's with me?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yesterday, I was discussing with Ane the money I saved from my online "business". Then suddenly, he goes, "Go buy yourself a new laptop", in a very serious tone. Hhhuwaaatt?!?! Are you kidding me? If he told me that when I wasn't pregnant yet, then I would have asked him to accompany me to actually buy one TODAY. Hubby knows me too well. He knows I won't splurge that easily and that I will think things over before I decide on a huge purchase. I guess this is what motherhood has made me -- thinking of my Baby before my own.

That's a good thing, right? :)

Yen's QOTW 43

1. Do you like to read a book that is in movie format before you view the movie, or afterwards? It depends on which one I am able to catch first, but usually, I get to read the book first before I see the movie version.
2. Have you ever had a dream about being in a place you’ve never been, and days or years later, you end up there? Yep!
3. How do you dream… in black-and-white or color? In vivid color!
4. How many personal ‘fantasy worlds’ exist in your head? A lot! I daydream a lot, LOL!
5. What would you like to learn more about? Photography, Digiscrapping and Writing better.
6. What was the last family event you attended? I'm being anti-social, I don't remember the last big event! But Ane and I had lunch with my in-laws for their wedding anniversary about two weeks ago.
7. Have you told your Mom and Dad, lately, how much you love and appreciate them? Nope.
8. Too much to do, what do you do? Make a checklist according to priority.
9. Do you like to save ‘the best for last’? Yes, especially when it comes to food! Hehe.
10. Pick an online friend. Only ONE. Tell me something about her. A link to her blog/site so we can take a peek! I'd pick MAE, although I know her personally, we've been corresponding via the internet since she left for the US in September. I enjoy reading her blog entries and I like her writing style.

Join and read the rest here.

A few $$ richer :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I received some moolah in my Paypal this morning for a year of "service". Of course it made my day! And guess what came to my mind after I have confirmed the transfer?!!? Shopping!!! Not for me but for Baby Dot. Since learning of her gender, I was itching to shop for cutie stuff for her already. So I went online and browsed some stores:

Image from Gymboree. Ain't that a cutie pink girly dress? :D

And this one I found in Etsy, an owl onsie/romper paired with a cute mary janes!

But I can only look and not buy a this point. :D I need Ane's go-signal first! My sister is sending over a small box for Baby Dot (no idea when), so shipping would have been easy. I need to wait. I need to wait. Patience is a virtue. Breathe.

Anyway, we are going to the mall this Thursday so I'll probably be able to ease the shopping itch! For now, I need to stop browsing. Hubby is on his way home and I don't want him giving me "the look". Hehe. Ciao!

Why Edward is the perfect guy...

Got this from Reeyah (Hi gurl! Nice meeting you last Thursday!). I took the liberty to re-post it because of the Edward-fever, which hit me too! LOL! Swoon, ladies, swoon!


Few reasons why a lot of girls love Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

A normal guy would say:
"I love you, baby!"

Edward would say:
"You are my life now."

As you leave the house, a normal guy would say:
"Bye. See ya!"

Edward would say:
"Hurry back to me."

While you've gone far away, a normal guy would say:
"I miss you."

Edward would say:
"It's like you've taken half myself with you."

If you died, a normal guy would find another.
Edward would kill himself because life without you isn't worth living.

Dot is a good Baby :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm currently on my 32nd week. We went to my OB for the check-up. We left the house later than planned. We had to drop by TMC first to get an LOE from Maxicare. By the time we got to my OB's clinic around 930am, I was already fourth in line and Dra. A hasn't arrived yet (she was doing her rounds in the hospital). We were attended to a little past noon already. I actually fell asleep waiting, I'll tell you why in a bit.

Me, so far. I gained 3lbs from the last check-up three weeks ago, about 2olbs since pre-pregnancy weight.
Although the weight I gained is the prescribed weight gain, Dra. A said I should eat more (the healthy stuff, of course) because Baby's weight is now below average :( My tummy also got bigger faster, fundal height is now 31in. Dra. A also said it's nice I haven't developed stretchmarks yet, yay! But I noticed some small kamot marks below the navel, uh-oh.

I was advised to continue with Obimin and twice a day Anmun milk. And added a new vitamin, Iberet, an iron supplement.

We were also able to discuss "money matters" with her which actually relieved me since money talks make me uneasy. :)

Baby Dot, now. My prayers (and others' prayers) were heard because we found out today that Dot has spun to cephalic position (the music and penlight sessions worked!). Now, I am more excited to give birth knowing that everything is in place. Just hoping Dot won't spin again! We also confirmed that Dot is a GIRL! Dot is a Hamburger and not a hotdawg, as my OB puts it, LOL! I'm not running a guess-the-gender contest anymore, since Dot took this long to show, it seems anti-climactic already hehe. She's now about 4lbs and heartbeat is 140bpm.

Last night, I slept a little because her kicks were getting stronger. I was hurt and wanted to cry already. That's why I was so sleepy while waiting for Doc this morning. My mom said, it's better to feel her moving rather than not. She has a point right?

That's it for now. I need to rest now. I am just so elated Dot has been very good and that God is putting everything in place that my worries are slowly going away.

Ciao! :)

Lost and found

Ane "grounded" me because of what happened to my rings. So I was definitely disappointed that he did not allow me to join some of my fellow Bebots/Twittermates to an impromptu EB in Makati today. He just wouldn't budge, and I can't do anything since he was supposed to drive me there.

Although I was already tired and sleepy after the check-up (we waited for hours!), I was sulking on our way home to Malabon. Imagine my surprise when we got home...when I saw my precious rings lying on the coffee table!

We still haven't asked my MIL where they found it but maybe the labandera found 'em in one of my pockets! Super happy!! It's one of the good news that I received today.

The "punishment" is lifted, of course, albeit a little late, hmp. I hope I can join the Bebots in the next EB after Christmas.

@MEG, here's the answer to your comment, LOL!

Are you ready for Christmas?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

But ready or not, the Holidays are coming up! :) We are kinda tight this year so we are not giving away presents (a.k.a. magtatago sa inaanak, LOL!). Some of my friends understand that we are preparing for the arrival of Dot, and we are actually expecting presents from them, LOL, just kidding! :)

And I see that a lot of houses are already decorated with lights and Christmas stuff (Did you know that you can save more if you use led light bulbs?). Our is really bare, I tell you. It's not that we're not excited or the spirit isn't among us. We don't have decorations, just because. We're all adults here and that's probably why there's no "alarming" need to decorate.

Next year will probably be different coz it's going to be Dot's first Christmas. And I would want that to be special. :)

Baby Stuff for Baby Dot

Ane and I were delaying the shopping for Baby Dot until we have confirmed the gender (that's tomorrow hopefully!). But while chatting with my mom about last week, she mentioned that when she was pregnant with us, she would already prepare the hospital bags by the time she's 7months on the way. I seriously panicked since I'm already 30weeks then. I just had to drag Ane to the mall on Friday and buy the necessary stuff for the hospital (which I haven't washed until now...was supposed to wash today but it rained!).

Here's what we bought (generic whites and unisex yellow colors):
- Diaper Bag
- a pack Disposable diapers
- 1 dozen Cloth Diapers
- 3pcs sleeveless tie shirts
- 3pcs tie shirts with sleeves
- 3pcs receiving blankets
- 2pcs hooded towels
- 3pairs of pajamas
- washcloths
- bibs
- mittens
- booties
- a pair of onesie
- 2 pairs of rompers
- diaper clips
- wipes

And then some that are on my list:
- Bottle basket
- Bottle brushes
- Washable nursing/bra pads
- Formula dispenser (in case I get no milk)
- Cycles detergent
- Bath tub

We're definitely not yet done shopping although we already have: the cribs, Playtex drop-ins, Steam sterilizer (thanks to the Tabernillas) and carseat (thanks to the Luises).

On Saturday, I met up with my college girlfriends for lunch. They planned a mini-baby shower for Baby Dot! And we were gifted with a nursing pillow and additional cloth diapers (because we can never have enough!) from the Gamoses, a grooming kit (yay!) from the Cortezes, and a cute Precious Moments Gift set from the Ongs. Thank you, thank you, girls! Love you all!

My preciouuuussssssss...

It's been a week.
I feel so naked.

At first I was okay, thinking that I just left 'em on my dresser in QC. But when we got here on Monday night, I confirmed a nightmare...

I misplaced both my Wedding and Engagement rings!!!

And I can't seem to find them anywhere I look. I know they're just symbols but the sentimental value of the two rings are priceless, right? (I remember the feeling when my diamond studs got stolen, the pair is from my childhood and I was keeping it for my first daughter!). And it sucks that between Ane and me, I'm the one who lost the wedding ring first! Argh.

I'm still not accepting that I've lost my rings forever. I'm still hoping.

Hubby officially grounded me. But I'm hoping he'd change his mind since this is the season to meet friends and I'm not sure I'll still be able to go out after giving birth.

Cullenified :)

Of course, this post is about the current raves about Twilight, the movie. As I said in the previous post, Hubby allowed me to watch it! Yay for me! :) So we trooped to the last full show at Promenade on Thursday night. (Yeah, yeah, a week ago!) I liked the movie, but I like the book better. But it's good that the names in the book are given faces, it's easier for me to imagine :)

The vampires aren't pale, they're ghostly white! (too much foundation and the too red lips? huh.) But then again, I swoon and I can say, "Bite me Edward, please!". The Cullens are so beautiful and perfect they don't need Zyporex at all. And Edward? Those piercing eyes and all that he is, wow. Rob Pattinson played the role so well, I wish I was Bella (lucky girl!).

There are some parts of the book that weren't there. And the details weren't the same (ie. I was expecting a better Cullen mansion; the obvious ad placements in the movie = an old computer vs an MacBook). But I guess time and budget got on the way, and I'm just being OC about the small details, teehee. So if asked if I'll watch the movie again, yes I would!

I'm actually hoping I could read all four books again (Papita, let me borrow J's books!). And I'm currently reading the draft pdf file of Midnight Sun, to understand Edward better. But please I hope I am spared of the nightmares this time around. :)

Long Weekend

Monday, December 01, 2008

It is indeed. It's not over yet as today is a holiday (and it's our monthsary, too!! :)) and I'm already deadbeat (tired is an understatement). I'll do bullets first and expound later on. I can't sit long 'coz I've been getting cramps on the legs from too much sitting!

  • Late night movie with Ane and Brother R at the Promenade. We watched the LFS of Twilight and I'm glad the crowd is manageable for me :)
  • Was home just before 1am and I had to do my night rituals before going to bed.
  • Woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast. It was Ane's restday so I got to wake up later than usual.
  • Left the house around 830am, dropped my LBB at the MRT station and brought Mom to work.
  • Was at SM North at 9am! had to wait for an hour before the gates opened.
  • Was done baby stuff shopping just after 11am. TG for lists, although we were still confused finding some of the items. First time jitters? ;) We only got the most basic layette stuff for the hospital bags and some home necessities like baskets and containers and diaper bag get the picture,
  • Had lunch and looked for items in the "mommy list" but found nothing.
  • Went home and realized I could do some BF Digi Shooping :) So instead of napping, I browsed the net! Ugh.
  • Rotary meeting at night.
  • Was on the road at 9am to meet my college girlfriends in Megamall by 11am. We opened the mall, again, coz we there before 10am ;)
  • Lunch was care of our wedding Ninang Nana (Rissa's mom) at Dad's. Thanks!
  • It turned out to be a mini baby shower for Baby Dot! Yay! :)
  • What was supposed to be a lunch get-together extended until 5pm! Yeah, six hours of non-stop chatting. Was lotsa fun!
  • We dropped by QC to get Ane's badminton gear and I went with him to Greenhills.
  • I braved the crowds and got myself a new blouse and three house dresses I can use while in the hospital (yey, I can prepare THE bags now! after the stuff are washed though).
  • Was done in thirty minutes and I just watched the games at the courts.
  • We had late dinner with Mamita and Papita at Flapjacks in Theartermall (will do the review later) and a coffee cap-off (for them) at Starbucks afterwards.
  • Was home by 1am (talk about abusing my body, eh?)
  • Ane allowed me to sleep longer. So he woke me just in time for lunch :)
  • Lounged the entire day until, net browsed.
  • Took a nap and then prepared self for 630pm mass.
  • Dinner out (Jabi lang naman :)) because the in-laws weren't back yet from a reunion, so we didn't have food hehe.
  • Ane and I were on 'autistic modes' after. He played online while I finished a scrap page.
  • Started the day late again :)
  • Lunch at North Park with the in-laws.
  • Now blogging ;)
  • Later, napping :)
  • We're going back to QC after dinner tonight.

Investing in real estate

I read somewhere that that best time to invest in homes in the US is just about now. Although the sales of family homes have gone down remarkably, the Mortgage rates are going down according to USAToday. So a lot of families are looking into buying homes, rushing to get lower mortgages and getting their money's worth.

If you are looking for a new home Virginia, you might find helpful in your search. Reviews say they are very professional and easy to deal with. They are even willing to help you find a new home with a short notice, painstakingly offering to tour you in all available sites. Not only will they help you look into Richmond new homes, they will also point you to Virginia home builders for renovations if you have to.

If I were in the US and is already financially stable, then I would be off talking to a broker, LOL!