Apples and Plastic bags

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I was going through my feeds this afternoon and I stumbled upon a question:

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

So I pondered.

I remember hanging plastic bags by the window after dinner on the 24th. We cannot even afford to buy Christmas stockings. We would then go to sleep and the parents will wake us up for the Aguinaldo mass. By the time we're back from the church, our plastic bags would be filled with an apple each, and something else we didn't ask for. Back then, apples were only available during December. We were nice kids all year long but Santa never gave us what we wished for. And yet we never questioned why our cousins got better gifts (we used to live in the same compound as our maternal relatives). Plus our Christmases were always uber happy sans the perfect gifts.

How about you, what's your favorite Christmas memory?

ps. When we moved to a new home, Santa stopped coming over because our house had window grills and we didn't have a chimney. LOL!


Anonymous said...

sa probinsya, wala kaming mansanas, kaya usually, Sergs chocolate na egg-shaped ang laman ng lumang medyas (malinis naman) namin. hehehe.. and yep.. masaya na kami dun.. :)

Kaje said...

heheh simple lang ng buhay noon ano? ngayon kids count na... "i had more gifts last year, huh", heheh kilala mo yan? si Dudley harharharhar i wish life is as simple as that.

kakamiss din ang sergs ha, wala na yata niyan ngayon eh...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Dudley talaga!

yeah... nakaka-miss ang sergs ("ikaw pa rin.." TV ad).. buti nga may flat tops at curly tops dito.. :)