Baby Stuff for Baby Dot

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ane and I were delaying the shopping for Baby Dot until we have confirmed the gender (that's tomorrow hopefully!). But while chatting with my mom about last week, she mentioned that when she was pregnant with us, she would already prepare the hospital bags by the time she's 7months on the way. I seriously panicked since I'm already 30weeks then. I just had to drag Ane to the mall on Friday and buy the necessary stuff for the hospital (which I haven't washed until now...was supposed to wash today but it rained!).

Here's what we bought (generic whites and unisex yellow colors):
- Diaper Bag
- a pack Disposable diapers
- 1 dozen Cloth Diapers
- 3pcs sleeveless tie shirts
- 3pcs tie shirts with sleeves
- 3pcs receiving blankets
- 2pcs hooded towels
- 3pairs of pajamas
- washcloths
- bibs
- mittens
- booties
- a pair of onesie
- 2 pairs of rompers
- diaper clips
- wipes

And then some that are on my list:
- Bottle basket
- Bottle brushes
- Washable nursing/bra pads
- Formula dispenser (in case I get no milk)
- Cycles detergent
- Bath tub

We're definitely not yet done shopping although we already have: the cribs, Playtex drop-ins, Steam sterilizer (thanks to the Tabernillas) and carseat (thanks to the Luises).

On Saturday, I met up with my college girlfriends for lunch. They planned a mini-baby shower for Baby Dot! And we were gifted with a nursing pillow and additional cloth diapers (because we can never have enough!) from the Gamoses, a grooming kit (yay!) from the Cortezes, and a cute Precious Moments Gift set from the Ongs. Thank you, thank you, girls! Love you all!


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