Security Matters

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some random thoughts...

It matters to me that security is tight all the time. I am paranoid like that. This is coming from someone whose house once got compromised and broken into (long story). You can’t really blame me. So yeah, security ranks high in my list of considerations. Thankfully, my parents share the same views. We are currently doing our best to keep security tight in our school (which reminds me, there is a metal detectors sale we can check out should we need such items). There is someone who guards the gate and pupils can’t leave the school premises unless with a registered fetcher. Solicitations are also not allowed. Sometimes the parents themselves try to go around our security measures. That makes me sad and frustrated. I wish they will work with us instead in making sure their kids are safe.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I saw this image in my FB feeds:


It’s true isn’t it? Success depends on perspective. And one can never underestimate another person’s capacity to succeed because he will never know what the other will reap in the end. This is such a nice reminder never to compare where your accomplishments with others. To each his own.

Temporarily Disabled

Monday, June 11, 2012

A friend’s son suffered an injury while playing his favorite sport, soccer. He twisted his ankle over the weekend. This I heard after the NBA Eastern Conference Finals which went to Miami and the stunning loss of Manny Pacquiao against Tim Bradley. Indeed our weekend was full of sports news and happenings, eh? Anyway, there is no permanent damage to the boy. His doctor just suggested the use of one of those knee scooters so his ankle will not be forced too much while it heals. I wish he gets better soon.

Nice Vacation Home

Saturday, June 02, 2012

I was just browsing friend walls in Facebook when I came across a high school classmate’s newly uploaded photos from their vacation. As I cannot go on one in the near future, I vicariously went through friends (like this recent trip of theirs). Their family rented a villa up the mountains. The porch even have a wood-burning fire pit for those cold nights and I can just smell the pine trees around the house in my head! :) I will have to ask her about the details of their trip so I can plan based on their itinerary…when I am able to travel again.