Best Career in the world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I am currently a Full-time Mommy. I'm not kidding when I say it's a Full-time, round the clock thingy. My milk is just enough for Abi to feed directly from me -- I haven't expressed enough to feed her from the bottle. And she demands to be fed every two hours. I'm lucky when she falls asleep for 3 or more hours straight! Plus she refuses to be put down after feeding. She knows my smell and promptly wakes up when I transfer her to her dad or when I put her down in the crib. Otherwise, she'll go all red screaming. I am just so glad that I am past the sore-nipple stage, I can now do marathon latching without shedding a tear, hehe.

Motherhood is not without physical pains. This was proven when just last week, I had a hard time breathing because of this throbbing pain in my right ribcage, shoulder and neck (thus I was on blog hiatus for a week). I could not carry Abi long enough and I had to be upright most of the time to ease the pain. Ane went on leave for two days just to assist me. The pain went away, albeit not totally, before the three-day ultimatum arrived. See, Ane was about to bring me to the hospital when I called my OB and she told me to take Ponstan and apply hot compress, then observe for three days.

Being a first time Mommy is difficult. But believe me when I say I will never trade it for a sales career, or any other job in the world.

Abi Notes

So I won't forget:

First Time to cut nails - February 7, Ninang Odie helped :)
Cord stump fell off - February 11.
First Full Bath, First time to go out of the House, First well-baby check-up - February 14.
First Explosive Poopoo (believe me when I say it was really explosive, LOL!) - February 15.

These notes deserve a separate post each. How I wish I can get around to writing 'em! I'm still writing the birth story, I hope to finish it soon. With a demanding Abi and the desire to catch sleep, I'm able to write an average of six sentences a day. Kamusta naman yun?! :) Wish me luck!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hearts' Day is in two days!!! What are your plans? Ane and I have no plans whatsoever. Our days are now focused on Abi. We didn't even get to celebrate our 7th Hunnyversary on February 1 (we were still at the hospital, but Ane bought Ice cream, yay!). We're also considering the our budget constraints -- which reminds me Espee's insurance is about to lapse, I need to find free insurance quotes, and look at options -- quite limited if you ask me.

Anyway, Saturday will be Baby Abi's first visit to her Pedia and my post-natal check-up with my OB. It will be the first time we will be out of the house since coming home from the hospital. To say that I am excited is an understatement. I'm so looking forward to that! I just might be able to grab a latte from Starbucks, the first time in months!!!

So yeah, Valentine's will be spent at home after the check-up. But I'm not complaining :) It would be enough that my small family of three is together...

Paki-translate nga!

Pang-ilang Presidente ng Amerika si Lincoln?

I know, I know. There is no direct translation for this. But how do you ask a 5-year old kid this question?

Joaquin surprised his mom by saying "Lincoln is the 16th President of America." Apparently, they now study the presidents in school. We talked to Joaquin this morning and my sister was happy to announce the kid's new knowledge. But how do we prompt him to say what he knows?! Hehe.

La lang. Just sharing :)

And can I just say that he's so into history nowadays that he currently reads a History book for Fifth graders. LOL! Smart kid, eh? :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am currently on a break. Thank God Baby Abi is sleeping at the moment. We were awake (or I was awake) from 1am until 10am. I just couldn't get what she wants. I'm so sore I was crying (deep inside) with her. Before being a mom, when I become uncomfortable I would want to run away and hole up in any of the luxury hotel rooms around the city. But now, everything has changed. I'm all she got. And I'm doing everything that will make her a happy baby. It's frustrating sometimes but the reward is so much more. Just seeing my daughter makes everything soooo worthwhile.

She's been sleeping for close to three hours now and Ane will be home soon. Everything will be okay :)

Thanks Mae :) for always commenting! And to Chikai, I hope everything goes well for you and Li'l Munchkin. Ok lang ma-CS as long as it is safer for both you and the baby! Good luck on the next check-up! :)

A little rant...

Ane was checking his credit card bill online (the company send the billing via email) and was surprised there's a due. We know we paid off everything, we even pay the entire due before the due date. Turned out we missed about $1.50 when I paid the last time (I don't print the bill and just pay directly) and was charged around $10 as late fee and interest! What a bummer! When their reps call to follow-up payments when delayed by just a day, they didn't this time. Ano ito, ninegosyo kami?!?!

This is the same company that harassed me months ago. I swear we're gonna cut them off as soon as were done with the 0% installment dues Ane's friend used on his card. Hmp!

Thank you!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's been eight days since our little angel was born. It's been crazy out here but we're surviving, hehe. I only get very limited computer time (read: 5-1m minutes daily) so this is going to be a quick one.

Thank you to those who left messages and love here, in Twitter, Facebook and Friendster. I won't mention you one by one anymore, you know who you are.

Motherhood has been very enjoyable despite the physical pains that go with it. My CS wound is uncomfortable but tolerable. I'm taking off the dressing tonight and I'm off the binder for now. How I wish the wound will heal a bit faster so I can move more freely.

Ane is going back to work on Tuesday so I'm slowly trying to handle the Princess by myself. He's been very helpful in taking care of our needs and understanding of my demands, hehehe. We'll surely miss the short times he'll be away.

Baby Abi is doing well. She's purely breastfed so you can just imagine how demanding she could get. I think I have more milk now since she now sleeps longer, say 3 to 4 hours at a time. I am surrounded by very supportive people -- Hubby, My Mom, brothers, sister, Abi's Pedia & my OB (Husband & wife tandem) and Mommy friends -- in my desire and determination to only give the Baby what's best. Sure, it's really painful (painful beyond words I could only cry, more painful than my stitches in fact!) and frustrating but I'm getting by.

I have so much stories and picture to share, but that will be for another time. This is really just a shout-out to those who wonder what we've been up to.


She's here!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I gave birth via emergency C-section last friday. Will update you peeps soon! Still writing my birthing story :)

Ang sarap maging Mommy!!! :D