Abi Notes

Monday, February 23, 2009

So I won't forget:

First Time to cut nails - February 7, Ninang Odie helped :)
Cord stump fell off - February 11.
First Full Bath, First time to go out of the House, First well-baby check-up - February 14.
First Explosive Poopoo (believe me when I say it was really explosive, LOL!) - February 15.

These notes deserve a separate post each. How I wish I can get around to writing 'em! I'm still writing the birth story, I hope to finish it soon. With a demanding Abi and the desire to catch sleep, I'm able to write an average of six sentences a day. Kamusta naman yun?! :) Wish me luck!!


Mae said...

hahaha! 6 sentences a day is better than nothing! LOL! can't wait to read the birth story. :)

sana Badz could share his own story din.. first-time father! ;)