Aquino Center

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I forgot to share that we went on a quick trip to Tarlac in July to visit Mom. It was just a day trip but I was able to convince everyone that we can fit in a visit to the Aquino Center. So we did. We paid P100 per person, K entered for free. Taking photos inside was not allowed except for the lobby area.


Shot of the lobby by Ane. The items inside the museum are quite interesting. Each section highlighted the lives of Ninoy and Cory, as individuals, politicians, Filipinos and parents. History was laid out so visitors will understand it. Too bad our time was pretty limited. I could have read every caption made available. I am sure we will return. And when that happens, I hope we’ll have more time in our hands.

New Nurses

If you haven’t heard yet, the Professional Regulatory Board has released the results of the July 2010 Nursing Licensure Examinations on Friday afternoon. There are about 37,000 new nurses in this country who will take their oath soon.

Find out the topnotchers and a link to the results page posted by my friend Zanne.

And here’s a big shout-out to JABA for making it! We’re happy for and proud of you dear!

Her Collection, Her Investment

Lainey showed me a gold coin from her coins collections. It was her latest acquisition after having collected all coins from all the US States and some major cities around the world. She told me that she is upgrading her rare coins collection by starting to invest in gold and silver coins. Her financial adviser told her that this is the perfect time to invest in the precious metals since these does not depreciate, by the way the market is moving. The demand is really high while the supplies are slowly depleting. I am sure there will come a time that Lainey’s coins will multiply in value in the near future.

Another Pie Chart

I am, yet again, exposing my insanity for sharing this:


Because I will say that this happens to me all the time, LOL! I am probably the most boring person you’ll ever know because my stories are long & winding and I can’t deliver a funny punch line. Although in my head, the stories and jokes are properly organized I am not the most effective person to deliver them out loud. That explains the laughter of the voices in my head, I laugh at my absurdity. Hehe. Weird but true. And pathetic! :p

Panasonic LX5

The husband is aware that I am eyeing a new point and shoot camera.  I am just not that happy with my current one. I am not in a hurry though because 1) I have no budget for that yet, and 2) Ane is not convinced that I need a new one. I’ve always wanted to buy another Lumix (LX3) or try a Canon (S90). So imagine my surprise when upon checking my mails via phone, Ane sent me an email with the subject Panasonic LX5. Now, did he change his mind and is he seriously considering to get me a new camera for Christmas?



The email only had a link that I thought was a review, therefore I was not too keen on clicking it since I was just on my phone. I told myself I will just ask him. Ane arrived from work and I excitedly asked if he changed his mind.

Of course not, he said. He emailed to just inform me that there’s an updated model of the LX3 which is the LX5. And that the link leads to a gallery of sample shots from this camera. Talk about torture eh? That’s my husband’s talent :| LX5, you’ll be mine someday!

Pole Dancing

My usual Saturday evening tv fix is Talentadong Pinoy. This week, since it is the show’s 2nd anniversary, the contestants are celebrities. Arnel Ignacio played the grand piano. Kakai Bautista sang and performed. Jao Mapa painted. Nyoy Volante played different instruments. Alex Crisano rapped. Shalala did an impersonation in drag. But the biggest surprise was Ciara Sotto’s pole dancing! No wonder she won.


I was so amazed! Her routine was not slutty at all. She was full of grace and her movements were fluid. Now I know she goes to pole dancing classes because she would tweet about the bruises and all but I never realized that she is this good. I’d be happy to do even just half of what she can do, LOL! This is wishful thinking for me though, I probably won’t even be able to climb to start a routine, haha.

I am sure you can relate :)


This cracked me up because I can relate. It is not only with mothers but everyone in the car that I’m usually with. This happens to us all the time. Or for example, we listen to Chico and Delle’s Top Ten and then when they’re about to announce to hour’s number 1, someone (usually me! LOL!)  suddenly remembers something and would start blabbing about. Then all of us would miss the announcement altogether, haha. Annoying? Yes! LOL! 

*click image for source

Cozy Patio

Friday, August 27, 2010

A friend just shared an album of photos from their quick get-away within their city. She and her family just checked-in at the hotel the other day and their experience was so awesome that she could not wait to share the photos. I just finished browsing the shots and I must say that the lounge and pool area is amazing. The pieces of patio furniture all around are inviting. Makes me want to fly in, and lounge with a good book! Or to just laze around and chat with family and friends!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I was browsing my Flickr account looking for a specific picture (I’m reminded to tag my photos so i can easily find things!) when I chanced upon this shot of me taken in early 2005:



Look, I was still skinny I actually had cheekbones! LOL! I miss those days when I was considered a real skinny person! I wish I can be this thin again! This was of course pre-wedding and pregnancy weight. Am I asking too much especially that I am not working out these days and that I eat like a pig? LOL. I know the answer!

p.s. I suddenly miss that creole earrings! :(

On Laptops

The other day, my mom happily told me that the authorized service center replaced her laptop’s system board. Her transaction happened within two weeks and I thought, that was excellent service! Of course she is glad also when this happened sooner than she expected because she thought she would have to buy a netbook for her temporary use. Her problem started when the battery would not charge and it turned out that it was not the battery nor the charger that was the problem. Since we have the same laptop model and we bought our units at the same time, she asked me to have mine checked while it is still within warranty. Fine, I’ve had issues with the battery before but things got better when I bought my table and the unit does not heat up so easily anymore (deserves another post). Reading laptop reviews and also based from the service agent I once talked to, I found out that our specific model’s usually have problems with the battery pack and the charging. Maybe they’re not compatible with the entire unit? We’ll never know. Next time we buy another lappy, I’ll make sure to read the reviews first.

I scrapped!

It’s been a while since I last finished a page. Although, I’ve finished brag books, the other photos remained untouched. But just the other day, I found some time to create an LO. That was when I realized that I left this page unfinished months ago! Imagine I was so proud when I finally did finish, hehe:


Please visit my art blog (link on the left sidebar) to see the credits. I’ve also started another page and I will share that here once I’m done.

In a Few Days…

The –ber months are here! It also means the holidays are fast approaching. Last year, we did not put up Christmas decorations. I promised that this year, I will exert effort to at least buy and decorate a tree for the benefit of K. I am sure she will already appreciate the lights and the ornaments. I plan on buying C6 led christmas lights or something similar. LED lights can get more expensive but I heard they're safer, energy-saver and could last a long time. Maybe I should start canvassing for stuff already so I can avoid the rush, noh?

Yesterday’s Late Lunch

What I ordered from Mexicali:

chicken enchilada

Since Ane was not that hungry because he ate brunch, I had the say where we would eat before we went to the grocery. I’ve always wanted to try Mexicali so it was my chance. I ordered for Chicken Enchilada with Mexican Rice and Tomato Salad. There was nothing special about the food but I can say that it filled me and made my tummy happy.

Receipt Printer: BPA carrier?

A few weeks ago, a got a link for my e-group about the BPA content in today’s paper receipts. I used to think that Bisphenol A, commonly referred to as BPA, only concerns baby items such as feeding bottles and utensils. But it is actually present in some plastic items we use in our daily lives. It is known to be an endocrine disruptor which may lead to negative health effects. Now reading that BPA could be present on thermal heated sheets of paper kind of worries me because a lot of establishments use that kind of technology in their POS machines. I was going to raise this issue with my mom but I remembered that our epson receipt printer (which needs to be re-registered I think) at the store uses carbon films/ribbon to print. Anyway, I will try to research more about it and assess if this is really alarming or just blown out of proportion.

Back in Shape (after the Baby)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Klaire is almost 19 months old and I haven’t gone back to shape. Honestly, I am worse than before she was born and I am heavier now than pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve been planning to return to the gym but I guess life is being demanding these days. I know getting back on track is doable. I just need to fight off the urge to be lazy.

I found an article that lists down some ideas to return to that body after giving birth:

  1. Make exercise a priority;
  2. Take it slow, baby steps can go a long way too;
  3. Creativity is also a key;
  4. Form your support group; and
  5. Condition the mind that you can do it!

Now if only I have the will to actually follow these things!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I am currently experiencing physical pains here and there for the past week or so. I am not sure if its because of my poor posture when working, wrong sleeping position, lack of exercise or due to something internal. I would like to think that I only need a massage but that is a luxury at the moment since there will be no one to leave K with. The husband suggested that I go see a doctor soon. We have a medical coverage. It may not be one of those Medicare part D plans but I am sure our HMO covers consultations, laboratory tests, and of course hospitalization when needed (I don’t think I’ll need that last bit though!). I really hope the pains would go away without me having to do anything. Else, I will be forced to see the doctor which I am not too excited about.


We were out practically the whole day. We visited my hometown to have lunch and celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. It’s nice seeing relatives from my mother’s side. We weren’t complete but we had fun anyway. Badong was not able to join us. And by now you already know that K is usually anxious when we’re out of the house and would not let anyone hold her except me. She loosened up a bit after a few hours and played with my brothers and cousins. But I still got tired. Tired is an understatement. I have a long night ahead. | Contest

Monday, August 16, 2010

My friend Faye of is having a contest right now :) I think it is for her birthday :) The contest is open to international readers, yay! :) She is giving away these:

1st price - Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch

2nd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

3rd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)


And this is how one can earn points:


1. Subscribe to her feed via email located at the right side bar of the site (REQUIRED) - 1 Entry
2. Blog about the contest along with the Prizes {You MUST include the Prizes and her link}- 5 Entries
- If you have multiple blogs, much better. Each blog post along with the Prizes -5 Entries.
3. Leave a comment in this post telling her what you did and give her the link of the blog post. 1 Entry.
4. Comment to any of her posts between August 8,2010 and Sept 8,2010 and you’ll have 1 entry each comment.

She will announce the winners on September 18! :D

Tempura Eat All You Can!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I received an invite from a college barkada via FB and I thought of sharing it here also. Somehow, this excites me because of all shrimp dishes, Ane can only tolerate Tempura otherwise his allergies will act up. But he’s still thinking if we should go. This is in celebration of Saisaki’s Anniversary.


tempura eat all you can!

I think this is already a steal. Add about P200 and you get to eat from the full buffet. Better reserve now because I am sure people will flock to the branches to enjoy this promo. Click on the image if you need the phone numbers of the branches nearest you.


My Saisaki Personal Trivia: I vividly remember my first year HS Grammar teacher, Ms. Asa  would treat students to a Saisaki dinner if they did well in class. We had to work hard to learn 50 new words each week to add to our vocabulary. Toxic but fun times! I never won a dinner slot but I will forever remember Saisaki because once upon a time, I was slaving to learn new words just to be able to experience eating there (my family could not afford it!). I realized though that better than the goal of tasting Japanese food is wider vocabulary :)

Lights Please!

I mentioned in my main blog about our need for a plumber. Then I realized we also need an electrician or a handyman to fix the kitchen lighting because the lights aren't working anymore. I am not sure if it’s just the fluorescent lamp (if it needs to be changed) or the wiring. This house needs a lot of repairs, I tell you! We need to schedule the expenses so we won’t get too overwhelmed.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I didn’t have midnight snacks tonight so my mind wandered off to last night’s late night food. My brothers, Ane and I agreed to have food delivered AND not order from the usual fast food menu. We decided to try the service of quickdelivery (2121212) and order from Cyma. It was a bold choice because the boys haven’t dined in Cyma. I’ve been craving their Spinach and Artichoke Fondue and I added Chicken Kabobs which is a safe choice IMO. I placed the call around 935pm

My thoughts:

1. The website (where we checked the menu) is user-friendly.

2. I opted to call the hotline instead of ordering online, so we need not register anymore.

3. It took several rings before the agent picked my call.

4. The agent was TH in English it was embarrassing. I wanted to tell him that it is okay to speak in Tagalog (I was speaking to him in Tagalog but he would respond in his TH-trying-to-have-a-twang English.

5. The food arrived more or less an hour from the time of my call, which is their commitment.

6. The food were in microwaveable containers and were not as hot as I imagined them to be. The food were still warm though, which is good enough for us.

7. The quality of food did not deteriorate.

The boys enjoyed the food, I was relieved! Overall, the experience was pleasant and we’ll most likely try the service again.

No Reason to Fret!


The past week or so has been really tiring. I am given the chance to take care of K 24/7 after A suddenly left. Though I am not complaining, sometimes I just need a short break (don’t we all?). So yes, I love taking care of my daughter. Work and internet time was shortened but I am still happy I still have tasks to do that can earn me a few bucks. Earnings may not be as much as when I have someone to assist me with K, but earnings just the same.

Really, there is no reason fret and go on brooding. I am blessed in more ways than one :)

**click image to view source

University Soon

My cousin is on her last year in High School. As far as I know, she’s already applied to some of the universities in Manila. I haven’t had the chance to chat with her but I am sure she’s doing well in her search. And besides, she’s an intelligent girl so I am certain she’ll land into something that she really likes. I am not sure also if she considered or even tried to research online degrees. See, I once mentioned to her that there are certain websites that actually publish guides for future students whether they want to study online or in-campus. I can’t wait to hear of her decision!

Very Long Engagement

I was kind of surprised and amazed that a wedding coordinator friend actually received an inquiry for a February 2013 wedding. My initial reaction was: “That’s already how long brides these days start planning for their wedding?!”. While I have nothing against those who prepare early – ours was 11 months in the making – I still find it amusing to hear a very long engagement. I just really hope the couple is also preparing for the marriage and not just the wedding, because honestly, more than two years from now is too long a time and a lot of things are still bound to happen.

Addendum: Too Young?

I suddenly realized I have more thoughts about this post that I forgot to mention earlier.

Since I said Odie and I have been friends for 15 years, I’ve been to their house many times over. We’d hang out in their place and it also became our thesis headquarters. So I know her pamangkins, M and J since they were toddlers (heck, possibly even when they were still in diapers)!

So there. It is different when you’ve seen a teenager from the time they were still pooping in their nappies then realizing later on that they’re already dating! As compared to a teenager who you just met, KWIM?

Waaahhh! Makes me want to freeze time and just hold my toddler K…

United States Gold Bureau in FB

Guess which company is already in Facebook and has a page? It’s the United States Gold Bureau! I am actually not surprised because the question these days is actually "Who IS NOT in FB?" The social networking site has become the all-in-one, one-stop shop online website where almost everyone converges daily. So really, it is not surprising at all that even an authorized dealer of US mint is found there. If you are looking for news and information about precious metals, USGB is the site to visit since it is the leading resource site in the industry. It also sells precious metals while also giving sound advice to clients.

Not yet in FB? I think it’s about time you sign up too! You’ll be hooked in no time!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



1.  Klaire saying yesh (yes), pis (please) and beybi (baby) :)

2. Finishing a book: Love the One You’re With. (I cried reading the ebook!)

3. Ane’s recognition at work.

4. Birthday parties.

5. Seeing friends.

6. Joaquin reciting “Bahay Kubo". So cute, and his accent cracks me up!

7. Cyma midnight snack with the boys. I’m glad they liked the food!

8. Klaire’s September 23 schedule. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll get approved.

9. McDonald’s French Fries.

10. WORK! Even if I have to take care of Klaire 24/7 after Aiza left :) No complaints! I love being a Nanay!


If you want to know how this meme started, click on the image :)

Vaio Give-Away

I know I blogged about it here and in my geeky blog but I was not able to join to contest. It totally slipped my mind to finish the entry! Someone left a comment in my other blog and asked if I knew who won. Unfortunately, I am also clueless. I checked the website  and announcements should have been made yesterday (or the ninth), but there’s none. I’m sure it’s not a scam since Sony is a reputable company. Maybe they’re just delayed for some reason?

Nice Collection of Coins

John has started collecting coins since he was young and single. Today, his wife joins him in his quest for new coins to add to their growing list. You will find all imaginable coins from different currencies and denominations. Most recently, they decided to level up their stuff by starting to collect gold coins too. This is like hitting two birds with one stone: their loot is growing, and at the same time, they are investing their money on something that truly appreciates through time. Financial analysts have agreed that gold is a sound investment at this time. John and his wife believe that they are putting their money into a worthy investment.

Midnight Snack

Since my “shift” is graveyard, when K is already asleep, I find it necessary to eat after dinner and late at night. Else I won’t be able to make it till morning (exagg!) or will have to make do with coffee. Ane would bring me home food about once or twice a week (depending on his mood, LOL!). One time, he handed me this to-go bag:


In it was a Black Angus Burger! My digestive system is not too keen on beef so I was debating whether to eat it that night or wait until the morning. It being a burger from Charlie’s (and me being a glutton, haha), I obviously chose the former. Yummy! And I was fine the whole night, I just had to wait a few hours before I slept.

A Charlie’s branch recently opened along Ortigas Avenue and I am just glad that it is nearer to us compared to the original one in Kapitolyo. At least it is easier to go to. I cannot wait to try the other items on the menu!

Too Young?

You know how it feels when you seem stuck in a period of time? That’s what happened to me over the weekend! So we attended my inaanak Leisha’s party on Saturday. Her mom is a dear friend from college so our friendship spans about 15 years (yes, I’m old!). One of our conversations went something like this:

O: oh, there’s M (O’s niece), her boyfriend is here!

Me: What?! She has a boyfriend? How old is she anyway?!

O: 16!

Me: Isn’t that too early?!

O: And guess what J has a girlfriend and the girl is also here! (J is M’s brother)

Me: Oh my, how old is he again?!

O: 14!

Me: They sure start early huh, this generation?! (Suddenly scared for my Klaire, swearing she can’t leave the house without me until she’s of age to marry! LOL!)


Badong was amused and just had to butt in…


Badong to Me: How old were you again when you had your first boyfriend, Ne?!

Me: 16! (Oooopppsss!!)

Badong: There. No wonder your parents were freaking out then! Now you know how they must have felt!

Me: :-|


Yes, I am officially old (and old-fashioned)!

Not Too Late for Beauty School

Even if Danielle has a business degree and a job that sufficiently pays the bills, she is not totally happy. She feels constrained with the monotony of her daily routine that she wants to break from it. For the longest time, she knows that a career in the beauty industry will make her feel more fulfilled. So she decided to enroll in a beauty school in Wichita and her lessons will start before the year ends. She knows in her heart that her decision is right especially that the school she chose is one of the best in the industry. Danielle’s case is an example of a never-too-late situation. She knows she will be alright chasing her real dreams.

Mild Stroke

We were kind of wondering why Kuya Kim was not in today’s Showtime Live Episode. I follow his tweets and he did not mention last night about his absence today (Vice Ganda is also currently on leave). We left the house for a quick errand to the bank and when we got home, there are tweets already that Kuya Kim suffered from mild stroke this morning. This saddens me even if I do not know him personally. And it baffles me that someone as active as him, and young too, would suffer a stroke. Based on the tweets early this afternoon, he is still in the hospital and his vital signs are okay but we still need to pray for his speedy recovery.

This is also a reminder that we need to consider each day as if it was our last. Be thankful. Share. Love. Hug.

Have a blessed hump day!

Ginatang Munggo

For the longest time, my taste buds were looking for arroz caldo but I never got the chance to buy or cook some. We were killing some time on Saturday and dropped by the supermarket where they sell merienda stuff. I was just too happy to see arroz caldo being sold there. But I was giddy when I saw that ginatang munggo is also being offered. It being my all-time favorite Filipino snack, I went for it instead.

However, I was disappointed to find out that they used red mung beans instead of the green ones. Yes people, the traditional ginatang munggo recipe uses green beans. The one I bought on Saturday did not have that distinct smell of an authentic ginatang munggo :(

I suddenly miss my Mom who would painstakingly prepare the dish, especially when I was pregnant. It is not easy and no wonder it is not usually served in restaurants!

I will share the recipe next time! :)

New Sheets

I have saved my target amount for K’s account and I am mighty proud for having done so. It’s not much but that’s already a feat since I am not used to saving (bad, I know!). Anyway, after setting that aside, I am now saving for Christmas or anything that we need. I am eyeing new bed sheets and pillow cases like this one I found in the matouk page:


Who wouldn’t want 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets?! That would be heaven! I wish this set will go on sale during Black Friday. That would be totally awesome and I will not think twice to grab a set!

Organizing Files

Monday, August 09, 2010

I’ve been blessed to be working at home. Job requests have been pouring in since early this year (I’m lying low for now though because I have no one to assist me with K). If you must know, I have several “bosses” I work for every now and then. To avoid getting confused, I created a system: listing the tasks and the accounts. I realized that the system is not sufficient to keep me organized. I failed to foresee what might happen now that I have lots of documents and files to keep. I think I need a document management system already. I haven’t sorted then yet into folders. I need to remind myself to start doing that once I have more time in my hands.

A Motorcycle is NOT a Car

Another disturbing (at least for me) image on the road:


This was along Roxas Blvd and they also turned left at Qurino. Yes, that’s an entire family tandem-riding on a motorbike! There were six of them: 3 adults and 3 children. Notice that only one of them was wearing a helmet. I could not take a more decent picture because Ane was just too careful not to drive beside them. It looked like the bike can lean on the passing cars anytime because they were too heavy.


I really wish the parents are more responsible. Don’t they know the dangers of such action?

Skin Lesson

If you experience dryness and recurring skin rashes, you just might be suffering from eczema. It is a chronic skin condition as opposed to a regular dermatitis which is considered acute although a lot of people interchange the two terms which are also often classified together. It may have resulted from allergic reactions that are genetic in nature or the skin is simply too sensitive and gets irritated so easily. It cannot be totally treated but recurrence may be avoided by moisturizing the skin and avoiding known allergens. Lastly, it is not contagious.

Look, We’re on a Flier! :)

This is not a real toot but it just made me smile to see us on a flier :) That’s us at the upper right hand corner :)


Fotoadik was the photo booth supplier for Klaire’s birthday. That souvenir layout and backdrop design was mine :) Anyway, Fotoadik has another promo to celebrate their first year in the business. Check out the rates if you want to consider them for your parties.


He decided to be free from his addiction. He just finished with an opiate detox program in Malibu and he plans to be clean for the rest of his life. He knew he needed to change for his wife and kids. He realized that life is more meaningful when the body is drug-free. He is reborn and a party was set to celebrate new life.

The Decision was Yours

When you left, it was a decision you made. No one forced you to stay. Although it was requested that you wait for a replacement, still no one forced you to stay when you insisted to leave. You were giddily excited to marry, or at least move-in with your supposed significant other. Now getting married is a life-long decision. You probably do not know yet but the honeymoon period most certainly ends. That said, I hope you never give unsolicited advice (ie. “If I were you, I’d marry also”) based on a day or two of “experience”. Don’t drag others into making the same decision as yours. Own the life you chose and let others live theirs the way they want it. Good luck.

It’s Raining!

The rainy season is making itself felt these days. I know I complained about the Summer heat few weeks ago and could not wait for rain to come. But when it pours heavily, I can’t help but worry – I obviously do not want another Ondoy! And because it’s been raining, the pool can’t get enough pool filters! I noticed that the kids (and adults) don’t go swimming as much as they did, even if the rains would stop in the morning. Maybe because they’re afraid to get sick or the pool is not ready to be swum in. I miss the afternoon shrieks by the poolside. Will have to wait for next summer, I guess.

(Thought bubble: How the heck are we going to use up all three packs of swimming pants I bought for K?! LOL! I will probably just sell them!)

Unsafe Joyride

On Saturday, we had the chance to drive through Manila via R10 to Makati. It was one of those rare times, because we usually ply EDSA. And then we saw these teenagers riding the back of a pick-up truck, appallingly unsafe:


I am not saying that this only happens in Manila. It was just a coincidence for us to share the road at that time. I wonder if the parents of these kids know about it? I am quite sure also that this is against the law but we passed by several traffic enforcers and not once were they apprehended. The vehicle was still unregistered so no plates to report but the panels (front and doors) label it to be a barangay property. Now I failed to take a picture of that side because Ane drove by them quickly, and I was not able to note it too.

Oh well, I just wish adults will become more responsible and never allow kids to travel like this.


Friday, August 06, 2010

After the promotion, here comes recognition. My Ane made me proud yet again. He texted me yesterday afternoon sharing that he was chosen to receive a company-wide award. The award will be given to 61 individuals chosen from the 600 nominees. There are gift certificates, a trophy and money reward that come with the recognition. These are just little extras because we’re happy enough that his performance at work was given importance. The awards night will be on the 17th, and I must find a dress to wear! I am also thinking of gifts for the husband but he just bought a nice pair of shoes last week (for the promotion). I can probably window shop for men's polo shirts but as far as I know he’s eyeing a computer upgrade and a new game. I’m still debating in my head whether I should give in to that request. He needs to convince me big time, LOL!

Anyway, we thank the Lord for showering us with blessings. July was also a good month for me, work-wise. Truly, God provides! :)

Love Quote

I shared this in the main blog and I just realized I have not shared it here too. True, true, true:




Let’s spread the love even if it’s not Valentine’s Day :)

Before We Know it, Christmas is Here.

It is already third quarter of the year. I can say it over and over again, that time is passing by too fast. I’ve started to save up for Christmas so we can give gifts this year. It has been an amazing year so far and a lot of people deserve to be thanked this coming holidays. Then I already need to plan for the holiday cards we can send out this year. Last year was photo-less so I am hoping we can make it different this year. And this reminds me that we still have an unused gift certificate to a photo studio. Klaire got it as a gift for her birthday but sadly, we haven’t gotten the chance to schedule a session. Must put that in our calendar.

What Kind of Blogger am I?

After doing my Adgitize rounds last night, I realized that I am a meek blogger, always trying to be safe about things that I say here and in my other blogs. I am not as bold as the others who have the tendency to attract angry readers that bombard the comments sections. I even stay away (or at least try to stay away) from politics, religion and all other hot topics because I don’t think I can handle arguing with people who don’t share my views. Is that good or bad? For now I cannot really tell. While I agree that some topics generate much needed traffic, I am not sure I am ready to take that path yet.


We started a project, well at least we started planning for it. It is considered a short term project and I really hope we can get on with it soon. There is a small spot that we have no idea what it is for but I have this feeling it is for a fireplace rather than a cabinet. But why would there be a need for a fireplace in a tropical country like ours? Even outdoor fireplaces won't be needed in this climate. For now we’ll focus on the drawing board…and finding the resources of course!

Images are Not Loading

I am not sure why it happens but images won’t load when I browse using Chrome. I cannot exactly say it has something to do with our internet (which seems to have slowed down after typhoon Basyang) because the images load perfectly when I switch to Firefox. Can it be because of my extensions? I checked my active extensions and I can’t figure it out. I wish I have more time to tinker and research but I am trying to squeeze some work while the little girl is napping. Please comment on this post if you have an idea! :D

Franchise Ice Scramble?

I blogged about a month ago about a childhood street fare that we now get to enjoy without having to worry about Hepa: Ice Scramble. I am not sure if kids these days know of this shaved ice treat. But I guess parents should let the kids try it despite the sugar rush that comes with it, if only to let them experience it :) Here’s a photo of the glorified Ice Scramble available in the mall:

ice scramble with mallows


When I first tried it, I asked the lady manning the booth if they franchise the brand already. Maybe I asked the wrong person because she said no. Interestingly, my brother is in the same online community as the business owner and it was announced in the group that indeed franchising is available. Now let me tell you this, I don’t care if this is just a fad or anything but I think this is one of the best franchise opportunities in the food cart industry today. Given the chance, I will grab the opportunity to invest and find a good spot to sell. I wonder how much the franchising costs? Hhmmmm….

Another Eraser Cartoon

When I posted this, I really thought it was funny :) Then I saw this:



LOL! Brilliant, as my friend Zanne would say. If it didn’t amuse you the way it amused me, then shoot me! What do you expect from a sleepy head who tries to blog at 3am, anyway?! Harhar.

**click image to view source.

Ahhh Love!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let me tell you a little story, but I will start with a question.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone so bad, so bad you could not breathe? I know someone like that! The word “fall” is the working term here, because I am not even sure if what she knew or found is truly “Love”. She could not wait to get out of here that I was thinking she’d need a portable oxygen concentrator if she stayed a minute longer.

Aahhh Love, you turn a person into a fool. Be gentle.

August Desktop Wallpaper |Freebie!

Monday, August 02, 2010

This is my desktop’s wallpaper for this month:


I created it using a friend’s kit exclusively available in Artscow. Isn’t it nice? (Of course, love your own!) You know what’s even nicer? I am giving this away for free (in three sizes according to your need and minus K’s photo, obviously LOL)! My friend JennyL is so generous she allowed me to do this random and little act of online kindness :) You can click the image above or click this to get to the download page. Enjoy!