It’s Raining!

Monday, August 09, 2010

The rainy season is making itself felt these days. I know I complained about the Summer heat few weeks ago and could not wait for rain to come. But when it pours heavily, I can’t help but worry – I obviously do not want another Ondoy! And because it’s been raining, the pool can’t get enough pool filters! I noticed that the kids (and adults) don’t go swimming as much as they did, even if the rains would stop in the morning. Maybe because they’re afraid to get sick or the pool is not ready to be swum in. I miss the afternoon shrieks by the poolside. Will have to wait for next summer, I guess.

(Thought bubble: How the heck are we going to use up all three packs of swimming pants I bought for K?! LOL! I will probably just sell them!)